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June, 2015
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Confidential Talent

Eastern Seaboard U.S. 
Business Development Executive - E&S 
Regional and National experience with multiple E&S lines. Actively involved in NAPSLO, Target Markets PAA, and possessing extensive knowledge of sales, marketing, program development and distribution channels along with strong team building, hiring, supervising, and underwriting experience across  multiple categories. 
Seeking national or regional executive role. 
Low to mid Multi-Six Figures
*Northeastern Preference or work remotely

Eastern U.S. 
Business Development Executive
Brokerage and underwriter experience with placement, business development involving hundreds of millions in annual premium and growth. 
Management of large employee teams. Active with PLUS, NAPSLO, RIMS and other associations. 
*Seeking broker or underwriting executive role in NE U.S.- Mid-six figures

Gulf Coast or Southeast
Contract Surety Bond Underwriter
4 Years experience with mid-to large standard market contract surety.
Mid-to-Upper-mid five figures
*Able to Relocate anywhere in Southeastern U.S.

Commercial Surety Underwriter
Mid-to Jumbo Surety bonds  Junior to staff position sought.
Can relocate anywhere in SE (Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, etc)

Mid-Central U.S.
Regional Executive - Jumbo Surety
Manages large multi-state, multi-deca-million dollar region with multiple branch managers.  Bonds up to $50 Million single with co-surety through $250MM.
Compensation in double-six-figure range ... can relocate

Mid-Central U.S. 
S.O.A. Fellow in Actuary Extensive property and casualty modeling and pricing experience. Experience with underwriter, MGU and E&S as well as Standard Lines.
Seeks opportunity anywhere which will offer relocation. 
Mid-double-six-figure range
The first quarter of 2015 resulted in the busiest we have had since our inception in 1991.  Of thirteen open projects 1st week of January, all but 2 were closed by mid-April. In the 2 cases each company asked us to hold off due to restructuring and internal shuffling. 
As the economy is now heated and talent shortages loom, clients have been sharing their frustration with internal searches leading to dead ends after extended periods of six to twelve months or more. They often wonder why. And our consultations lead to the same conclusion: Lengthy wish-lists of skills in narrowly defined niches which often all but guarantee no hire will statistically occur. 
We had Lauren our graphics specialist create the Venn diagram above to illustrate why your
realistic talent pool may be so much smaller than what was imagined. In the separate article below we share more info on the formula & calculations we use for forecasting predictive talent outcome. 

One of the insurance industry professions experiencing the most rapidly rising salaries are actuaries.  Some IRES-placed actuaries have been receiving compensations at or above the upper end of the salary-increase percentage range chart we published the year before last. 

You can learn more about these topics below in their dedicated section. 

Finally, please look at the candidate talent summary. This is a brief representation of talent that has confided in IRES their interest in seeking other employment opportunities. 

As always, you can call us for more information on any of the above including the featured talent. And of course, you are welcome to contact us for consultation on any project you may be tackling on your own even if only for an outside expert second opinion. 

Frank G. Risalvato, CPC
Certified Personnel Consultant
IRES, Inc. Charlotte, NC 
How to Calculate the Number of Qualified Finalist

In order to predict the total of individuals likely to make it to the first interview stage or beyond it is important to first have a complete job requisition breakdown of the key criteria and skills sought. This is akin to a list of ingredients in a recipe. Or a business plan if you will.

From this list and with a little effort one can surmise what the total "Qualified Talent Pool" is.

Now take your total Qualified Talent Pool (let's call it QTP) and multiply that by .01 (one percent). The resulting total is the predictor of how many individuals are likely to make it to some point beyond the first interview stage and what your chance of obtaining an offer and acceptance will be.

Many are surprised when, before even beginning a retained search, they are informed the likelihood of a finalist reaching the offer stage is one-third or one-half of one individual.

Our calculation and modeling method has worked consistently for more than 15 years. It is also part of how we arrive at pricing and is factored into our project timeline.

Of course, getting to the QTP is another blend of art and science too complex to explain in a short bulletin. 

More information on how we apply our predictive calculations can be found on our LinkedIn article.

According to several reports, including our own IRES experience since late 2013, Actuary jobs have been receiving the upper end of salary-increase percentage as a shortage looms and demand rises sharply.

According to CNN Money, Careercast,  Business Insider, The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and others ... Actuaries are now commanding among the highest salaries for recent 4-year college grads without requiring a masters degree. Those who have passed several parts of the CAS or SOA exams stand to gain the most.

Just this 2015, Property and Casualty 360 ranked Actuaries as the best income-earning job for 2015.

If you have not yet figured out your major, or have accounting or mathematics courses you are still deciding what to do with - here's something worth pursuing where you can earn more than your family doctor or lawyer within 10-15 years.

Frank Risalvato
Certified Personnel Consultant
Retained Search President 
(704) 243-2110

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