PopHealth Analytics: New Well-Child Visits Reports Added to the Pediatric Health Reports Card!

We're pleased to share that a new Well-Child Visits module is now available in the Pediatric Health Reports in the CRISP DC HIE Portal through the PopHealth Analytics tool at https://idp.crisphealth.org!

What’s in the Pediatric Health Reports?

Pediatric Health Reports now has a new module on Well-Child Visits. The module includes three Dashboards: a Well-Child Visits Dashboard, a Well-Child Visits Historical Prevalence Dashboard, and a Preventive Pediatric Healthcare Utilization Dashboard. This module now accompanies the existing module on dental services that include Dental Services Utilization Dashboard and HealthCheck Dashboard for Recommended Dental Procedures.

The Well-Child Visits dashboards follow the recommended schedule for pediatric well-child visits for children within three distinct age groups:

  • Well-Child Visits in the First 15 Months of life: Children are recommended to receive at least six well-child visits with a PCP during their first 15 months of life.
  • Well-Child Visits for Age 15 Months–30 Months: Children are recommended to receive at least two well-child visits with a PCP between the ages of 15 months and 30 months.
  • Child and Adolescent Well-Care Visits: Children are recommended to receive one or more well-care visits with a PCP or an OB/GYN practitioner each year between 3 and 21 years old.

Well-Child Visits Dashboard

The Well-Child Visits Dashboard allows users to view the percentage of children in their panel who received the recommended well-child visits with a primary care practitioner (PCP) during the measurement year. The measure calculation is restricted to children who are at least 15 months old as of the most recent data available and reflects each of the three age groups.

Users can drill-down to beneficiary and claim-level details from all the dashboards.

Well-Child Visits Historical Prevalence Dashboard

The Well-Child Visits Historical Prevalence Dashboard allows users to isolate one age category at a time and view their historical adherence with the recommended services during prior age categories. That is, for children currently aged 3 to 21 years, the percent of those children who received their recommended well-child services in the first 15 months of life or while aged 15 to 30 months old.

Users can select an age group and review the prevalence of the well-child visits across the prior age groups regardless of the measure year.

Preventive Pediatric Healthcare Utilization Dashboard

The Preventive Pediatric Healthcare Utilization Dashboard allows users to view the percentage of their children who received the recommended preventive screenings and procedures by age category in the measure year.

Users can view utilization by service categories, as well as access beneficiary-level and claim-level drill-throughs. Service categories include:

  1. Anemia
  2. Behavioral Screening
  3. Developmental Screening
  4. Dyslipidemia
  5. Hepatitis B
  6. Tuberculosis

All the dashboards support the Population Navigator’s roster functionality, allowing you to view the reports for the desired subset of your population. The subsets, called rosters, can be created using various methods, including the ability to upload a list of patients.

Questions or Need Support?

The PopHealth Analytics reports and features can be accessed through the CRISP DC HIE Portal (https://idp.crisphealth.org). If you have any questions about these updates or other reports in the PopHealth Analytics tool, please contact us at dcoutreach@crisphealth.org.


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