Call to Action:  April 25, 2017
Write your Council Today to increase funding for Bike/Ped Improvements!

With the city's annual budget process starting, our attention turns to strong funding/strong Recommended Improvements start of the $18M  2016 Bike Plan.

Active projects in process total ~$8.0M and will likely take 2 to 3 years to complete. The keys to success will be:
  • Funding;  
  • Community support and involvement; and 
  • Smart implementation. 

YOU  can play a strong role  in 
the first two elements: support and funding priorities

Please write your council person and city manager today and give them your support for strong funding increase of 50% to $3.0m annually over the next several years. The city has ample room to financially support these goals - it's a matter of them knowing it's a  high priority for you. These improvements will make our city safer for you and our students, cleaner, healthier and more valuable to all.  You can use this sample letter and find our council and city leaders contact information at this link:  Cupertino City Leaders

What's currently on the project/planning table?
The city team has commenced detailed engineering plans and will hopefully in CY2017 start implementation for:

Stevens Creek Blvd -   Class IV  Separated bike-way
 from Foothill Blvd to Tantau;  Including major intersection improvements at: EastWestBikeway
  • Finch, Wolfe Road;
  • DeAnza Blvd and Stelling Road;
* East-West Bikeway connecting the Eastern and Western city borders.:      
  • McClellan Road from Byrne Ave  to DeAnza Blvd - Class IV separated bikeway,
  • DeAnza Blvd to Sterling Blvd - Class III signed bike way

* Evaluate/engineer Bike/ped paths along the: Cupertino Loop Trail
  • Union Pacific Rail from Prospect to Stevens Creek Blvd.
  • I-280 Channel Bike path from Mary Ave to Tantau/Vallco Parkway.

Separated Bikeway Network 
* Implement Class III neighborhood bike boulevards 
connecting schools/neighborhoods and  shopping. 

You can download the entire plan at this link: 2016 Bike Plan.  Section F-2 Details out the list of projects and priorities. To communicate with city staff or commission members,  s elect this link.

Don't forget!  Write your Council today........... make a difference in your community!

This month's Walk-Bike Cupertino Safety Tips!

Bike Repair Stations to be installed at all FUSHD 
High Schools. 

Joining DeAnza College and Monta Vista High, all four remaining high schools will soon have bike repair stations - complete with air pumps and tools -  available for their students, staff and  nearby community.  A "joint venture" between the FUHSD school district, Walk-Bike Cupertino and 50% funding from the Rotary Clubs of Cupertino and Sunnyvale Sunrise, the units are expected to be installed by June 2016. Post installation, the community will now have seven repair stations installed throughout the city.  Walk-Bike envisions additional units throughout the city - at Middle Schools, major bike-ways and other locations accessible to the community.

What's Happening?
Bike  activities in Cupertino:

Apr    30  Bike Swap Meet

May    6    Bike Boulevard Open House  
 on Cupertino's Proposed Class III 
 Bike Boulevards

May   10   Stevens Creek Elementary Rock n Roll Day

           View the full calendar

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