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June 2021
Welcome to Pond Village's fourth newsletter
In addition to celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims discovering our Pond, this past year many of us living in Pond Village realized the constancy and importance of water in our shared history. Fresh water was the draw for the first settlement here. Pond Villagers continue to share land, flora and fauna, and the resources provided by our common watershed and aquifer.

Since the Truro News platform can be used by our neighborhood to enable communication when appropriate to all residents of our watershed, this platform allows us to develop a casual forum in which we can share neighborhood “news.” You are receiving this copy because you are a past recipient of the neighborhood blast emails.
For Some Fun - Truro Historical Society
Wampanoag Nation: People of the First Light
This summer the Truro Historical Society will open the exhibit Wampanoag Nation: People of the First Light. The exhibition will highlight the history of the indigenous people who lived on Cape Cod as well as celebrate the current vibrant cultural life which flourishes to this day. 
Wednesday, June 9 - Jennifer Weston, director of the Wômpânâak Language Reclamation Project, will present an on-line event: “Reviving the Wampanoag Language.” 
Wednesday, June 16 - Andrew Lipman, history professor at Barnard College, will present an online event “The Death and Life of Squanto,” about the Wampanoag who played a critical role in aiding the English colonists. More details… 
Village Businesses that have reopened
Terra Luna
Terra Luna is a rustic Neo-pagan eatery celebrating its 28th season on Route 6a here in North Truro. The menu is basically Mediterranean with touches of Italian, Portuguese, Provincial French, and other assorted Hoo Doo. Terra Luna serves pastas, grilled meats, local fish and shellfish, local seasonal vegetables, and in-house made desserts all prepared by Chef/Owner - Tony Pasquale, Sous-chef - Dan Buddington, and Baker - Ginger Lund. The restaurant also offers innovative cocktails mixed by Luke Massouh and Su Nicholson - we hear some Villagers highly recommend “Adios Pantelones.” Discover more revelations at terralunarestaurant.com. Fall on by for some victuals and libations, Terra Luna is a fine place to dine and ease your burden...
Follow-up on May’s Featured Business
The International Chocolate Awards (World Finals) just awarded a Bronze Medal to Chequessett Chocolate for their Monomoy Mochaccino Bar. Stop over and try this internationally recognized treat that uses cacao from the Dominican Republic and infuses it with George Howell Coffee. CONGRATS to Pond Village’s favorite Chocolatiers!
Pond Villagers in the News - Chris Nagle
Are you aware that Pond Villager Chris Nagle’s Gallery/Store Outermost Art & Objects re-opened on Memorial Day Weekend? Located at 427 Commercial Street in P-town and named after Henry Beston’s lovely book The Outermost House, the shop is featuring the work of many new artists and artisans for this 2021 season. Chris curates paintings, sculptures, and a plethora of objects that are influenced by nature. His choices are hand-worked and value the time-tested and the weather-worn. Inspired by architecture, Chris’ ethos embodies a unique intersection of historic and modernist sensibilities. In addition to owning and running the Gallery, Chris is noted for his design projects respectfully renovating antique homes here on the Outer Cape. More … 
Pond Villagers in the News - Mallory Ruymann
art_works (Pond Villager - Mallory Ruymann, CEO) is partnering with The Commons to present Celebration, a site-specific fluid installation by highly sought-after artist, Cicely Carew. The breath-taking exhibit opened on May 30, and will remain on view until July 1st in the Community Room at The Commons, 46 Bradford Street in P-town. Mallory curated this installation which marks Carew’s first showing on the Cape. To preview some of Carew’s exuberant work click here:

Partnering (yet) Again with the Conservation Trust
MORE EXCITING NEWS! After completing the purchase of a parcel of land at 15 Laura’s Way, the Truro Conservation Trust is going forward with the purchase of a contiguous parcel with the odd address of 4-H Bay View Road. The lot is 6.42 acres of pond-front property! An anonymous donor has made a sizable donation for this project, and the Trust and the community will make up the balance. This is part of the Pond Village Preserve, which will protect the flora and fauna in and around the pond, and connects to the Twine Field trails, which are an important part of Truro history. Click here to discover how you might help.
All in the Family
PHOTO (click to enlarge): Henry Hutchings front and center around 1900. His son Fred is back center. 

This magnificent addition to the Pond Village Preserve was originally owned by William Hutchings, the great-great grandfather of the current owners of the 6.42 acre parcel. William Hutchings was born in England in 1810 and moved to the Outer Cape as an indentured servant, marrying Sally Stevens. It is believed that the land was passed down from the Stevens family. William became the captain of a schooner with an eleven-member crew, but was lost at sea in 1845. His son, Henry Hutchings became the town undertaker and also served as the Assistant Lightkeeper for Highland Light in the early 1860s. His son, Fred Hutchings, built several houses in the Pond Village area and passed the land onto his children, including Charles E. Hutchings, who after serving as a medic in WWII and living and practicing as a doctor in Pond Village, passed it onto the current owners. 
Historic Houses in Pond Village
PHOTO (click to enlarge): The original Stevens house - built in 1810. One of the several in the Hutchings Family History.
What's Blooming in Pond Village?
The Late Spring “Garden Gap”
Here on the Outer Cape, gardeners often confront a “late-spring lull.” Daffodils and tulips have finished blooming, and the roses and perennials that put on a spectacular show starting in mid-June are still in bud. When looking to bring color and fragrance to the garden during this quiet period (late May and earliest June), gardeners have a wide variety of choices.
An easy and inexpensive way to bring bursts of color to the garden is to plant colonies of Allium Purple Sensation. Bulbs of this very easy-to-grow onion relative can be ordered and planted in the fall for late-May blooms. Alliums look best when massed in tight groupings of five or more, but rather sad and lonely when planted singly. Once the purple spheres have gone by, you can leave the round green seed heads in the garden to provide interesting textures. The seed heads also look great when used for dried arrangements in fall and winter.
When looking to bring color and fragrance to the garden during this quiet period (late May and earliest June), gardeners have a wide variety of choices including alliums, irises, and clematis. More...
Pond Village Fauna - Fowler’s Toads
“Stop! Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look, what’s going down?” - Buffalo Springfield, 1966
That “sound” you hear at this time of year is that of the Fowler’s Toad, one of the two toad species in the Pond Village neighborhood. Their call is distinctive - a plaintive, descending “wraah,” resembling a sheep bleat. It sounds as though they are irritated (one Village family has nicknamed these amphibians the “pissed-off toads”), but alas they are only looking for love. To hear their call, please click here. Enjoy their nightly serenade through mid-July as you drift off to sleep. Helpful hint - avoid touching these beautiful creatures as secretions from the warts on their back may irritate your skin and eyes. They can be toxic if ingested by small pets. Additionally, Fowler’s Toads have the most unpleasant habit of urinating on those who insist upon handling them.
To learn more about the Fowler’s Toad please click here.
Healthy Water Habits
Clothes Dryers, Part III in the “Laundry Series" 
It is estimated that your dryer emits more than a ton of carbon dioxide per year, but you can reduce your energy footprint with natural outdoor drying. During the nice summer weather, hang your outside clothes to dry when you can, just like your Grandmother used to do! It may take longer, but it is much gentler to the environment. Use racks or your deck rails if you don’t have a “line.” 
Not only is this better for our environment, but it is better for your wallet. Your clothes will last longer thanks to the gentler drying cycle outside which also ultimately means less cloth in our landfills. You might want to invest in an indoor drying rack for the colder months. You can place the rack next to the radiator/heat vent and your clothes will dry overnight. See this link for 10 Reasons to line dry laundry.
Pond Village Pooches
Name: Clarabelle English
Breed: Welsh Corgi
Age: Just turned 10 on May 15
Likes: Treats, soft green grass, Truro, all humans
Dislikes: Being hot, loud voices and noises, fireworks
Best at: Being a therapy dog for her humans, communicating her needs in effective moan
Something you should know: Clarabelle picked her humans when they visited with her litter. Why is her name Clarabelle? Her mommy wanted a name that was very feminine and pretty. Blueberry was considered as well.
In Memoriam
January 4, 2011 - May 7, 2021
Duncan Ruymann: Vital and beloved family member/protector/jester/psychiatrist for his humans. Master fisher-dog, respectful beach citizen, superb swimmer, ball-hog, clam frisbee champion, surveyor of sunsets, gardening supervisor, King of Duncan's Grove, regal, vocal, understanding friend and mentor to many Pond Village mammals.
Town Calendar of Key Dates 
June 26, 2021 Annual Town Meeting, at 10 AM outside at the School, with rain date June 27, but subject to confirmation.
Also the Annual Town Election will be held the following Tuesday, June 29th from 7 AM to 8 PM.
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