e~Funds for Schools

September 2023 Newsletter


Volume I Issue 8 / Published September 2023


e~Funds for Schools has established a strategic partnership with a communication platform known as BrightArrow.

There seems to be a plethora of options when it comes to automated mass notifications aimed at reaching parents, students, and staff. BrightArrow stands out in that list of options with its cutting-edge voice and messaging technology, making it one of the most versatile, robust, and more importantly reliable notification systems accessible today.

BrightArrow remains under the guidance of its original visionaries who founded the company over 20 years ago, ensuring ongoing innovation to meet the discerning needs of schools and districts throughout North America.

The company's core principle revolves around tailoring a solution to your school or district's unique requirements, rather than imposing changes to your standard operating procedures to accommodate the notification system. BrightArrow not only encompasses all the features found in more costly systems but also introduces exclusive benefits and functionalities often absent in many mainstream alternatives.

BrightArrow specializes in K-12 communications, harnessing its extensive knowledge of K-12 databases and seamless integration with many student information systems. This results in a solution marked by seamless database integration, a rich feature set, and a user-friendly interface accessible to computer users of all skill levels.

Discover more about what BrightArrow has to offer by exploring their offerings!


Learn more about BrightArrow!


Did you know EFS has multiple services? Make the most out of your payment solution with us and consider turning on additional services. All services are implemented at no cost to your school. Staff training is included. Contact your CSR rep today and say "Turn It On!".

  • Optional Fee Discounting - EFS uses Free & Reduced data from your current system to automatically apply discounts to optional fees when parents pay online or in-person reducing overpayment and refunds.

  • Sales Tax - need to collect sales tax for some items? EFS will apply tax to designated items whether paid online or in-person. Sales tax reporting and GL import file makes it easy.

  • Reminder Director - used in the EFS mobile optimized online payment module to reminds parents of other important school related items they could add to their "cart" before paying. A great feature to promote important add-ons, push fundraising efforts and more!


Did you know you now have the ability to process Partial Refund amounts on transactions? In addition, if later you need to refund an additional amount for the same payment, you are still able to do so. Please contact EFS Customer Relations to get your Partial Refunds set up.


ALET (AL Ed Tech) - Sept 24-26

2023 IN Skyward User Group, Indianapolis - Sept 26

Midwest PSUG - Sept 25-27

MN Skyward - Oct 6-7

TX Skyward - Oct 9-11

WI Skyward Oct 16-17

IL Skyward - October 23-24

WI PSUG - Nov 5-7

Nat’l PSUG East - Nov 27-30

  • We have a guide for parents that simplifies using EFS. Make it easy for parents to use EFS and download the STEP-BY-STEP today! We also have a Spanish version for your convenience.

  • Your webmasters can place a link on your website to make it convenient for parents to find EFS. Place it in Quick Links or in a prominent spot so parents don't have to search. Go ahead and use the EFS logo to help identify your link.

  • We offer promotional materials which will help your school increase e~Funds for Schools parent usage. These materials provide parents with useful information and reminders about the EFS services your school offers. Get more info about our complementary Marketing Solution! If you're ready to sign up, fill out the Marketing Request.

  • VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Student Wallet, Cash, and Check are all accepted forms of payment!

Our Five-Star Customer Relations Team is available to assist you in any way you need, whether it be training or a demo, marketing, troubleshooting or

updating you on EFS services. 

Please feel free to contact us 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday 866.770.5856, or send an email to efs@magicwrighter.com.

 Richard Waelti - EFS VP of Sales - 866.770.5856 rwaelti@magicwrighter.com

 Jeff Miller - Senior National Sales Executive - 810.333.5704 jmiller@magicwrighter.com