Hello WJCIA Members!!

Welcome to Winter 2018! I hope this finds you all doing well.

A big shout out to the WJCIA conference planning committee and all of my fellow board members who put in countless hours to pull-off one of the best conferences to-date. Based on all of your evaluations it appears that most found it to be a beneficial event and plan to return next year! We were thrilled to read this and look forward to seeing you all again at conference. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the evaluation. We are taking many of your suggestions to heart as we move forward with the planning of next year’s conference, which will be held September 18-20, 2019.

We are happy to welcome Kim Schwarz from Langlade County to the WJCIA board of Directors. Kim brings lots of experience, great ideas, and humor to the board! We say goodbye to Jeff Weiler and Joel Zimmerman on the board and thank them for their years of dedication and service to WJCIA.

As 2018 is quickly coming to a close, I wonder how I have gotten through some tough times in my agency with staff turnover and shortages, increased drug and mental health cases, additional state mandates, and the general not enough of me to go around days. Somehow, as I am typing this letter to you, I feel like I’m in a good spot. I am pushing through the changes and challenges, something we all manage to do each year. Kudo’s to all of you whom selflessly do that every day to better the quality of the days, years, and lives of children and families you serve.

The holiday season is upon us, which we all know is a blessing and a curse in the day and life of a social worker. Holidays can be a very stressful time for us and the families we serve, so make sure to take care of yourself during this time.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season! Enjoy your family and friends and remember to embrace the little things !

Kindest Regards,

Melissa Williams
WJCIA President 
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2019 WJCIA Conference
WJCIA 2018 conference ended on a high note with 242 registrants. Conference was full of amazing speakers that helped us all connect to our work as social workers. Learning the true impact of trauma on a life and discovering how to guide and inspire the young men on our caseloads. It was great to have Anna Salter back at conference this year. Wendy Henderson was able to update us on DCF happenings. A new addition offered on Thursday after sessions was yoga, presented by fellow board member, Barb Kultgen. Yoga is an amazing way to unwind after filling your mind with great information all day. Look for yoga to return next year! We are already under way planning for another fantastic conference next year. Remember to save the dates, September 18, 19, &20, 2019.  
Newsletter Committee Update
The Newsletter Committee is proud of our Prima Facie newsletter. We are always looking for interesting articles and new initiatives occurring Wisconsin counties. We decided to distribute the newsletter two times during the year to share relevant information with you, while not overwhelming you with "just more stuff". Please feel free to share your thoughts with any of the board members listed above. We love hearing from you.
Technology Committee Update:
The technology committee is proud to announce that we've switched to a reliable, faster, and more secure server for our website. There are minor differences in the appearance at the moment, but information is constantly being updated. We want to assure our members that the website will remain functional and be a reliable source of information for future events and news updates.  

Providing Professional Services for Wisconsin Juvenile Justice

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WJCIA is currently seeking nominations for the annual recognition award. Please consider nominating a fellow co-worker for the honor. This worker must be a current member of WJCIA and have 5 years of relevant work experience. They should have superior job performance, positive work relationships, and a commitment to the profession. 

The award will be presented at this year’s 2019 annual conference in September. Please email Renee Handrow at handrow @co.rock.wi.us
or visit the WJCIA website for the nomination form.

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online at: WJCIA.ORG
WJCIA is excited to share we received a grant from the Department of Justice to offer a variety of youth justice training throughout Wisconsin in 2019. Training topics will include Carey Guides and BITs (Brief Intervention Tools), 4 Core Competencies, and the 10 Steps to Risk Reduction through The Carey Group (TCG). In addition, Dr. Robert Oliver will be training on Aggression Replacement Training (ART). The following is a summary of the training that will be offered in 2019:

1.        CAREY GUIDES AND BITS: Carey Guides/BITs are cognitive behavioral interventions that are utilized during one on one work with youth to address criminogenic need areas. The Carey Guides/BITs training is a 2 day, hands on training. The contents of the training are highly experiential with a great deal of practicing to ensure that participants leave with a level of comfort to return to work and use the Guides/BITs. The goals of this training are (1) be familiar with the Carey Guides and BITs (2) engage in skill practice using 5 Guides and 6 BITs (3) practice introducing the Guides/BITs to youth (4) understand how to make the most effective use of the Guides/BITs (5) develop strategies for managing youth’s potential lack of cooperation.

2.        4 CORE COMPETENCY TRAINING: 4 Core Competency Training is designed to give youth justice staff an overview of the research related to EBP, as well as hands on approaches to address risk reduction. Learning objectives of the training are (1) ability to identify and practice the four core competencies to achieve risk reduction and (2) be familiar with tools supporting staff in developing proficiency in the 4 core competencies. The 4 competencies covered during the training are 1) Building Professional Alliance 2) Engaging in Skill Practice 3) Effective Case Planning and Management and 4) Appropriate Use of Rewards and Responses to Noncompliance. 

3.        10 STEPS TO RISK REDUCTION: This training is intended to be an advanced training in the implementation of EBP principles. This training would make sense for agencies that have already had basic training in EPB, have worked on implementing the core competencies related to EBP and would like further training on how all of these pieces fit together. The learning objectives of this training are (1) to understand the purpose of each of the 10 steps and why the step is important to risk reduction (2) to know how to use practical tools to increase the likelihood of achieving the purpose of each step and (3) to prioritize the tools you are most likely to implement. 

4.        AGGRESSION REPLACEMENT TRAINING: WJCIA will be working with Dr. Robert Oliver through Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. to provide 2 – 2 day sessions of training in Aggression Replacement Training (ART). ART is a cognitive behavioral intervention program to help youth improve social skill competencies and moral reasoning, better manage anger, and reduce aggressive behavior. ART consists of 10 weeks (30 sessions) of intervention training and is divided into three components: social skills training, anger-control training, and moral reasoning. 

Due to the limited space in each of these trainings, there will be an application process. Once dates and locations have been scheduled, WJCIA will make an announcement and begin the enrollment process.  
The Legislative Committee is looking forward to the new legislative session. Last year made quite a few changes to how we do business, including notifying schools about permanency plan reviews, foster care changes, and closing Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake. One of the items proposed, but not passed, was moving 17-year-olds back into the Youth Justice System. WJCIA strongly supports this legislation and will be advocating for it. If there is legislation you are interested in, feel WJCIA should consider supporting, or just looking for more information, please contact Legislative Committee Chair Kerri Root at kroot@co.chippewa.wi.us.
Nomination Committee 
This committee coordinates the recruitment and receipt of nominations of candidates for the WJCIA Board of Directors. If you are interested in being on the WJCIA board of directors, or have any questions about being on the board, please contact Joy Lynn George at jgeorge@co.pierce.wi.us or 715-273-6766 x6638.
Conference Site Committee
The WJCIA Annual Conference will by held at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center through the year 2030.
WJCIA is always updating our Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Directory so county workers can connect across the state. Please send your county changes to Kris Fleming at kris.fleming@wicourts.gov  Kris Fleming
Division of Juvenile Corrections Updates

Foster Grandparents Program
Earlier this year, Copper Lake School/Lincoln Hills School celebrated the 45 th Anniversary of their Foster Grandparent Program.

Foster Grandparents at Copper Lake School/Lincoln Hills School (CLS/LHS) have been making a difference in youth lives for 45 years with over 1,025,095 donated hours. Each day youth look forward to “Grandma snack,” playing games, drawing or simply talking with the Foster Grandparents. On March 28 th , the staff at CLS/LHS put together a celebration to recognize and thank 15 Foster Grandparents that are currently volunteering their time. This was important to the staff at CLS/LHS because they wanted to show their support and appreciation for the Foster Grandparent Program, much like the Foster Grandparents have done for staff for so long.

Superintendent Jason Benzel and Deputy Superintendent Lori McAllister commended the Foster Grandparents for their time spent with the youth in our care and the positive impact they have on the institution as a whole. In recognition each Grandparent received a wooden plaque in the shape of Wisconsin that was made by our youth in woodworking class. Also, a book containing (many) thank you letters from our youth was assembled for each Grandparent. Each Foster Grandparent was recognized for their dedication, especially one particular Grandparent that was celebrating 15 years of volunteering her time here at LHS/CLS.  
Youth Justice Update

Wisconsin has selected an assessment tool for use statewide that considers a youth’s risk to reoffend in the context of the youth’s needs and strengths. The Youth Assessment & Screening Instrument (YASI) is validated for youth, and counties who applied and were selected for Phase 1 of implementation will begin using the tool in the first quarter of 2019. The Phase 1 counties include: Adams, Chippewa, Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson, Marathon, Marquette, Monroe, Polk, Portage, Rock, Sheboygan and Walworth. Phase 2 of implementation is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2019. By the end of the two year phased implementation process (four phases expected), all counties will use the YASI in their youth justice cases.

Orbis Partners has the necessary technical and practical expertise to implement a statewide assessment, and has conducted similar statewide implementations throughout the United States. Orbis Partners and the YASI will best meet the needs identified through the assessment workgroup and DCF’s information gathering process. Included amongst the features and products that will be available to counties through Orbis Partners and the YASI are a pre-screen version of the tool, desktop reference guides, case planning tools and online training capabilities. The YASI is currently in use in the following Wisconsin counties: Kenosha, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Oneida, Outagamie, Racine and Rock.

The full YASI includes a total of 88 questions which identify both the dynamic risks exhibited by a youth and the needs factors to be addressed in reducing further youth justice contacts. The YASI identifies those characteristics of a youth that, when changed, are associated with changes in risk of reoffending. The YASI and the accompanying case planning model, Collaborative Case Works, are grounded in the principles of Risk, Need and Responsivity (RNR) and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Both the assessment and case-planning model are youth-centered and strengths-based. Research has found that a youth’s strengths have a buffering effect on future success that supports the inclusion of strengths-based items in the assessment of juvenile risk.

Wisconsin’s Plan for Assessment & Case Planning in Youth Justice Statewide 2-pager
For more information on the YASI:
Meet Your New Board Members

Kim Schwarz has been employed by the Langlade County Juvenile Justice Department since 1998. Initially hired as the Intensive Supervision Worker, her roles have expanded to include a variety of Juvenile Justice Intake responsibilities. Along with conducting all Intake Inquiries for the county, she runs the Intensive Supervision Program and carries a caseload consisting of both on-going formal supervision and Deferred Prosecution Agreements. Kim graduated from UW- Eau Claire in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Prior to working with the county, she was employed in a residential setting. This is Kim’s first year of service on the WJCIA Board of Directors. 
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