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Where Was I on the Byway?

by Byways Coordinator Jeanie Hau

As I travel the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway, I've been posting some unidentified photos on Facebook and it's been fun seeing the response! Here's a recap of the mystery restaurant, bridge, historic marker, and more!

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Conservation Connection

How Big is the Elephant in the Room?

by Water Quality Specialist Dan Haug

Are Iowa’s water quality woes being driven by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)? I analyzed correlations between livestock density and five water quality metrics across 60 watersheds in Iowa. The results suggest that manure from feedlots has less influence on E. coli bacteria but more influence on nitrate than is often assumed.

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Ballard Creek in March

Story County Water Quality Update

by Water Quality Specialist Dan Haug

Water levels are higher than they've been in a while, as you can tell by the green grass under the water. Nitrate is the highest we've seen in four years of monitoring these fifteen sites, exceeding 20 mg/L at eight of them.

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Pollinator of the Month: Large Bee-Fly

Earlier this spring, the toothwort and other spring ephemerals in Reactor Woods were buzzing with insects. This one was new to me. At first glance, it looks like a bumblebee, but it's actually a fly (Bombyllius major). The common name "bee-fly" reflects the confusion. It's harmless to people but uses it's disguise to parasitize the nests of wasps and solitary bees! I encourage you to do some googling for better pictures than mine; they look like a cross between a fly and teddy bear with a huge beak-like proboscis!

Watershed and Wildlife Events

Spring Water Quality Snapshot

Tuesday, May 21

Testing many creeks on the same day gives us a snapshot of water quality across central Iowa, especially now that we're coordinating the timing with other organizations.

Oxbow Restoration Fundraiser

May 31, 2-7pm

Alluvial Brewing Company

Learn about oxbow wetlands and support Native Prairie Bison, LLC in their efforts to restore native ecosystems.  Educational talks on oxbow restoration (2 - 4 pm). Bison chili (Free will donation; beginning at 3 pm). Native Prairie Bison t-shirts and bison meat available for purchase. Also see the Facebook event page.

Byway Events

Promise Road: How the Lincoln Highway

Changed America

Continuing through July 10

The Belle Plaine Area Museum is hosting the travelling Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway exhibit until July 10. Contact Byway Coordinator Jeanie Hau at jhau@prrcd.org to be next in line to host this engaging exhibit!

Iowa PBS: Road Trip Iowa

Weekly series

Join Iowa PBS in a new travel series, Road Trip Iowa. Venture across Iowa's scenic byways, historic sites, unique attractions, and natural beauty from your couch! The Iowa Valley Scenic Byway was featured in Episode 107, and the Lincoln Highway will take the spotlight in Season 2, so stay tuned!

Stream on demand Here!

The National Lincoln Highway Association

Annual Conference

Save the Date: June 23-28

Experience the Lincoln Highway in Elkhart County, Indiana! This year's conference will feature heritage and road tours, a documentary's pre-release, an Amish dinner, and more!

Learn More about the Conference Here!

Message from Our Board of Directors

Yes, we have some vacant desks, but there is still plenty of activity in the office! Board members regularly stop by to try to fill those desks by reviewing job applications and holding interviews. While they're at it, they pitch in however they can--thanks for vacuuming, Reed! We are all pitching in because we value the work this organization does to draw attention to and preserve Iowa's cultural and natural resources. We hope you'll pitch in as well with a donation!

Current Job Openings!

Development Director: Responsible for fundraising and administrative operations of the organization. 

Pollinator Conservation Specialist: Improve pollinator habitat and provide environmental education in a creative and collaborative environment!

Click Here for Full Job Descriptions and to Apply!

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