Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for lifting up your prayers on our behalf. Tuesday, day number two, is almost over and we have had a great day at Camp Akiva!
One of our highlights each day is the drama performance at afternoon chapel. This year, our theme is “The Sheepfold” and so our little drama depicts a small flock of innocent sheep, a good shepherd, and a tall nasty wolf who devises sinister ways to lure the sheep away from the sheepfold. As you can see in the staged photo below, our wolf is rather TALL, especially compared to some of our small campers.
At camp, we have lots of opportunity for learning real-life skills. Today, some of our campers are learning that the Big, Bad Wolf is really Dalton, one of our teen helpers, DRESSED UP as a big, bad wolf. When you’re age 6 or 7, that can be a tough distinction to make! In fact, this little camper was seen attacking and attempting to rough up the “big bad wolf’ last night during our evening games! He wasn't quite convinced Dalton wasn't real.
So in chapel this afternoon, our song leader explained that an ACTOR is playing a role and is not actually the CHARACTER he or she is portraying!

We put the young boy in a special situation tonight to meet Dalton to have fun taking a photo together. We think they are better friends tonight than last night! :)

Again, we are to take advantage of every learning experience!


p.s. Continue to pray for everyone here for good health. It is extremely hot and humid so we are asking for prayers. We try to be smart about the time we spend outside and are always preaching to stay hydrated. But we do ask for your prayers.