It’s Week 5 of Tom’s "6 Weeks to Christmas" music video series. Pray for Peace conveys some of the wonder and humility of a life-changing story.  “This tune was written with my old friend and brilliant musician, Rick Neufeld , while we enjoyed a rare evening together in my kitchen.  If the Creator was sending a new messenger, would the cradle be found in the sanctuary of a grand cathedral, or some place more humble? Hmmmm…"

To our viewers - find ways to help people in your community! 
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Merry Christmas!
If you want to read a heartfelt story of how 'holiday hater'  Leslie Alexander  was transformed after attending The Huron Carole, you don’t want to miss this.

Wonder what musicians do when they have a night off? Bake lasagna for other musicians! Darryl & Kirby show off their masterpiece…
’Twas a mystical night at Flores & Pine last week supporting The Magic of Christmas
Dates, cities and local beneficiary
December 12 Regina, SK – Casino Regina
December 13 Brandon, MB - WMCA (The Counseling Centre)
December 14 Winnipeg, MB – My Church (Winnipeg Harvest)
December 15 Thunder Bay, ON – Ka-Na-Chi-Hi Treatment Centre
December 17 Ottawa, ON – Dominion Chalmers United Church
(Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth)
The splendor of giving is not reserved for the poor.

Day 347 from "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times"
There are people in your community that need you, and I’m guessing you need to help them. 

So go ahead, do it.

Peace…tom j.

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