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It's National Small Business Month

National Small Business Month is a great time to take a look at your business. The US Chamber of Commerce has offered these suggestions for growing your company:

  1. Consider your core growth strategies. Are you falling short or overachieving? Identify the strategies that are weak or the workflow which could be more efficient, and make adjustments. Pro Tip: Pick one strategy to work on at a time and create quick, achievable goals.
  2. Take advantage of social media. A savvy social media strategy can drive business to your website and to your front door! Consider using #hashtags and giveaways. Partner with complementary businesses.
  3. Recognize your employees!
  4. Develop new skills and knowledge. Provide opportunities for your staff to learn & grow.
  5. What can you outsource? Go for it!
  6. Lower costs, increase productivity. Look for passive income streams.
  7. "Delight and Engage existing customers." Higher customer stickiness and retention rates increase profitability.
  8. Focus on lead generation, find new customers.
  9. Optimize your website. Is it time for an overhaul? A refresh? Is there a call to action?
  10. Increase your marketing efforts. Make sure your marketing is coherent and consistent.

Read the full article, "10 Things to Do in Small Business Month to Grow Your Company" for more details on each strategy.

Remember, Small Businesses have an incredible impact and offer invaluable contributions to our community all year long! Let's celebrate!



Submit your event to our website!

Events submitted on our online Community Calendar are collaborated into physical Community Calendars here at our Prescott Chamber of Commerce. These Community Calendars are then distributed through the community, at Chamber events, and from our Visitor Center.

**Deadline for 3rd Quarter Printed Calendar of Events is May 15th**


New Business Member


Please join us in welcoming Devil Dog Energy to the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.

Name of Company: Devil Dog Energy, LLC

Owned by: Jim Gatch & Megan Glasser

Address: 3576 W Off Grid Pl Prescott, AZ 86305

Phone: 928-800-2854


Hours you’re open for business: 8 AM - 6 PM

How long you’ve been in business: 6 years

Services or products you offer: Solar, HVAC, Roofing

About Your Company:  We are a veteran owned solar company. We offer residential and commercial services as well as off grid systems.

KINDNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Sincerely compliment 5 people.

BONUS HINT: It's National Small Business month, and how better to celebrate than by making your small business a place that recognizes others?

We are an officially recognized #KindnessCertifiedChamberofCommerce!

As we commit to being good to our people, community, planet and world, we hope you will also be inspired to join us in spreading kindness in business and beyond!

If you believe your company makes a positive difference, we invite you to become an official Kindness Certified Company.

You may learn more and sign up here! We hope you do!

Quarterly Women in Business Luncheon

Esther Basch

Holocaust Survivor,

Prescott Resident


May's Key Speaker: Esther Basch

Holocaust Survivor 

 Prescott Resident

Text Link

  Please join us as we listen to the story of how a 17-year-old girl is liberated from a WWII forced labor camp and wants to go home to her parents, but her parents are dead, and her home destroyed, therefore she embarks on an incredible journey that culminates in public lectures on resilience, tolerance and forgiveness.  At 94 Esther shares an undeniably powerful and trans-formative impact on audiences with her message.

This event is tailored towards the business women in Chamber Membership (men are allowed to attend as well). These mixers provide a unique opportunity to build professional connections, meet fellow Chamber Members and develop soft-touch skills. We recommend you show up early to claim the seat and table you want!

Be sure to choose what meal you want while registering for the event! Attendees file in and claim their spot at a table. Network with others at your table and eat a delicious meal and surprise desert for lunch. After 30-45 minutes, our key-note speaker will discuss and engage about being a woman in our business environment.


“Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let any one person’s opinion move you; listen, but be confident.”

- Amanda Kahlow

Event: Quarterly Women in Business Luncheon

When: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Time: 11:30 AM - 1 PM

Where: Hassayampa Inn

Address: 122 E. Gurley St., Prescott

Cost: $30

Includes choice of meals

For assistance with Registration please call 

Crystal at (928) 445-2000 ext. 117 or

Register for the Women in Business Luncheon


Coffee Connect

Here at the Prescott Chamber, we love this networking event!

These mixers provide a unique opportunity to build professional connections, meet fellow Chamber Members and develop soft-touch skills. Feel free to show up early to build connections and eat some breakfast before the event starts.

Once Coffee Connect begins the host will welcome everyone and will be provided a short time to talk about the location. Then Chamber Members are separated into groups of six. The designated head of the table (usually a Chamber Ambassador) will give each individual two minutes to deliver their 'elevator pitch' on their business.

After the twelve minutes are up, the participants will be asked to rotate to a new table.

This happens three times with a chance to have a quick 'Lighting Round'. 

What: Coffee Connect

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Time: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Where: The Finn

Address: Touchmark at the Ranch 

3180 Touchmark Blvd. 

Prescott , AZ 86301


Sponsored by The Finn - Touchmark at the Ranch

Become a Sponsor

2023 Prescott Relocation


You can obtain a Relocation E-List that identifies people interested in moving to the Prescott area from around the nation. Those interested have specifically checked a box to allow real estate agents and other businesses to contact them directly as they prepare to move to the Prescott area. You can expect an average of 50 names per month where potential clients have agreed to have real estate agents contact them.

The cost of the E-List is only $500 annually. Relocation E-List will be emailed directly to you twice a month.

Contact Robert Coombs at the Prescott Chamber if interested.

Raffle Items Needed!

It's time to start preparing Prescott for the 42nd Annual Bluegrass Festival!

Be highlighted to attendees and support this FREE community event by donating raffle items today. Contact Chamber staff for more information.

This year's concert will be June 24-25 on Goodwin Street. Visit our site for updates on information.

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$500 Per Year
This is a list of folks that have requested moving information on Prescott, Arizona. This list will be emailed twice a month (1st & 15th) to you, with an average of 50 names per month.


$50 per day or $350 per week Highlight your business in our Visitor Center lobby with an expo table as 100+ visitors come through the doors a day!

The Prescott Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based nonprofit organization with business members ranging from sole proprietors to nationally recognized corporations.

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