Happy Holidays!

They say that the older you get, the quicker time flies. If that is true, I’m certainly getting old! 2017 has passed so very quickly, just as 2016 did. With this column and the January ASHRAE meeting, I will complete my term as President of SPIDA. What an honor it has been to serve in this position. Someone asked me what I felt like my greatest accomplishment was during the 2 year term. My answer was “YOU”. So many of you have got more involved, took a more active part in committees, attended your first meetings, took your leadership role to a higher level, became sponsors, and assisted in completing task that had been talked about for a long time.

This newsletter is full of information of opportunities ahead, as well as a teaser as to what has been accomplished and what is to come. The teaser is there to encourage you to attend the January meeting to learn more! The April meeting in New Orleans is where the rubber really meets the road, and we get into the brass tacks of research, ideas to help in your place of business, and personal growth as well. I encourage you to not delay in registering for these events.

While I will not be the President, my commitment and work with SPIDA will continue. SPIDA research is going more in depth than ever before, and is being recognized by organizations such as SMACNA and ASHRAE.  SPIDA meetings are becoming more informative as well as entertaining. The networking of the SPIDA members, most likely, still remains the best selling point we have. Get involved, stay involved, and support SPIDA. John Newland is going to do a phenomenal job as President, and he has a great support system in each of our committees.

I look forward to seeing each of you in Chicago! 

Have a wonderful Christmas season, and a prosperous New Year.

Robin M Stegall
SPIDA President
Sales Manager, Hamlin Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
SPIDA 2018 General Membership Meeting

January 21, 2018
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Presented by our
Diamond Sponsor:
Many in our industry attend the AHR Expo each year and the SPIDA meeting is always well attended. This is a great first meeting for you to check out if you have never attended a meeting, as it will give you a sense of who is involved and what industry issues the organization is currently addressing. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker for the meeting will be retired NFL referee,  Jerry Markbreit presenting his topic:  Being the Best You Can Be! .

Jerry Markbreit's position as Trade and Barter Manager for the 3M Company was unique in the business world. That position, combined with his experience as one of only sixteen NFL Referees, has given Jerry Markbreit the background to develop an interesting and worthwhile message for professional groups.

Jerry Markbreit became a National Football League Line Judge in 1976 and in 1977 was promoted to NFL Referee. Markbreit became one of the greatest officials ever to work in the NFL. He was the head referee in four Superbowls in his 23 years, which is more than any other Referee in NFL history. The Super Bowls he worked were: XVII in 1983, XXI in 1987, XXVI in 1992, and XXIX in 1995. Jerry Markbreit also worked in 8 NFC/AFC championship games. He is known most for his precision and for always being on top of the play. 
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SPIDA 2018 General Membership Meeting

January 21, 2018
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

McCormick Place
Room S504BBC
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, January 21, 2018

11:30 am – 12:00 pm

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Welcome and Introductions | Lunch

12:30 pm – 1:15 pm
General Membership Meeting
President Robin Stegall and other members of the Board will take us through an update on all the SPIDA projects during 2017 and will present the planned activities for 2018. There will also be an election of new members to the Board of Directors.
1:15 pm – 2:30 pm
Program – "Being The Best You Can Be" with Jerry Markbreit
In this presentation, Jerry Markbreit focuses on capturing an individual's fullest potential in business and personal life. Jerry utilizes football examples to demonstrate the risk and reward of decision-making, key moments and planning.
Personal and professional decisions each carry a risk with reward. Accepting a new role, moving to a position of larger responsibility or significant personal moments always carry the possibility of success or failure.
With football as the medium to communicate principles, Jerry conveys an important life lesson: "You never know the results unless you try!"
2:30 pm
SPIDA needs your assistance. Each year ASHRAE provides us with a tradeshow booth AHR Expo to promote spiral duct to engineers, designers and contractors.
We need your help staffing the booth!
Please contact Scott Witherow at 614-451-0780 or switherow@designpoly.com with questions or to volunteer.
SPIDA welcomes John Newland as our incoming President.

John is an eight year member of SPIDA and has served on the board of directors the past four years, including his most recent term as Vice-President. He is currently the Colorado Regional Sales Manager for Hercules Industries based in Denver. He has been with Hercules for nearly 10 years. John will assume his duties at the SPIDA winter meeting coinciding with ASHRAE.
In this edition of the SPIDA Newsletter, we are pleased to have as the SPIDA Star, our President Robin Stegall.

Robin is completing her term as SPIDA President. She first started coming to SPIDA meetings in 1986 and has been a voting member since 2009. At that time Robin was the first female company representative and member attending SPIDA meetings. Robin has always brought her enthusiasm and energy to the SPIDA meetings and this continued when she accepted the responsibility of SPIDA President. Under Robin's enthusiastic leadership, SPIDA membership numbers and attendance increased, stalled projects were completed, and SPIDA meetings became an event members looked forward to attending. SPIDA wishes to acknowledge Robin Stegall as our current Star and thank Robin for the service and leadership she brought to our association for 30+ 30+ years (and counting)!

The meeting began with a membership report from Randy Swaim. Currently SPIDA has 87 members and numerous prospective members. The membership committee will push to increase the membership to 100 members before ASHRAE 2018. New members and non-renewed members will be offered free memberships through the end of this year with payment of 2018 dues. As a way of encouraging engineers to join SPIDA, a new Engineering Level membership will be available for $100 as a way to educate engineers about the benefits of specifying round and flat oval ducts. We will be posting the new level on LinkedIn shortly.
John Newland, chair of the program committee, announced that Jerry Markbreit will be our featured speaker at the SPIDA winter meeting coinciding with ASHRAE. Mr. Markbreit's combination of 23 years as a NFL referee (including four Super Bowl head referee positions) and 38 years at 3M will be fascinating and informative. He is a much sought after Chicago area speaker. SPIDA was only able to secure Mr. Markbreit through a Diamond Sponsorship by Ductmate Industries - thank you! Our spring 2018 meeting will be held in New Orleans. John, Madeleine Crouch and James Nicholson have reserved hotel and conference rooms, speakers, a riverboat dinner cruise and an air boat tour; more details to follow. Bill Busch will become the program committee chairperson in January when John assumes the role of SPIDA president.
We still have opportunities to sponsor events at our New Orleans meeting. Please contact John Newland or Robin Stegall.
At our Minneapolis meeting, the membership voted for the technical committee to pursue a research project on the acoustical insertion loss and friction losses of spiral duct with various types of duct liners and the possible effect of Mylar. Pat Brooks, chair of the technical committee, has gathered existing research and is inquiring about other research to determine if additional testing is needed or if there is enough data to compile and compare. The many years of hard work with flat oval testing and data analysis is finally coming to fruition. Pat announced that the newest version of SMACNA's HVAC Duct Construction Standards is out for committee review. This version includes a flat oval gauge and reinforcement chart similar to the current rectangular charts. 
Scott Witherow, chair of the publications committee, reported that the next Pipeline newsletter will be released in early December. The publications committee is currently working on an advertisement promoting our booth at the ASHRAE show.  Snips magazine provides the advertisement space to us. SPIDA is seeking a larger audience on our LinkedIn site. We will be posting information more frequently and encourage our members and their associates to join us on-line.
SPIDA announces that our annual spring meeting will be held on Thursday April 19 - Saturday April 21, 2018 in New Orleans. James Nicholson at Madeleine Crouch and Associates was able to secure us rooms at the International House (  www.ihhotel.com ). This classic hotel is located in the historic business district and just two blocks from the French Quarter. We look forward to seeing you in the Big Easy!
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