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New York City - Oct 4, 2022

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK - Official Recap of Sept 12 ATFH Black Tie GALA at LAVO.

Brands and Buyers from different countries convened at Manhattan's finest LAVO for a Night of Networking and Deals Making during New York Fashion Week.

Manhattan, New York City | Oct 4, 2022  

Monday Night in Midtown never felt this exciting - right behind Madison Avenue, home to the Balenciaga and Givenchy stores, is LAVO - one of Manhattan's trendiest venues known for its coziest and elegant atmosphere, excellent food and prime New York City location. One block away is 745 5th Avenue & Central Park - home to ATF Fashion House NYC, host and organizer of the most anticipated ATFH Black Tie Gala that brought everyone in town.

Arriving all the way from Australia, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Canada and other US States, Brands and Buyers flew to New York City from various parts of the world to promote their business and meet potential growth partners to collaborate with. Like on most early weekdays, one would have expected an Afterwork party vibe, but this was New York Fashion Week - Ladies all dressed up in flashy Haute Couture while gentlemen strangled up in stylish Bow Ties, and of course, LAVO did its thing.

It was quite an event, very different from the usual fashion gatherings we are accustomed to - A Shopping Booth setup within the Reception area, Standing Mannequins spread across the Cafe, Backstage setup opposite the dinner, Dozens of Brands not physically present in New York showcasing their products virtually, an in-person Runway Dinner replacing the usual T Stage and Surprise musical performances throughout the evening.

The ATFH Black Tie Gala was made possible, thanks to the support of sponsors like FASHINZA, a global manufacturing platform that helps fashion brands and retailers simplify their end-to-end operations from Design to Manufacturing. Speaking at the Gala, Jamil Ahmad, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of FASHINZA explained how the company solves the biggest headaches in Fashion by helping Designers and Retailers locate the best available vendors suitable for their needs through a Sophisticated user friendly software that helps them manage their full A-Z operations from a mobile phone. Learn more about FASHINZA at

"Honestly, this was a surreal moment for me. You hear and read about those things all the time, but you never really know what to expect until you actually show up. I was sitting at the same table with a Buyer from MACY's and I'm doing everything she advised me to, so my stuff can get in there, that would be amazing! I'm grateful to ATF Fashion House NYC and I'll be back in New York for next event, this was awesome!"


21 year old Jewelry Designer, Founder of RISING SOUL JEWELRY, a Boho Style Jewelry Brand based in Sacramento, California.

"My husband and I always knew we had something, but to see it coming together and openly appreciated during our NYFW trip is something special and frankly encouraging. We want to thank all the organizations that have helped make our dream come true. We are digesting all the recommendations and suggestions we received and are going to apply them to grow our business and pursue our mission. New York was definitely a hit."

SAVITA GILBERT, Designer and Co-founder with husband MARK GILBERT of INNER BE LEAF, an innovative Womenswear and Athleisure Brand based in Washington, D.C.

Three Buyer Teams of MACY's attended the ATFH Black Tie Gala. The New York Giant retailer with over 500 stores was looking for Bags, Luggages, Jewelry, Womenswear, Menswear, etc. Considering how challenging and time consuming it can be for brands to get into those big consortiums, it was a great opportunity for designers to connect directly with Buyers and access insights and tips as well as initiate potential purchases.

Buyers from FOX's were in the house, a growing premier fashion retailer for women’s apparel, shoes and accessories with 16+ stores across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia and Illinois. The US Retailer thrives in providing its customers with the most attractive prices across all its stores - FOX's targets Brands with available stocks for sale, offering Products of Great Quality and able to match certain volume capacities.

"There is what people say and what they actually do. It was a gamble for our brand to come to this event but I'm glad we did. I actually met a few Buyers interested in my Brand and Guess what - WE GOT OUR FIRST ORDER FROM FOX's just a few days ago! Selling our Jewelry in their stores will totally boost the growth of our company. THANK YOU ATFH, this is Amazing what you guys started and I hope it helps many other brands out there as you grow this initiative."


Designer, Founder of AMORCITO 

Jewelry Brand

San Diego, California.

Owners of Manhattan's Diamond Jewelry Store CHRISTI SOTHERS at ATFH Black Tie Gala. Chen and Steven Levy have run one of New York City's most established Accessories Stores for over 30 years, in Prime Midtown, right next to Grand Central. This holiday season, CHRISTI SOTHERS is introducing Certified Lab Grown Diamonds with the same optical & physical properties of mined diamond but more affordable, environment friendly and conflict Free.

"We're giving a straight A to ATFH. This was definitely a great experience. My husband and I very much enjoyed the GALA and have been helping some designers we met there. This concept should continue as the need is quite substantial. We will pass the word out to other stores in the city that might be interested to come out next time. Bringing Buyers and Brands together is a great opportunity for everyone in the industry. If the right fits are invited, it saves a lot of travel and search time as you can meet your target and make a deal or build a partnership".



Fine Diamond Jewelry Store

109 East 42 Street NY NY 10017

Then came the BIG Surprise - out of nowhere, unannounced, Miami based Opera Singer TATIANA KALLMANN brought the house down with a STUNNING Performance to die for. The Colombian-American Opera Singer, Special Guest of ATFH Black Tie Gala, entered the Grand Salon of LAVO in a Diamond looking Haute Couture and stole the show with her voice and tempo. It was a beautiful thing to witness, you have to experience it - recounts and recaps won't come close to experiencing it LIVE in person. "This means the world to me, to have my NYC Premiere at an iconic location like LAVO during the world's biggest fashion event New York Fashion Week was beyond epic! I was incredibly honored and appreciative, I look forward to more events in Manhattan with Opera fans." 





From Mumbai, India

Luxury Womenswear Designer JYOTI DAS showcased the JYO DAS Brand at the Dinner Runway. JYOTI started her fashion journey 25 years ago and is now the proud owner of one of INDIA's most prominent fashion houses.

The JYO DAS brand is currently expanding into the US and other Overseas markets, bringing to the West its unique style of 

Contemporary Luxury merged with Ancient Indian Heritage.

From Sydney, Australia

Forward-thinking Designer AIDAN WALSH showcased his Luxury Luggage and Bag AIDAN THE BRAND at the Dinner Runway. 

AIDAN has not been just about selling cases, bags and accessories. Instead, it sits at the intersection of fashion, aesthetic, design, and culture, and ultimately, it sells a lifestyle.

Mr. Walsh has now expanded his business into the US with 2 locations in Los Angeles and New York.

From Greenwich, Connecticut

Sustainable Streetwear Designers ALISON VITOLO and JESSIE LICATA showcased their eco-friendly brand EQUALSHUMAN at the Dinner Runway.

As an Innovative and Tech aligned brand, EQUALSHUMAN overlooks human differences and taps into our respective best assets to make the world a better place. They use regular people to showcase their products and create products for the average human beings to feel and be themselves.

The brand is in full expansion mode through various partnerships across New York City and other markets.

MAGDOLNA VERONIKA - Budapest, Hungary
SALSABIL - J by Fatimah Al Jarrari - Rabat, Morocco
MELA - Manhattan, New York


The Hamptons, New York


Grenoble, France


Managua, Nicaragua


Las Vegas, NV


Nairobi, Kenya


Sacramento, California

TEN 90

Rahway, New Jersey


Brooklyn, New York


Queens, New York

TERESA COSTA - Long Island, New York

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