News May 8, 2018
Preliminary 2018 Assessment Rolls Posted
Has your assessment gone up? The tentative 2018 assessment rolls should now be posted on your town's web site. If the assessed value of your home is more than what your house would sell for today, you are overassessed. Your hard-earned dollars count! Challenge your assessment!

2 Weeks to Go to Challenge Your Assessment on Grievance Day
Make an appointment now! For most towns in Upstate NY, Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May. This is the day you can contest your assessment if you feel you are overtaxed. Dates vary so please check your town's web site to see exact dates. You must make an appointment in advance and you must be prepared to make an effective case.

Quick Poll on the new $10,000 federal cap on state and local tax deductions

How will the new $10,000 federal cap on state and local tax deductions impact you?
It will increase my taxes
It will reduce my taxes
I am not sure yet
Results from our Last Poll
Are you planning to challenge your assessment?
60.4% Yes | 28.1% Not Sure | 11.5% No
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Thinking of installing an energy saving system like wind, geothermal, or solar? Will it raise or lower your taxes? Who knows? The decision is left to town assessors.
Question: We are considering installing a geothermal unit. Would this be considered an improvement and raise our assessed value and therefore our property taxes or is this considered more of a repair /replacement as if you were to replace a furnace?

(Note: this also applies to solar, wind, or farm waste energy systems)

Answer: One assessor we asked replied: "The question of adding value for this is determined by each assessor. I would select geo-thermal as the heat source in the property inventory, but not add additional value for it."

Each county, city, town, village and school district (except the city school districts of New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers) may choose whether to disallow the exemption with respect to solar, wind, or farm waste energy systems, that began construction after January 1, 1991 and before January 1, 2025, and to micro-hydroelectric energy systems, fuel cell electric generating systems, micro-combined heat and power generating equipment systems, or electric energy storage equipment and electric energy storage systems constructed after January 1, 2018 or the effective date of the local law or resolution, whichever is later.

The option must be exercised by counties, cities, towns, and villages through adoption of a local law and by school districts by adoption of a resolution. You must first check with your local assessor to see if the municipality allows such exemptions. The assessor can then let you know the procedure for that particular jurisdiction. There may be no additional assessment to the property and it will be added as an additional heat source. You may also be asked to enter into a contract of payment in lieu of taxes. This is explained in Form RP-487, Exemption Application. Also see: Assess Manual Exemption Administration

You can also download this booklet on solar, farm waste and wind systems definitions and guidelines for purposes of this exemption from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. 

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