On October 18, the Carryover of Previous Year's Eligibility for Free and Reduced meals ends. Any previously qualified families that have not renewed their eligibility for this year will no longer qualify for free or reduced meals after this date and will be returned to Paid status starting October 19. If you believe you should still qualify for free or reduced meals and haven't yet applied for them, please complete and submit an application to the school office or Child Nutrition Department as soon as possible.

If the student’s account has a negative balance, the balance should be paid before school begins in September.
If there is money on a student account that a family would like to transfer to a sibling, request a refund, or donate to another student’s meal account, contact Lori Ginney in the district’s Child Nutrition Department at lginney@asd.wednet.edu.

Please see the attached fee schedule. Fees 2022-23.docx