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April 2021
Welcome to Pond Village's second newsletter
In addition to celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims discovering our Pond, this past year many of us living in Pond Village realized the constancy and importance of water in our shared history. Fresh water was the draw for the first settlement here. Pond Villagers continue to share land, flora and fauna, and the resources provided by our common watershed and aquifer.

Since the Truro News platform can be used by our neighborhood to enable communication when appropriate to all residents of our watershed, this platform allows us to develop a casual forum in which we can share neighborhood “news.” You are receiving this copy because you are a past recipient of the neighborhood blast emails.
For Some Fun
The Truro Historical Society is sponsoring a Zoom poetry reading. The program is called: 'Outer Cape Poets: Sharing New Work' and will take place on Wednesday, April 21st at 5 PM. Please register in advance to get the Zoom link. Here is the list of participating Pond Village poets: Keith Althaus, Elizabeth Bradfield, Mary Ann Larkin, Rosalind Pace, Patric Pepper. More...
Partnering Again with the Conservation Trust
Picture yourself standing on the shore of the pond at the park on Pond Road and looking across the pond to the marsh and the hill beyond. The TCT has signed a Purchase and Sale to acquire a 1.4-acre waterfront parcel on the southern shore of Pilgrim Pond. A generous anonymous donor has provided the backbone for this addition to the Pond Village Preserve with an incredible gift. The TCT is also providing significant funding, and has asked the neighborhood to help in raising an additional $125,000 from private donors to support this effort. The response has been enthusiastic; donations now total over 70% of the needed amount. Please consider supporting this Phase of the Preserve; see PondVillage.org for further information on how to become involved or how to donate.
Pond Villagers in the News
Published on December 31st, 2020 - In This Is What America Looks Like, one hundred writers and poets from DC, Maryland, and Virginia draw a portrait of the creative state of our Union. Look for poems by MaryAnn Larkin and Patric Pepper. 
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Water Testing Program Update
Thanks to the 50+ Pond Villagers who have thus far participated in our drinking water testing program. Not only has this been helpful to you, it has demonstrated our willingness to engage in important matters of public health.
If you haven't had your water tested, please do so. The larger our sample size the more statistically significant our results, and the stronger our voice in managing the safety of our wells and Pond. Free test kits are still available in the blue box next to the Chapel on Pond Rd. If you find it's empty, please email Mary Ann Larkin and she'll make sure it is restocked.
Below is a chart showing the nitrate results of the 50 tests done since the program began late last summer.
Financial Help Upgrading Your Septic System
The Truro Board of Health has issued a sunset regulation on cesspools, giving people until Dec. 31, 2023 to replace them.
If you are the owner of a cesspool or failed residential septic system, major financial support is likely available from the Barnstable County Community Septic Management Loan Program. This program provides loans at 5% interest over 20 years to fund all costs directly related to a septic system upgrade that complies with Title 5 requirements. Expenses covered include design and installation, and loans can be approved within 24 hours. Alternative septic systems qualify for funding. State tax credits for septic system repair are also available for primary residence property owners. The funds were made available by the Massachusetts Water Pollution Abatement Trust, which provides financial assistance to local governments to prevent groundwater pollution and protect drinking water. More information and applications are available at https://www.barnstablecountysepticloan.org
Salty Market Re-opens April 1st 
Our favorite neighborhood market will reopen on April 1st for in-store shopping! Owners (and Pond Villagers) Claire Adams and Ellery Althaus have renovated Salty Market to make your experience safer, easier and quicker. You bring the masks and they will provide the sanitizer!
All in the Family 
Susan Baker (Ellery’s mom) painted the charming image above. Post-pandemic be sure to visit the Susan Baker Memorial Museum which Frommer's Media calls "A Gallery with a Sense of Humor." Also, please note that Ellery's Dad, Keith Althaus, will be one of the poet's featured at the Truro Historical Society Zoom Poetry Reading later this month. Many of us adore seeing the ever-friendly and extraordinarily handsome Basset-hound Leon walking his owner daily on Pond Road. Leon is named after Leon Panetta - the distinguished public servant. Creativity abounds in the families of Pond Villagers!
The Geese Have Returned to the Village Pond
Every May, goose couples congregate around Village Pond to nest and, hopefully, hatch their goslings. Some topics we’ll explore in this newsletter about geese in Pond Village in April-May: Admirable Parenting, Morbidity, Monogamy, and Goose Poop. Hopefully we’ll be able to report on goslings in the next issue. More...
The Truro Conservation Trust and the Pond Village neighbors Invite You to Join Us for an Earth Day Celebration at the Pond

Click here to see the map of the addition to the Preserve

Join us to celebrate EARTH DAY and learn more about our efforts to extend the POND VILLAGE PRESERVE. We have the opportunity to preserve pond-front buildable green space on the southern side of the Village Pond, and we need your help. 
Come see the maps, look across the pond at the parcels of interest, and (safely) mix with your friends and neighbors as you learn more about this ongoing effort to keep North Truro Village the historic and rural place we know and love. Board members of the Truro Conservation Trust will be available to discuss this effort, as both a short-term and long-term campaign.
And, if you haven’t already, take a stroll through the trails in the adjacent Twine Fields, land which was acquired due to contributions from the community. We can guide you through the trails, and you can learn the history surrounding this land.
WHEN: SATURDAY, APRIL 24, Anytime between 2-4 PM
WHERE: Pond Village Park, Pond Road across from the Twine Fields
PARK: Cold Storage Beach lot, short walk to the park

Healthy Water Habits
Get your Vaccine and Consider the Ecological Impact of your Dishwashing Soap!  
This is our new mantra as we gratefully sign up for vaccinations to fight the Covid Pandemic. Consider the liquid soap you are using to hand-wash your dishes. Some scientists consider grey water far more harmful to our Aquifers than black water. For nearly two decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used the Safer Choice label program for products that are safe for our use (plus our pets, workspaces, and the environment). Some popular bad words that don't get the seal of approval: phosphates (inorganic phosphates are damaging to one's health), diethanolamine (these function as emulsifiers or foaming agents and their safety is questionable), triethanolamine (a reactionary byproduct of two toxic substances), and Butyl cellosolve. Imagine if ALL of the homes in Pond Village committed to removing some of the harmful substances from their grey water. See the following link for ideas for eco-friendly liquid dishwashing soap, many of which are available in our local markets. https://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-natural-dish-soap-biodegradable.html
Revealing Garden Plots in Pond Village 
Our village is filled with extraordinary gardens. We would love to add a new monthly feature and are looking for a Village Person to help us develop this. If anyone with perpetually dirty fingernails has an interest, please contact us at PondVillageNewsAdmin. Here is the big benefit - you will gain admission into many of the secret gardens of North Truro. 
Town Meeting Calendar of Key Dates 
May 11, 2021 Annual Town Election, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM Location to Be Determined
June 26, 2021 Annual Town Meeting, Time and Location to Be Announced - likely at 10 AM outside at the School, with rain date June 27, but subject to confirmation.
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