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Weekly Prayer Message - April 21, 2021
God of life and breath, you are our source of hope.
+ We give thanks for your gifts of life and love;
+ sustain us when we are feeling broken, lost or frightened;
+ open our hearts and minds to hear your word and call;
+ inspire us to be your hands and voice in your world;
+ strengthen us to take action to seek justice for our neighbors;
+ grant us courage and creativity to joyfully share your Good News.

We pray for our world, nation, and local communities.
+ God of all people, we lift to you this nation. We pray for reconciliation and healing in this country. We pray for a way forward where all people are treasured and supported. Instill in us the strength and wisdom to join in your way of peace, justice and love.

+ Guide us to recognize our prejudices and empower us take action to eliminate the persistent institutional racism that permeates our world, country, communities, courts, church, and hearts.

+ May "we listen for the call God is giving each one of us and the call we all have collectively. For we are being called into something – we are being called into the fullness of God’s love and mercy and justice which is bigger and stronger and higher and lower and wider and deeper than we actually have the capacity to know – and yet this is the love and mercy and justice of God that we are called to live and move and be as God’s beloved. This love that surpasses all understanding. No. We don’t end with relief at a verdict – we sigh with pain and heartache and sorrow at the injustices that are in our nation. And then we inhale and stand up. And we step forward in the hope of Jesus, the justice of Jesus, the fullness of all that Jesus was and is, called into truth and action, repentance, and courage." (excerpt from Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee's video message following the verdict yesterday. Watch the full message here: https://vimeo.com/539426991)

+ We lift up those communities where insecurity, violence, and fear are the norm. Help us to bring healing, wholeness, and safety to these siblings. Inspire our leaders and guide us to be better advocates for the sake of each member in our community - especially those who have little power and no voice.

+ We pray for those who are hungry. Stir us to action to lift up our neighbors and seek policies that support them. We give thanks for our partnership with ELCA World Hunger - helping us find sustainable solutions to end hunger and provide nourishment domestically and abroad.

+ We pray for those places, people, and animals affected by natural disasters. Grant safety in the midst of chaos and fear; grant strength to those affected as they recover and rebuild. Help us to be generous partners with Lutheran Disaster Response and encourage our mindful work in disaster preparedness: www.region1beprepared.org.

+ We lift up all in our communities who provide emergency services - those who respond first to bring aid: emergency medical workers, firefighters, community volunteers, and police. Grant them wisdom and safety in their work.

We pray for all who are in need of healing and strength:
+ We pray for those who are facing ongoing health concerns: Glen Aaberg, Christine Finsand, Abi Griffith, Nan Beth Walton, Pam Miles, and Ron Melver.

We pray for those who are awaiting diagnoses and treatment plans. Grant them peace and courage. Remind them that they are not alone.

+ We mourn with our fellow siblings as this pandemic continues to claim lives and livelihoods.. Bring peace and comfort to the families whose loved ones have died. Grant healing for those diagnosed and recovering. Protect and sustain medical workers, care providers, first responders, and chaplains. Guide those working distribute the vaccines. Sustain for those who are facing financial uncertainty due to loss of income. Help us all to be wise and vigilant in our actions.

+ We pray for our neighbors who are fearful or in danger in their relationships. Sustain those who protect, support, and advocate for people who are experiencing domestic violence. (Reach out here for help: https://wscadv.org/get-help-now/)

+ We lift up those experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.
Empower us to reach out to those who need care and support.

+ For those who are in despair, remember you are loved. You are never beyond God's mercy, grace, and love. 
1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline)
1-888-628-9454 (Red Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio)
1-800-799-4889 (TTY)
1-877-574-4729 (Trevor project/ LGBTQIA+ under 24)
1-877-565-8860 (Trans Lifeline/Trans Folx)
1-800-273-8255 (Veterans Crisis Line)

We pray for those who are grieving:
+ Loving God, wrap your arms of love and hope around all who are experiencing any kind of loss, disconnection, or brokenness.

We pray for your church:
+ We celebrate the many years of service of our retired pastors and deacons. This week we give thanks for these retired rostered ministers: Gary Rothenberger, Rick Rouse, and Dennis Schaffert.

+ From our prayer calendar, we pray for these ministries, their lay & rostered leaders: 
-- Edison Lutheran Church (Bow) and Pr. John Guthridge;
-- Salem Lutheran Church (Mount Vernon) and Pr. Marc Hander;
-- Partners & Families of our Rostered Ministers;
-- the New Jersey Synod, and their bishop, Rev. Tracie Bartholomew;
-- our Companion Synod: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in European Russia.

+ We pray for ministries and leaders in transition.
-- grant them wisdom and patience (especially in these challenging days) as they discern where it is that you are leading them;
-- we look forward to celebrating the ordination of word and sacrament candidate, Cindy Myatt, as she has accepted a call to serve as a developer/pastor at our new start, Wild Church in the North Cascades. Her ordination will be tomorrow - Earth Day - Thursday, April 22 at 2pm.
-- we lift up our partners at Open Door Ministries as they enter a time of discernment. We give thanks to God for the passionate and compassionate service of Rev. Rick Pribbernow who concludes his service with ODM. God of wisdom, guide Pastor Rick and the ODM board as they enter their times of discernment - be with them in the midst of change and help them listen to your Spirit's leading;
-- we lift up the leaders who are guiding ministries in a time of transition: transition teams, call committees, transition pastors, congregation staff and lay leaders, and synod staff.

May our prayers rise before you as incense.
+ Your mercy is everlasting and your faithfulness endures from age to age.
+ Sustain, uplift, and encourage us as we live into your calling.
+ Trusting in your mercy and grace, we lift our prayers to you.


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