Special PowerTest Issue!
Best Practices, Breaking in, Trip-Free, and More Discussed at Circuit Breaker Expert Panel
With about 170 people attending two circuit breaker panel sessions at PowerTest, one message is clear: Technicians are hungry for insightful information about how to do their jobs better and more safely.

At the panel discussions, Group CBS CEO and host Finley Ledbetter was joined by panelists Denise Green (Circuit Breaker Sales, Detroit Apparatus Center), Craig Archer (Western Electrical Services), and Robert Foster (Megger). 
Discussions were lively and the audience  was  engaged as Finley and crew delved into the biggest circuit breaker trends. Check out the highlights.  
A Shared History
Growing Better Together: Group CBS and NETA's PowerTest Have Long, Fruitful History

As pioneers in electrical testing and safety, Group CBS and NETA share some history. NETA formed in 1972, and Circuit Breaker Sales (CBS) followed in 1981. CBS's Ray Kinney was among the first to exhibit at NETA's fledgling PowerTest conference  35  years ago. 

Since then, the association has continued to grow, helping to make the electrical testing industry safer than ever before. And so has CBS. Today, Group CBS is parent to more than a dozen electrical equipment sales and service companies with locations across North America. 

Want to learn more? Read here.
Learn About Emerging Technologies
Missed Session on New Vacuum Interrupter Technology? No Worries. Check It Out Here. 

his  NETA presentation , Finley Ledbetter, chief scientist and CEO of Group CBS, discussed an innovative process that allows certain vacuum interrupters to be reconditioned and returned into service after original life limits have been reached.  Read more about the MAG-R™ and VMAG-R™ process.
New Products

Group CBS Unveils New Offerings at PowerTest
Missed the hot new electrical tech at PowerTest this year? Don't worry. Check out the exhibit floor in our photo gallery, along with information below on the hottest new offerings of 2019 in electrical equipment and testing.  
Hot New Products: 

CBS ArcSafe® RSA-224 remote switch actuator designed to operate the Eaton/Cutler-Hammer POW-R-WAY busway plug

CTVT-45 2-in-1 tester designed for testing current transformers and voltage transformers in the field or at the lab, helping
customers avoid costly and unexpected shutdowns
MAC-TS4 & MAC-TS5+ improvements  that make magnetron atmospheric condition testing quick and easy

Tough Duty™ Power/Vac Roll-in Replacements   can take the place of aging Power/Vac ®  breakers without any modifications to existing cells or switchgear

CBT-1201   rugged, field-portable unit includes a heavy-duty circuit breaker timing test set, power supply, and switching control in one easy-to-use tool

High-Voltage Test Laboratory  equipped with the specialized test equipment and instrumentation necessary to evaluate and certify low- and medium-voltage electrical equipment.
Facility Tours

Group CBS Affiliates Dispense Wisdom During Facility Tours

About 70 PowerTest participants attended each off-site seminar and tour at three Group CBS locations: AEAMC, Vacuum interrupters, Inc., and Circuit Breaker Sales.  Check out our photo gallery to see highlights from each tour.
Client Testimonials
Group CBS Delivers - Just Ask Our Customers!

"We did a job with CBS Northeast at Thomas Jefferson University, where we got upfront Westinghouse medium- and low-voltage breakers that were obsolete, but they had them for us to switch out during bus outages. Great service, and CBSNE made it super easy for the university to upgrade their equipment."
- Ryan Echols, Potomac Testing, Philadelphia 
"PowerTest was an eye-opening experience. It was our first show, and we'll be back. The Group CBS support and services are phenomenal. We ordered a low-voltage breaker from CBSNE, and they had it for us overnight. This is exactly what we needed, as we run a railroad, and trains have to run!"
- Troy Wright, Electrical Shop Supervisor, Washington Metro Area Transit Authority
Special Event
VIP After Party: Outlaws Only Need Apply
We partied at PowerTest, Texas style! Group CBS and Shermco Industries hosted a VIP party, where Ray Wylie Hubbard entertained folks with his rock-and-roll/outlaw country music.  See the photo gallery for more details.
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