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Fashion -- AI Edition: An Emergent Industry Worldwide

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Washington, D.C.  September 1st, 2023.     The Fashion industry, notes Ma. Cristina Caballero, Dialogue on Diversity president, is fast emerging, with new garb and supercharged regenerative energies, after the worldwide COVID interruption, displaying a swiftly developing renewal of art, technique, and merchandizing.  Its classic centers of Paris and Manhattan’s “Fashion Avenue” (Seventh Ave.) are swiftly being joined by newly energized arenas of creative energy --- among these the bustling showrooms and ateliers of Milan, London, Sao Paulo, and other locales, arguably Washington among them.           

2023 Entrepreneurship/IT Conference

Thursday, September 28th, 2023 -- 10am – 3:30pm

Champagne Reception & Style Celebration – 3:30pm – 5:30pm

UNIDOSUS -- Raul Yzaguirre Bldg.

1126 Sixteenth St., NW, Washington, D.C.

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Dialogue on Diversity, through the efforts of our associate XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda,  has brought together for this September 28th, event --- with a salute as well to Hispanic Heritage Month --- an inspired crew of designers and fashion entrepreneurs, craftspersons of style and of the marketing and display skills that are the hallmark of contemporary excellence in the richly endowed and related Fashion and Beauty industries.   

Juan M. Jara, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, at City National Bank in Washington, a business executive eager to advance the cause of the arts,  and of the social lives of the tireless coterie of  skill-endowed entrepreneurs on the Washington scene.   Mr. Jara joins the program offering commentary on the energies that women, Latinas, and the eager population of young entrepreneurs are advancing, with a renewed vigor on a once pandemic-depressed scene,  to vivify anew the creative life of their city. 

Monica  Lopez, PhD , Senior Policy Expert at Holistic AI risk Management, Governance, and Compliance  Human-Centered AI, Artistic Creativity, and Entrepreneurship across Industries. and Policy by   A broad review of the day’s problematic is presented in an opening, scene-setting discussion by Dr. Lopez.  Dr. Angela Capeles, a veritable polymath and international figure in the fashion/cosmetic cosmos.  It will be the task of the day’s complement of experts to display the nitty gritty of the design skills and their aesthetic inspiration, while a serious analysis of the fashion industry,  and its rise and flourishing as a productive force in world cities,  forms the essential core of the Conference message.

Liya Victoria Chauvet, a youthful national of Haiti, now residing in Florida, has turned the features of that Island’s natural tropical medium into a uniquely hued and durable nail polish, Zile, bearing the Island’s opulent colors, with seemingly near hypnotic potency.    On another front, Teri Galvez, Founder of Paradigm Consulting, experienced as a stylist at MISS USA, and for La Fuente Development, holds forth on the nexus linking the crucial entrepreneurial savvy and the more delicate artistic sensibility that animates the Western Hemisphere’s Beauty industries.  Again, the skilled writer and a master connoisseur of the animating concepts of the Beauty industry, Sasha Perea , is further distinguished as a recently (2021) chosen Miss District of Columbia.   At York College, Pennsylvania, Ms. Perea had earned a degree in media and communications, continuing as the College’s Spanish Program Coordinator, following up with further studies in Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Proceedings wind up at mid-afternoon with the astounding display of garments by Jose Alberto Ucles, the bold exponent of circus colors to put Barnum himself to shame --- all elegance of trim and shape, and a variety of conformations of jackets, coats, and, not least,  a palette of striking designs imparting new echoes of meaning to the terms “Necktie”/Cravat   ---  and other remarkable effects.

Meanwhile the youngest of producers is the high-school student Piya Scielzo,  skilled designer in her own province, and an entrepreneur extraordinaire, displays the panoply of her “Pop” creations,  marvels in  flavor ( by current count a dozen,  and a total of thirty six varieties ! ) and more soon to come on line.

This Conference event, the latest in the parade of the Dialogue’s 2023 offerings --- sponsored by MOLA-DC among other donors --  winds up with an extended time of displays, conversation, informal debates,  and a plentiful Champagne reception, capped by a salute to our Generous Crew of Designers of the Day.

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