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Sam Bennett of Galva (pictured above), PFI Strategic Initiatives Director Sarah Carlson of Pleasant Hill, Matt Liebman of Ames, 2019 Farmland Owner Legacy Award recipient Lee Tesdell of Salter and Mike Helland of Huxley were among those featured in a segment on PBS NewsHour last weekend titled "Can sustainable farming save Iowa’s precious soil and water?"
Iowa farms are facing a major shift in ownership and management as Iowa’s farmer population is aging. Consecutively, Iowa is realizing a surge in our Latino population and our members have expressed interest in diversifying our network.

With Monserrat's help, we plan to identify Latino individuals and communities interested in agriculture, and bring them into our programming to help them build farm businesses.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Monserrat received what she describes as her “post-secondary education” at the Labor Community Strategy Center, a Los Angeles-based think tank and “act tank” that works to build regional, national and international movements.

As the population of Latinos in Iowa continues to grow, Monserrat is curious to explore ways this community can integrate into Iowa’s agricultural industry beyond labor, and expand entrepreneurial ventures that also cultivate, nurture and protect cultural customs.
Well-balanced small-grain rations can be useful feed alternatives to the typical corn and soybeans in swine diets. Small grains have the potential to reduce high diet costs pig farmers face. For swine farmers, reducing feed cost is music to their ears.

We're getting closer to wrapping up the 2019 field day season (there are just two events left!). View a selection of photos from this year's field days -- and thank you to all the hosts and attendees who helped make this year's field day season a success!
For the Wangsness family, seeking advice from bankers, lawyers, tax pros and other experts was the next step in their farm transfer process.

Many farm families looking to transfer the farm to the next generation know they need to enlist the services of professionals, but are unsure where to begin. Read how the Wangsnesses took the first steps toward farm transfer.
Nov. 10: Field Day - Urban Farming
1-3 p.m. | Des Moines
Nov. 20: Field Day - Cover Crops for All
12-3 p.m. | Rose Hill
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Lisa Schulte Moore of Ames was featured in The National Audubon Society's magazine: A Better Way to Decrease Disastrous Flooding on the Mississippi River

Gary Guthrie of Nevada, Jorgen Rose of Bondurant, Marshall McDaniel of Ames, Larry Stone of Elkader and Lee Tesdell of Slater were featured in Civil Eats: Planting Native Prairie Could Be a Secret Weapon for Farmers

Patti Naylor of Churdan wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register: Reform failing agribusiness model through agroecology.
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