Hoping to learn more on Thursday
Last week, Commissioner Mike Morath let districts know to expect some decisions and guidance regarding funding for next year on the Tuesday afternoon conference call. However, it appears we will need to wait a little longer for that information. The call won't take place Tuesday, but hopefully Thursday afternoon.
Virtual Legislative Planning Workshop
We appreciate all who were able to participate in our Legislative Planning Workshop last week. It's was an important part of the process, and we're grateful for all the thoughts and ideas that were shared.

For those who were not able to participate last week, we still welcome and value your input. Please take a look at the materials, summaries, and videos available through the links in this message so you can catch up on the information you missed. And don't be shy about sharing any suggestions and opinions you may have!

Christy's presentation on economic outlook and history of funding cuts ( Download PDF) ( Download PPT slides)

You can also download this summary presentation of the breakout group responses to the biggest challenges facing districts today, what legislative measures would help districts most, and what preferences/suggestions districts could offer for funding cuts that seem inevitable.

We will continue working through the feedback received during the workshop and the ongoing responses you may wish to share and we will be preparing a list of priorities and goals to share with you in the coming weeks.

Below you will find a set of videos of the presentations you may have missed, so feel free to check those out.
This 20 minute video is the presentation regarding the State's revenue outlook and the economic impact of the pandemic.
In just under 9 minutes, take a look at a summary of what the breakout groups discussed as the biggest challenges facing districts today. This list is certainly longer than the list of challenges districts faced in the past.
This 9 minute video provides an overview of what the breakout groups discussed in response to the question of what the 87th Texas Legislature could do that would help their district most.
This 8-minute video provides a summary of the breakout group discussions regarding the question of "Knowing that funding cuts are likely to be inevitable, what could be done to make the cuts less detrimental? Are there preferences/priorities when it comes to the manner in which the legislature applies cuts?" 

Fiscal Size-Up Available
The Legislative Budget Board has released the Fiscal Size-Up for the 2020-21 Biennium. This is a great tool for looking at state appropriations trends and numbers.

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