December 7, 2020
Dear 9th Grade Ospreys and Families,

We are gearing up for next week’s Presentations of Learning (POLs). This year, we are changing up our typical individual presentation format and will be supporting students to engage in Socratic Seminars. These seminars will be conducted virtually and in real-time via Google Meet. We are excited about how this format will allow students to connect with one another and support them to explore, address and discuss a question relevant to this particular time: 

“What does it look like for you to create beautiful work 
in the midst of the COVID pandemic? 

Families, we invite you to check out and discuss our guiding text, Beautiful Work,” with your student as they prepare for their seminar this week at home. Know that they will also be supported by teachers in regularly-scheduled online classes this week, along with one-on-one check-ins.

Please see the 2020 POL Guidelines and Schedule document that details basic expectations, Google Meet joining information and when students will be participating in their 1.5 hour seminar, December 14-16.

We invite you to observe your student’s virtual seminar next week! Here is a link to the 9th grade POL schedule. If you have a conflict with the timing of your POL, please contact Torrey at

POL Seminar
This virtual, real-time Socratic Seminar will provide an authentic and engaging opportunity for students to rigorously reflect on the guiding question, “What does it look like for you to create beautiful work in the midst of the COVID pandemic?” Each student group will have to work together with high-degrees of empathy, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in order to successfully pass their POLs. We look forward to students and faculty gaining valuable insight during these seminars, as well as families, who will also be invited to share their response to Berger’s essay. One hope for this format is to create a spring board for more refined approaches to our collective work as students, teachers, and families moving forward into the new year. 

POL Preparation Process this Week
Students have been preparing for the seminar by analyzing educational pioneer Ron Berger’s seminal essay, “Beautiful Work.” This week, students are working in pods, small groups, individually, and in on-on-one conferences, to create highly-refined and polished written reflections that will serve as an “entrance ticket” to their scheduled POL Seminar. Without these completed prior to the assigned seminar time, students will not be able to participate in the seminar and will be asked to immediately schedule a make-up.

We hope to see you next week and wish you all the best as we close out and reflect on 2020 and invite in new opportunities for the coming year. Hoping you are all staying healthy and safe!
Torrey, Roxy, Dave, and Stephen 
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