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New Member Spotlight

Name of Company: True Course Simulations


Owned by: Ray Bedard and Brett Watts


Contact Person: Brett Watts


Address: 430 N Mount Vernon Ave, Suite 12, Prescott AZ 86301


Phone: 928-800-5959




How long you’ve been in business: 8 Years


Services or products you offer: Virtual reality flight training systems


What sets you apart? Feel free to elaborate: TCS has created a self-paced, self-study flight training system that incorporates virtual reality with artificial intelligence instruction. Student pilots are no longer completely dependent on flight instructors. The students are able to study and train on their own prior to live flight activities. This approach has led to a reduction of up to 30% of the total hours needed to earn a private pilot certificate. 

Upcoming Ribbon Cuttings

Vino at Prescott Pines

Please join us for the Ribbon Cutting Celebration at the Vino Wine Bar at the Prescott Pines Inn.

When: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Time: 4 PM

Address: The Prescott Pines Inn, 901 White Spar Road, Prescott, Arizona 86303

Please RSVP by 07/17/2023

Refreshments will be served.


Upcoming Events

Don't forget to listen in to the Talk of the Town Radio Show, hosted by Sheri Heiney, President & CEO of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce on Wednesdays at 4pm.

The next three shows will be on July 12, 2023, July 26, 2023 and August 2, 2023

KQNA 1130AM 99.5FM (Prescott/ Chino Valley) 95.5FM (Prescott Valley/Cottonwood)

Valuable Information from a Chamber Sponsor:

Plan now to join us for the next Signature Series event on August 3rd at 10am! This FREE event for the business community will feature Dr. Carol Galper, EdD, speaking on the important topic of "RURAL HEALTHCARE." Tap for more details and to register!

Register for the Signature Series Event

Thirteen proposed charter amendments for the City of Prescott will be on the ballot in the November General Election. Watch for more information.

In the meantime, you can review the proposed charter amendments at the City of Prescott website.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions went into effect last Thursday, June 29th, in all of Yavapai County.

Please help keep our community safe.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

A public service announcement:

Together We can be Prepared

Arizona’s hot and dry weather puts our state at risk for wildfires, from the forest areas of northern Arizona to the Valley where wildfire risk is rising. A lot of APS equipment, including the power lines that bring electricity to our communities, runs through these areas. That means, for APS, we prepare and respond to wildfires year-round. Check out what we do to keep you and our communities safe and the power on.

Fire Mitigation Information 
Report Outages and See Map

Yavapai County is asking for help regarding local Internet Access

Recently, the State of Arizona was awarded $993 million in Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) funding. BEAD funding is intended to expand broadband to those with no access to the Internet or very slow connectivity.

Part of the grant also supports helping citizens to connect to the Internet, learn about the devices needed, and how to use the Internet safely. Please fill out the survey below to help with this effort so that these funds can be directed as best as they possibly can. The link is below: 

Take the Survey
Read Letter from Yavapai County

Networking @ Night

Please join us for Networking @ Night with The Prescott Center for the Arts!

This is one of the Prescott Chamber's more relaxing networking events. These mixers provide a unique opportunity to build professional connections, meet fellow Chamber Members and develop soft-touch skills. There will be a short announcement to welcome all attendees and then the networking begins. Plan on staying late, we usually have a drawing of prizes for all attendees. 

(Feel free to bring a prize with your business card for the raffle!)

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.”

— Keith Ferrazzi

Host: Arizona's Hometown Radio

Date: July 20, 2023

Time: 5:00PM-6:30PM 

Address: 208 N. Marina Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

For assistance with Registration please contact Crystal (928) 445-2000 ext.117



Coffee Connect

Please join us for Coffee Connect at Hotel St. Michael!

Share your 2-minute business pitch with other Prescott Chamber Members in this fun, fast paced, speed-networking event!

Host: Hotel St. Michael

Date: July 26, 2023

Time: 7:30AM - 9:00AM  

Address: 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott, AZ 86301

For assistance with Registration please contact Crystal (928) 445-2000 ext.117


Register Here

Coming in August...

This is an event specifically tailored towards our Veteran Owned Businesses and our Veteran Community. These mixers provide a unique opportunity to connect with Veteran business owners, learn about Chamber initiatives for Veterans and discover how Veterans in Prescott help local businesses.

“Veterans know better than anyone else the price of freedom, for they've suffered the scars of war. We can offer them no better tribute than to protect what they have won for us.” - President Ronald Reagan

Monday, August 7, 2023 5:00 PM

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Lower Hanger-

Student Union Building 16

3700 Willow Creek Rd. 

Prescott, AZ 86303

Register for Veteran's Quarterly Business Meeting


This event is tailored towards the business women in Chamber Membership (men are allowed to attend as well). These mixers provide a unique opportunity to build professional connections, meet fellow Chamber Members and develop soft-touch skills.

Registration is required, and be sure to choose what meal you want while registering for the event!

“Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let any one person’s opinion move you; listen, but be confident.”

- Amanda Kahlow

Register for Women in Business

KINDNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Breathe, stretch and think a happy thought.

We are an officially recognized #KindnessCertifiedChamberofCommerce!

As we commit to being good to our people, community, planet and world, we hope you will also be inspired to join us in spreading kindness in business and beyond!

If you believe your company makes a positive difference, we invite you to become an official Kindness Certified Company.

Learn more and sign up here! We hope you do!

Become a Sponsor

2023 Prescott Relocation


You can obtain a Relocation E-List that identifies people interested in moving to the Prescott area from around the nation. Those interested have specifically checked a box to allow real estate agents and other businesses to contact them directly as they prepare to move to the Prescott area. You can expect an average of 50 names per month where potential clients have agreed to have real estate agents contact them.

The cost of the E-List is only $500 annually. Relocation E-List will be emailed directly to you twice a month.

Contact Robert Coombs at the Prescott Chamber if interested.

Give the Gift of Prescott

Sign your business up for the Prescott Chamber Gift Certificate Program. Free with Membership!


Let Your Business Be Seen!


$500 Per Year
This is a list of folks that have requested moving information on Prescott, Arizona. This list will be emailed twice a month (1st & 15th) to you, with an average of 50 names per month.


$50 per day or $350 per week Highlight your business in our Visitor Center lobby with an expo table as 100+ visitors come through the doors a day!

The Prescott Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based nonprofit organization with business members ranging from sole proprietors to nationally recognized corporations.

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