Winter 2021-Spring 2022

She cannot live without you

Post pandemic, shelters are overflowing with
abandoned shepherds. Foster homes urgently needed to bridge rescue and adoptions

Bella is a gentle and sweet as she looks
Bolo is looking for his forever family
Mitch will grow into his ears
Register to foster, meet these and other GSDs awaiting their forever homes Sunday, March 27 at Pet Food Express, Martinez. 11;30 - 1:30.

Animal shelters, emptied during the pandemic, are overflowing with surrendered and abandoned dogs, German shepherds among them.

We knew, as the pandemic descended, that many adopted dogs would be returned when the world normalized. An estimated 30 to 35% of dogs adopted from shelters in the last two years are showing up, homeless once again through no fault of their own.
Moreover, the ever-prolific puppy mills, operated by misguided people who breed German shepherds for profit, continue producing puppies. Just last month, Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue came upon a pregnant GSD whose humans left her tied to a pole at a house they’d abandoned, just days before she whelped. Luckily, one of our volunteers found an organization that cares for pregnant dogs. (Mom gave birth to a healthy litter of five.)

Just as more adoptable shepherds appear in shelters and are found abandoned in parks, playgrounds and city streets, we’re sensing a moment of hesitation among potential adopters:.Shelters report the same. These are unsettling and uncertain times and, in such circumstances, people tend to hesitate before making a commitment to adopt. We have seen this before and believe it will again return to normal. Meanwhile, the need for our engagement and support is greater than ever.

  • One obstacle prevents us from saving more shepherds now: Foster families.

Each day brings us opportunities to rescue more adoptable, beautiful dogs, but until we have foster homes, we must leave them to uncertain and perhaps – no – future.

Your continuing financial support is critical to our rescue work. and we are grateful for every dollar. Our costs, like your own, are going up. The price tag for every dog we rescue this year to jump from $650 to $750. You - members of our supporting community - always come through for us. Money is critical but ...

The need for foster families is every bit as great. The rewards for fostering a GSD as she awaits adoption into her forever home are enormous.

We recently asked a couple of our steadfast foster volunteers to speak about their experience of fostering a GSD - one has fostered 30 dogs over the years, another took a pregnant GSD and fostered her puppies, too, until they found their permanent homes.

These testimonials were recorded at a recent adoption day, one of two we host every month at a Pet Food Express store, one in Roseville, one in Martinez. Dates for these events are always posted on our website Click on "adoption process.'

SCGSR provides full support for foster families - veterinary, fees food, beds, toys, crates and other supplies are provided free of charge - and offers consulting from experienced fosters for the questions and concerns that may arise. Our group also provides 'substitute' fosters for those times when a foster family must be away.

The joy of seeing a once shy or traumatized dog grow calm and trusting and quickly learn manners and skills is unparalleled, foster volunteers say.

Foster families with children often say the experience teaches young people how to be responsible adults. Those young people in turn feel great pride assuming responsibility for care of a GSD.

You needn't take it from us. Click below to hear about the fostering experience from people who know all about it - and do it again and again.
SCGSR foster coordinators in the greater Sacramento-Auburn region and in the greater bay area are waiting to answer all your questions

(888) 815-6222

We are profoundly grateful for your donations and ask you to donate what you can, when you can. Donate at

She cannot live without you
A gift with heart
Donations made to SCGSR in your name to honor birthdays, anniversaries and other landmarks creates a gift that continues giving long after your special day is over. Donors receive personal notes of gratitude and our rescues would sign them if only they could.
Meet the dogs Somone in your circle thinking of adopting a GSD? Adoption days, held twice each month, provide a terrific way to introduce a friend to our dogs currently up for adoption. Events are held at Pet Food Express Stores in Roseville and Martinez usually from 11:30 to 1:30. Check our web site to verify.

GSDs ready for adoption are usually accompanied by their fosters and other SCGSR volunteers who can answer questions about a dog's personality. and there is always help assuring a dog and her potential family are a good match.

Next SCGSR adoption day:

Pet Food Express
Sunday March 27
11:30 - 1:30
500 Center Avenue
The perfect age ....
Several dogs now ready for adoption are a perfect age - past the puppy stage and young enough to be highly responsive. GSDs learn quickly and each and every day earn their reputation as a devoted and loyal breed. Dogs like this are here because one of our volunteers fostered and loved him while he waited for his forever home to find him.

One more easy way you can help -
and save a little money on pet supplies

Pet Food Express is offering members of the Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue community discounts on litter, food, pet wash and all store products. With each purchase, our group receives a percentage of the price of your selections.
Pet Food Express's Pet Super Hero program offers 10% off food and litter and 20% off many other items else in the store, including pet wash. When using the Pet Food Express shopping link on our website to order online for delivery or in-store pickup, we receive 2% back . For orders not subject to discounts, SCGSR receives 4% back.
Because you will need to be authorized for the discount while helping support SCGSR, please email SCGSR volunteer Mike Murray at to be added to our group's list. Note one only one card per person can be issued - not to a family or couple - so please provide the name of the person who customarily does the shopping for your pets. The link for more information and to use when ordering is posted on the home page of our website

Not one of these dogs can live without you