April 21, 2023 - Issue #106

Community Education & Recreation is Gearing Up for Summer

Although it may not seem like it today, Mother Nature WILL catch up to the calendar and realize summer is approaching. And we will be ready!

We are looking forward to warmer weather, and we are making plans for a full summer of camps, activities, and classes. Registration is open for community ed classes and camps on the school's web store: tennis, basketball, volleyball, and dance camps. You will also find some of past favorites like "Home Alone Safety" for 9-12 year-olds, cooking, art classes, and music lessons along with some new class ideas such as ballet, gymnastics, and Field Day Fun to keep your 3-5-year-old moving and active.

A summer highlight is hosting the Prairie Fire Children's Theatre actors who magically take a group of children from auditions to a performance-ready in less than a week. Don't miss this year's performance of Alice in Wonderland on July 28-29.

As you start to view and register for classes, please note that we are continuing to add more classes as we work out schedules with instructors and facilities, so continue to check the web store for the newest additions during the next couple of weeks.

Note: baseball and softball registrations have ended and teams have been determined. If you missed the flyer for community ed baseball and softball, be sure to complete registrations for those options online ASAP.

One of the biggest changes to be aware of is that Community Education has moved to a paperless office and online registrations are preferred. If the class has an "Add to Basket" option, the class has openings and is available. You can register all summer as long as there is space open. Once a class is full, you will see that the option to add to your basket has been removed from a class listing. If something comes up and you need to cancel, you can email sfunk@pierzschools.org and payments can easily be refunded to the card used for payment. Gone are the days of waiting for a refund check or holding credits for next season. See? Technology isn't all bad. Please note that last-minute refund requests may result in a partial refund if materials have already been purchased for your class. For questions or help registering, please call the office at 320-468-6458 ext 7.

Happenings at Healy

College visit to SCSU

Springtime means college tour time for aspiring college-bound students. This week, 45 Healy High School students in grades 10-12 attended the spring college tour at St. Cloud State University. Students were able to tour the campus and buildings, talk with SCSU admissions officers and students, and were then treated to lunch in Garvey Commons before heading back.

Mockingbird mock trial in Ms. Sauer's class

Students in Ms. Sauer's English 10 class read To Kill A Mockingbird and were tasked with writing and presenting a prosecutor's opening statement. The media center 'courtroom' was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

Happenings at Pioneer Elementary

Fifth graders attended Honor Band

Ten 5th graders from Pioneer Elementary traveled to Minnesota State University - Moorhead last weekend to participate in their Honor Band. Students had the opportunity to learn from the top band, as well as learning from the directors of the college. They performed a spectacular concert and even got to work with former Pierz student, Ryan Stangl.

Some of us like the spring-time snow

April snowstorms might be annoying to big people, but our little people didn't mind it all this week as they made snowpeople with the fast melting precipitation on Monday.

Edit: it's now snowing. Again.

Books, bunnies, balls, and buddies

This week, the 6th graders' and kindergartners' regular 'Book Buddy' time was turned into 'Books, Bunnies, Balls and Buddies' as the littles and bigs joined up for an afternoon of fun. Special thanks to the Smith family who brought in their 4-H rabbits to share with us.

Pioneer P.R.I.D.E Students in Middle School

March students recognized and rewarded for living out Pioneer PRIDE

Each month, teachers have the opportunity to recognize and nominate students from each grade in 5-8. The selected students are then narrowed down to just two recipients of the Pioneer PRIDE award from each grade. Each month, we will feature the winners from each grade.

Perseverance Respect Integrity Discipline (self) Empathy

These are five of the characteristics our students strive to exhibit throughout the day here at Pierz Schools. Teachers are encouraged to nominate students each month whom they feel are strong leaders among their peers using these character traits. A committee of teachers, counselors, and administrators then choose two students from each grade as recipients of the PRIDE award. Students get their choice of Subway or Red’s for lunch, a sign for their locker, and have their names and pictures displayed in the hallways. Congratulation to ALL the nominees!

L to R: Tessa Woitalla (6th), Brinley Wall (6th), Oliver Kessler (5th), Addisyn Happke (5th)

L to R: Laurel Clemons-Virnig (8th), Alexis Thomas (8th), Emily Wagner (7th)

Grady Young (7th)

Looking Ahead

  • April 23: Pierz Band plays National Anthem at Twins Game, Target Field 1:10pm
  • May 7: Music in the Park Fundraiser: Pierz Park Golf Shelters, 12:30pm
  • May 8: High School Band and Choir Concert: Band 6:30pm MS Gym, Choir 7:30pm PAC
  • May 10: Healy Academic Awards Night, 6:30pm
  • May 11: Pioneer Fine Arts Festival, 5:30pm
  • May 12: MHS Blood Drive, 8am-2pm, MAC
  • May 18: Junior High Band Concert, 6:30pm
  • May 24: Pioneer PTO Color Run, 5:30pm, Pioneer Elementary
  • May 26: Class of 2023 Graduation, 7pm @ MAC

Community Education

Upcoming Community Education Adult Classes

The defensive driver course for those who are 55+ and have taken the first 8-hour course for their insurance discount can take the 4-hour refresher course on Monday, May 8, 2023. Call the office to register.

Watch for more adult classes coming soon! You can always view the latest in offerings on www.PierzSchoolsPayOnline.org under Community Education and follow Pierz Community Education on Facebook.

Preregister for any of the classes by calling 320-468-6458 ext 1906

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District Office: 320.468.6458

112 Kamnic Street, Pierz, MN 56364