Vol. 5, No. 4, September 2020
WestPlains LLC loaded 34,000 metric tons of sorghum for export to China in August.
A Taste of Texas
Sails to China
WestPlains Exports Rio Grande Valley Sorghum

The sorghum was harvested from throughout the Rio Grande Valley.
For the first time in 13 years, the Port of Brownsville resumed the export of grains overseas via vessel.

WestPlains LLC, the operator of the port's grain elevator, loaded 34,000 metric tons of sorghum onto the M/V Tian Fu in late-August. The sorghum was harvested from throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

This is the first of four vessels with sorghum that WestPlains will ship to China this year.

The port completed the rehabilitation of the Bulk Cargo Dock in early 2020, providing improved waterside access to the three million-bushel grain elevator operated by WestPlains. WestPlains and the port are partnering to modernize and enhance the operational efficiency of the specialized dock, with the port investing $5 million in the project.
The M/V Tian Fu is the first of four vessels with sorghum that WestPlains will ship to China this year.
Construction Begins for South Port Connector Rd.
Construction for the South Port Connector Road began August 10, a critical project aimed at reducing urban traffic and improving access to the Port of Brownsville.

The $25.6 million project is made possible by a partnership of the Brownsville Navigation District (BND), Cameron County, the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA), the Rio Grande Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (RGVMPO) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The port connector is the first phase of CCRMA’s larger East Loop construction project.
Gateway for Steel
Into Mexico
The port continues its community outreach campaign to promote industries supporting job creation.

Brownsville Navigation District Secretary Ralph Cowen describes the Port of Brownsville as the largest gateway for steel into Mexico, moving more than 3 million tons of steel products each year.
Activity at the Port of Brownsville creates more than 51,000 jobs and adds $3 billion in total economic activity in the state of Texas, according to a recent economic impact study performed by Martin Associates.
Labor Meets the Port that Works
Editor’s Note: This article is featured in the new edition of the Port of Brownsville Directory.
The growth of activity at the Port of Brownsville has led to increased job opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley.

A port community with all these exceptional benefits and active projects requires skilled and abundant labor. Local universities, colleges, technical schools, school districts and workforce development leaders are partnering with the port to meet growing demands.

Fortunately, Brownsville is home to one of the nation’s most youthful populations, where the average age is 29. Educated, technically savvy, adaptable and motivated to succeed, these young people understand the meaning of hard work.
Port Featured in Developers Webinar
Port of Brownsville Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development Steve Tyndal was a featured speaker at the Q2 Developer's Meet and Greet on August 27.

This online event was created by the City of Brownsville to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for professionals to share information, discuss opportunities, and interact with one another in a collaborative environment.
The SS Cape Florida arrived at the Port of Brownsville on on August 13, where after 36 years of service it will be dismantled and recycled.
Editor’s Note: This article was originally featured at www.brownsvilleherald.com
SS Cape Florida Arrives at Port for Recycling
International Shipbreaking LLC. was awarded the contract to transport, strip and recycle the decommissioned barge carrier SS Cape Florida. The company towed the vessel from the U.S. Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Fleet in Beaumont to its recycling facility at the Port of Brownsville, where it arrived Aug. 13.
Propeller Clubs Asks Congress for $3.5 Billion in COVID-19 Relief
Editor’s Note: This article was originally featured at www.gcaptain.com

The International Propeller Club of the United States has requested that Congress appropriate $3.5 billion for the relief and support of the U.S. maritime industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.






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Drivers Keep America Truck'n
The Port of Brownsville is proud to join the U.S. trucking industry in celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 13-19).

The efficiency and safety that truck drivers provide allow businesses and American citizens to confidently and safely ship goods across state lines and to every corner of the country – on which our economy fully depends.

This year’s celebration takes on a special meaning due to the spread of COVID-19. Professional truck drivers stepped up when they were needed most, and have kept the economy on its feet despite facing unprecedented obstacles.

On average, more than 1,500 trucks enter the Port of Brownsville daily to pick up cargo and deliver it across the nation and northern Mexico. The types of commodities carried – like refined petroleum products, sugar, salt, grains, windmill components and steel – serve as the foundational backbone of several industries in the U.S. and Latin America.

According to the American Trucking Association, there are more than 3.5 million professional truck drivers nationwide who deliver the nation’s freight safely and securely every day. These men and women log more than 400 billion miles annually and, in 2019, delivered 70 percent of U.S. freight tonnage – or more than 10 billion tons. Eighty percent of U.S. communities depend solely on the trucking industry as the only method to receive their goods and commodities.

As essential workers, the efforts and contributions of frontline truck drivers are deserving of America’s gratitude and appreciation.
Bring Better Broadband to Brownsville
The Port of Brownsville has joined the City of Brownsville and six other local organizations in a campaign focused on bringing high speed, reliable and affordable broadband access to Brownsville and the surrounding areas.

As a first step in the data-driven planning process, residents and businesses in Brownsville, Los Fresnos and Rancho Viejo are encouraged to share experiences, opinions, and needs through an important community survey.

Participation in the survey will help determine which areas of the community should be prioritized and which technology and infrastructure investments will make the most sense moving forward. 
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