Hip hip hooray! Our Stanley Family businesses are on point for the holidays! Below, you'll find lots and lots of groovy gift options from our already announced future businesses (as well as a couple of hidden clues about a few we've yet to announce.) Happy shopping and merry everything, friends!
Okay yes so maybe buying a pair of jeans for someone as a gift is not the easiest for all of us, but that's just one of literally 100s of gift options at Kismet, which has locations in the Highlands and Lowry and Greenwood Village. So many options! We love their wooden wall art, about everything from love to whiskey, and the S'well bottles they carry (we gave like nine of those as gifts last year), and their jewelry and accessories at lots of different price points. Plus their sales staff is so helpful: describe your giftee and they will lead you in the right direction. We're already dreaming of Kismet's Stanley location!
ROLLIN' IN MY 5.0...
If you've been paying attention then it's safe to assume you already know that we are obsessed with biscuits in general and biscuits from  Denver Biscuit Co. specifically. If you don't yet share this obsession, get your sassy self to one of their locations and experience what will undoubtedly be a transformational moment. Then buy one or more of these adorable onesies for your littles. (Even better idea: buy the onesies and sneak a Denver Biscuit Co. gift card inside of them. OMG you are so good at gift-giving!)
We love giving (and getting!) candles as gifts, and these P.F. Candle & Co. ones are among our favorites, on sale at another favorite: wax. Throw in a gift card to wax or Lash for your classiest friends or your kids' teachers, or pick up some of the outstanding beauty products they carry, as well. There's enough at wax & Lash to fill a stocking (or four!). 
And the walls, and the living room, and the dining table, plus the mantelpiece... Our future florists Poppy & Pine are featuring this "winter wishes" holiday floral centerpiece all month. This unique and fragrant arrangement can be made with red or white roses with seasonal evergreens and pinecones. Your holiday guests will be so impressed with its beauty and its aromatic nod to the holiday season. (If you wanna get one for us we won't say no.) Order here or peruse Poppy & Pine's other gift options here and we hope you have a beautiful holiday season, by the way.
The latest issue of 5280 is all about coffee and for good reason, too: something close to nine bazillion percent of Denver residents are, like, super psyched about coffee. Give your biggest coffee fan a membership to the Logan House Coffee Club, which you can modify to your heart's desire. (One recycled bottle of fair trade and locally roasted beans for your boss. Three for your bestie.)
We don't really need a reason for cupcakes tbh, but the holidays are an especially good one. Grab a dozen of these delicious bites from Happy Bakeshop, which Eater Denver just declared among the very best for holiday treats. Seasonal flavors include egg nog,  chocolate peppermint, and gingerbread, and btw their cookies and custom cakes are out of this world!
One day, in the not-so-distant future, we'll come to Stanley and take an Endorphin class in the morning and a Kindness Yoga class at night. Or drop our kids off for gymnastics at Endorphin while we practice downward dog at Kindness next door. Until then, Endorphin and Kindness both have multiple studios all over the metro Denver area. Gift it up, people! 
There are like 192 reasons this time of year is especially stressful for just about everyone. Help a friend or colleague or loved one rejuvenate with a massage from our pals at Symmetry, with three locations and a bevy of services that will relax even your most harried friend. They even offer a couples massage workshop, which sounds to us like a gift that keeps on giving (wink wink). 
If you want to make someone's list of Best Gifts Ever Received, to give something that will truly be remembered forever, then call up our intensely talented friends at From the Hip Photo and book one of their portrait packages for your loved ones. They'll get a fun and creative experience and, even better, images they'll cherish for always. We're getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. 
Also you can give someone a party! Our friends at Beauty on Location are opening L Style Bar at Stanley, and they offer a few different packages that sound perfect for a girls' night our or a bachelorette evening or a birthday shindig, like a 90-minute hair and make-up class for you and your friends (or your friends' friends or your kids' friends or whomever!). Enjoy!
For some seriously cool gifts in a seriously cool space, visit Night Bazaar on Larimer, produced by our friends and future festival hosts The Big Wonderful. You'll find lots of goodness at our personal faves Zero Market (pictured, left), Whiskey Grade, and Goose and the Goat. They're open every night starting this Friday through December 23. Look for us! We'll be wearing the Hanukkah sweater and a Santa hat (of course we will). Merry Chrismukkah!
What's that, you ask? Love? Children? The attention and affection of good-looking and good-hearted friends? Nope, no, and nada. It's FOOD, dear people, food food food food food. Honesty i f there were a way to wrap up some fried chicken and put it under the tree and have it be crispy and fresh upon opening then we would give fried chicken to just about everyone. Ditto for pizza (but not just any pizza, only the best pizza, natch). Alas, there's not, but there are gift cards to some amazing places that specialize in the very best food, and they just so happen to be part of the Stanley family. 

The Post Brewing Co. makes some of the best fried chicken in the country (pictured above), as does their new offshoot that's headed to Stanley, GoodBird Kitchen. The Post is in Lafayette and worth visiting even if you live next door to us, for reals. (Besides, isn't exploring this great state one of the reasons we all live here? Hit the road!) 

Our pals at
Sazza Pizza  are perfect for your most environmentally conscientious friend.  Send him or her to Sazza , gift certificate in hand, to experience an incredible meal in a restaurant that does everything right. (Among other things, they share the origins of every single ingredient.) We can hardly wait to have them at Stanley, where they'll build an urban farm and manage a compost system for all our restaurants, because they are the living embodiment of #dogoodbegood, environmentally speaking.

Do you like your neighbors? We love our neighbors. And we kinda wanna do something nice for them that doesn't break the bank but makes them happy nonetheless. So guess what we decided to do? This Sunday morning we're headed to Rosenberg's Bagels, where we're buying a couple of dozen of the best bagels in the West. (No joke. The best.) We'll throw in some spreads, too. And then we're taking them home and putting them into separate bags and delivering them to our neighbors, a half dozen bagels per family. We're decently well-liked on our block, but we're sure we'll be faves come Monday. Feel free to steal this idea. We won't tell it came from us first.

The Source is a great spot for some holiday shopping, and they're hosting a holiday pop-up market this Saturday. Just be sure you swing by Comida and Mondo Market while you're there. Comida makes delicious Mexican street food with sustainable and natural ingredients (have one of their amazing cocktails to reward yourself for smart shopping!), and Mondo Market offers a slew of groceries and other foodstuffs. Check their online store for even more options. Give a friend a Source combo with a gift card to both, because you're nice like that, we just know it. 

We are basically insane with love for  Rolling Smoke BBQ. Their first brick-and-mortar spot will be in Stapleton, and until then you can find them every Sunday at Station 26 and every other Tuesday at 55 Madison. Give 'em a buzz, though, especially if you want to give a spectacular gift to someone very special: imagine the delight of your bestie or loved one who's celebrating a milestone in 2016 when you pre-arrange one of the best food trucks in town to be there for them. Endless love, baby, is acquired via barbecue.
Sure it's easy to pop over to one of those gigantic chain retail stores and buy one of those mass-produced plastic toys but you know what you are way more original and interesting than that! Visit our pals at Sweet Cow Ice Cream instead and buy a bouncy cow, because BOUNCY COW. Plus ice cream. It's like the most fun ever. And you'll be supporting a local business with local, sustainable practices (like the whole Stanley Family, really). 
Um please don't panic but the holidays are almost here and egad you almost forgot a gift for that one friend but whew, no problem. Give our friends at Tootsies the Nail Shoppe a call and they'll hook you up pronto with a great gift, perhaps for an express manicure or a spa manicure or an eyebrow tint: you have options, and now you have a little more time, too. You're welcome.
Here's your chance to brighten someone's smile---literally. Our fun and festive friends at Stapleton Dental offer lots of services, including a couple of teeth whitening options that you could give to your bestie or your partner or spouse or, heck, yourself, because you really do deserve a gift or two, and as the saying goes, you've got to love yourself so you'll be able to love everybody else. Do it for the love!
You may have noticed that many of our suggestions here are experiences rather than things. We love things (and shopping!), but we also know that giving someone an experience they'll remember is a powerful gift. The talented stylists at Clementine's will help with that. They're one of the tops salons in the entire country plus they're cool and stylish and fun. J'adore.
Voila! That's it for this year's gift guide, friends. We wish you and yours the happiest season. We are excited to announce 20-something more new businesses in the months ahead as we continue and finish construction in our space. Merry everything, happy new year, and lots of love from Stanley!