Hello, Seasonal Campers!

Pre-Season Opening for Clean Up
We're happy to announce our pre-season opening dates and hours for seasonal campers to begin site clean-up, make payments or get help with registration.

WEEKENDS: April 1st & 2nd 9am-3pm AND April 8th 9am-3pm.

WEEKDAYS: Starting April 10th Monday through Friday 9am-3pm.

Here are some additional details:
  • The outer gates on Route 12 and Volo Village Road will be open until 3pm. 
  • Please bring your key card to open the inside gate, there may be times when an attendant may not be present.
  • The bathrooms will be closed.
  • The water will be off.
  • Electric service will be available.
  • Campfires and overnight stays will be prohibited until water is on. 
  • The registration office will be open according to the schedule above.

Site Clean-Up Help
If you need help with raking, mowing, power washing or other maintenance consider asking your fellow seasonal campers for referrals on the Seasonal Facebook Group page. Other resources for providers may be found in apps such as Task Rabbit or Thumbtack. Home Depot in Volo rents power washers, mowers, and other lawn and garden equipment.

Weather permitting, the water in the campground will be ON starting Friday, April 14th. IF the water is on, overnight stays will be allowed. If the weather does NOT permit us to turn the water on, overnight stays will be prohibited. Turning on the water is a week-long process between us and our well company that requires all wells and water lines to be treated with chlorinated and flushed. The IDPH then takes water samples. Once approved, then we can turn the water on.

The official water turn-on date will be announced on our Facebook page and the Seasonal Facebook Group page, the Fish Lake Beach website under the NEWS module and through an alert on CampersApp.

Garbage and Yard Waste
Please bag your leaves, grass and yard waste and leave them at the edge of your site or by a dumpster. Our staff will pick them up. Never mix leaves, grass or yard waste with trash or put it in the dumpsters; our waste disposal company will not service any dumpster that contains yard waste. Do not put anything in the recycling dumpsters that isn't paper, cardboard, plastic, and please break down boxes.

Large Item Disposal
Please call or go to the office to put in a work order for the item(s) to be picked up from your site. Large item disposal is not included in your license fees. We charge for pick up and disposal of furniture, grills, mattresses, carpeting, construction waste, cabinets, countertops etc. The fee depends on the size of the item or item(s).

Vehicle Passes
Seasonal campers that have completed the registration process will get notified by email with “your passes are ready!” in the subject line. We begin sending out notices starting April 7th. If you receive the notice, your passes will be at the registration office for pick up.

Please don't wait to register until the end of March or the beginning of April. Waiting creates a backlog for our staff which increases the time it takes to process and prepare vehicle passes.

Registration Reminders
  • The Deadline to Register is May 15th.
  • If you are not registered by May 15th you'll get one temporary vehicle pass when you arrive. The pass will be valid for one week to allow you to finish registering. If you are not registered after the temporary vehicle pass expires your admission to the property will be restricted. 
  • Payment in full is due by April 15, 2023. If you pay in full by that date you'll receive 10 FREE Guest Passes.
  • Mail personal checks or money orders to Fish Lake Beach 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo Illinois 60073 or call 847-546-2228 to make a credit card payment by phone. A 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments.
  • Send supporting documents to camping@fishlakebeach.com with your site number in the subject line.
  • Call 847-546-2228 between 9am-3pm, M-F if you require additional assistance with payment or the registration process. 

Comcast Sales On Site
Comcast will be at the Fish Lake Beach Concessions starting April 15th. Click this link for details.

Hiring for Season 2023
As the season draws near we are eager to hire happy peppy people to serve our customers in the following part-time, seasonal roles: pool attendant, office clerk, concessions clerk, and activities host. Click on this link for more details and to apply online.

Fish Lake Trailer Sales AND Fish Lake Beach Campground are closed on April 9th, Easter Sunday. No one is allowed on the property on Easter Sunday. 
Happy Easter! 🐰
We are very proud of the business our grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents began in 1939 and recognize that it couldn’t be possible without you. Thank you for your support!🥰
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it's a place to be, and getting away is all about coming back for more!