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July 2024

This monthly update is published by the City of Poulsbo Planning and Economic Development (PED) Department to highlight news and trends in planning and development. For details on these topics and the department, visit our website.
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The Director's Chair

Last summer, our dedicated team made a concerted effort to connect with our community. We attended the farmer’s market, summer concerts in the park, and spent time at the library and a local coffee house to make our work available and accessible to everyone at a total of 14 community events. Most of our discussions were centered around the comprehensive plan update, but we were also there to answer any general planning-related questions. We gathered valuable feedback on housing type preferences and thoughts about the height increases along SR 305.

This year, we are excited to broaden the discussion. We will have our first booth at the farmers market on Saturday, July 13th. This booth will focus on the "why" and "how" Poulsbo is growing (see below). I invite you to stop by, learn, and share your thoughts with our planning team. Your input is crucial as we shape the future of Poulsbo together. Can’t come on July 13th? We will also be attending the summer concerts in the park (July 30th) and the first farmers market in August (August 3rd). 

Eliason Building Renovation and Expansion Update

The Eliason building renovation and expansion is fully underway and on June 26th the Planning staff took a tour with the property owner to see the progress. Following the renovation and expansion, the Eliason Building and smaller "Annex" building will have retail, office, and restaurant space, along with 13 market rate apartments (information on renting can be found here). In addition, the existing structure (from 1908) will be completely brought into compliance with current building, fire, energy, and mechanical codes.

You can read the full article, including building history, on the Eliason Renovation and Expansion in the October 2022 Spotlight here.

Above: View from one of the future new 2nd floor apartment units.

Above: Perhaps the perfect shade of blue does exist?

Above: Full rendering of the Eliason Renovation and Expansion


A Pre-Application Conference is a meeting between a project team and staff conducted prior to the submission of a detailed application. Nearly all projects change after the pre-application conference and prior to application submittal. Typically, projects at this stage are very preliminary. The following pre-app conferences are scheduled for July:

  • Westry Unit Lot. Fee simple lots for proposed townhomes.
  • Dauntless Townhomes. 18 townhomes on 1.8 acres in College Marketplace.

Under Construction

  • Oslo Bay Apartments. North of Bond Road NE and State Route 305. 468 multi-family market rate residential units including 244 one-bedroom, 208 two-bedroom, and 16 three-bedroom units on three levels within 13 buildings.

  • Liberty Landing. 19872 Hamilton Court NE. 8-lot single family development on 1.03 acres. Two driveways, each serving 4 homes, include on-site guest parking.

  • Eliason. 1880 Front Street NE. The Eliason building is an existing 3-story commercial building. After construction, the existing structures will provide a total of 14,119 interior gross square feet, of which 9,397 is commercial space and 4,722 is residential. New construction will expand the existing Eliason building to the east with a 3-story, 27,266 square foot residential addition.

  • Winslow Ridge. 22180 Rhododendron Lane. 86 single family lot Planned Residential Development and Preliminary Plat. Includes 1.89 acres of open space, recreational amenities, tree retention, and road/sidewalk, utility, and stormwater facilities. 

  • Lincoln Cottages. 1431 NE Lincoln Road & 19174 12th Avenue. 21 single family lot Planned Residential Development and Preliminary Plat.

  • CMP Apartments. Dauntless Dr NW. 90 apartment units, parking, recreational amenities, site landscaping, and utilities.

In the Queue

The following projects are currently under review with the PED Department:

  • Poulsbo Yacht Club Shoreline Exemption. Under Review.
  • AKTIV Mixed-Use Building. Revisions requested.
  • Audrey Estates Preliminary Plat. Awaiting Hearing Examiner decision.
  • Fire District 18 Conditional Use Permit. Revisions under review.
  • Harborview Townhomes Infill. Revisions under review.
  • Kelly Annexation/Utility Extension Agreement. City Council 7/10.
  • PCHS Minor Site Plan Review. Under Review.

Above: Rendering of New Fire Station on Viking Ave

Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Poulsbo is undertaking a periodic review and update of its comprehensive plan, as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA), RCW 36.70A.130(5). This is an opportunity to revise population and employment growth forecasts with the most up to date data, review existing policies to ensure they make sense for the community, write new policies that reflect the priorities of the community, and confirm that all federal, state, and local requirements are met. 

The next update of the Comprehensive Plan is due December 30, 2024. This update will plan for the next 20 years of population and employment growth through the year 2044.

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities:

  • July 10: City Council – Review of Natural Environment Chapter
  • July 13: Pop-Up at Poulsbo Farmers Market
  • July 17: City Council – Review of Economic Development Chapter
  • July 30: Pop-Up at Summer Nights at the Bay
  • August 3: Pop-Up at Poulsbo Farmers Market
  • August 6: Pop-Up at Summer Nights at the Bay/National Night Out
  • August 7: City Council – Review of Transportation Chapter
  • August 14: City Council – Review of PEI Chapter

Sandwich Board Signs Update

As the sun comes out, we Washingtonians like to get outdoors and with an amazing little town like ours, we prefer to walk. Our local businesses know how important it is to draw in foot traffic. As a result, we typically see Sandwich Board Signs or A-Frame signs. However, we recently did a code update and it may prove important for our local business owners to know about this update.

Some highlights are below but you can find a full Handout on our website. 

  • A permit is needed if a Sandwich board sign is up for more than 14 days in a calendar year.
  • Off-premises signs are not allowed except in the C-1 (Downtown) zoning district
  • Signs can only be displayed from 8am to 10pm during open business days.
  • There should be no attachments to the signs (balloons, lighting, streamers)
  • Signs shall be weather resistant, neat and maintained.

The Many Roles of PED Staff

Did you know? On top of the larger land use applications, the PED Department staff also responds to public records requests, business license applications, sign permits, tenant improvements, deck permits, grading permits, and code enforcement requests.

For the month of June PED staff reviewed/responded to:

  • 21 Business Licenses
  • 5 Public Record Requests
  • 3 Tree Cutting and Clearing Exemptions

Planning Commission Calendar

See below for agenda items for Planning Commission meetings. Please note that agenda items are subject to change. Check the website for the official agenda.

July 9

  • Meeting Cancelled

July 23

  • C-2/Viking Code Amendment Workshop

Planning Commission meetings are held as a hybrid - virtually via zoom webinars and in-person at the City Hall Council Chambers. Please check the agenda for meeting information.

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