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New Paris Indiana. 10/9/20 Modular Flooring Platforms are becoming very popular in the van market today. Being able to flip seats and move securement positions in a small space to meet customers temporary needs and maybe even reduce the number of vehicles in a fleet has merit, but will it work in a larger commercial bus? Well at least one long time Turtle Top dealer thought so. Enough to bring us the idea, set up the partnership and order a demo to show agencies in their territory. "I'll admit I was a skeptic at first", says Turtle Top GM Matt Sausaman. "Not that we couldn't make it work but that it was really desirable". "But when someone who has sold hundreds of Turtle Top's says it will work you just listen and figure it out". "After seeing this colaboration through, I'm a believer".

For nearly a year Turtle Top and Fenton Mobility, the maker of the Abilitrax Modular Flooring System worked together and the result is not only a great looking product, but one as flexible as any customer would need. "The Turtle Top Bus is known as the premier product in the industry and Abilitrax being the only system born in the USA and made in the USA this is a perfect fit between two industry leading brands", says Abilitrax President, Scott Fenton. The Abilitrax system features a completely innovative stainless steel rail, designed to fit Abilitrax harware kits that bolt to and are tested with most Freedman brand seats. Additionally commercial restraint systems lock right in to the track offering complete modular flexibility. "The stainless steel rails match the quality of the bus construction that surrounds them", adds Fenton. The CNC cut subfloor is covered in Poly Coating and designed specifically for that bus floor. The colaboration came full circle in Turtle Top's ability to adapt the construction process, remove what wasn't needed and bolt in Abilitrax. "I have no concerns about this stack up being as good or even better than our standard floor, it's an exciting combination", says Turtle Top President Rob Cripe.

Abilitrax is a Western New York based manufacturer of Innovative mobility products.
The AbiliTrax system consists of a series of parallel, floor mounted tracks which are securely bolted through the floor of the vehicle. The tracks consist of a repeating pattern of cut outs that are designed to accept both “A” and “L” style tie downs (most commonly used for wheelchair and cargo securement) as well as our specially designed seat bases. The tie downs and seat bases may be positioned anywhere along the track system (front to back and side to side) for passenger transport, seat storage, or complete removal if so desired. For more information and to experience more of their innvative mobility products see them at

Turtle Top is a family owned and operated commercial bus manufacturer headquartered in New Paris, Indiana. Since 1962 Turtle Top has been providing high quality products and after sale service to its commercial bus dealerships and service centers nationwide. For more information on Turtle Top, to find a dealer in your area or learn more about our products visit us online or contact our Sales Department at (800)296-2015.