Friends of Minute Man National Park
Preserving the Birthplace of the American Revolution
Productive Pigs
Minute Man is currently home to 60 pigs from the Codman Community Farms. These piglets are about 5 months old and include a variety of heritage breeds including the Large Black, Gloucester Old Spot, and the Tamworth.

The pigs are providing a valuable service to the Park as they root and dig up invasive plants from our landscape. Over time pigs can weaken and destroy the root systems of these plants so that beneficial crops can thrive.

To view the pigs, take a walk along the Battle Road Trail between Meriam’s Corner and Brooks Village parking lots; they are located north of the Carty barn. There is signage in front of their large sunny pasture, and you can usually find them lazing about in mud puddles under a stand of trees! Download a park map before you set off.

In addition to grazing, our guests are fed . . . Read more
The Scene at Hartwell Tavern
Not able to visit Minute Man? No problem! The Park is working to bring history to your home with “The Scene at Hartwell Tavern.” In this series of short entertaining videos, Park staff and living history volunteers reveal various aspects of life in Colonial New England with a focus on taverns.

The first episode features volunteer Sarah Vedrani, who describes tavern laws and customs in colonial New England. In the second episode volunteer Niels Hobbs introduces the viewer to a variety of eighteenth-century games that may have been played inside a tavern. Coming up later this summer and fall we’ll describe how rum punch is made, reveal the drinking habits of our colonial forebears, describe how the Revolution changed local funeral practices, and explain how taverns played a role in spreading important information.

This is a monthly series, so check the Minute Man National Park Facebook page for new videos to come. All videos are subtitled for accessibility, so be sure to turn on captions if needed. To view the first two episodes of “The Scene at Hartwell Tavern” click on the button below.
More Openings at the Park
We are excited to announce the following openings!

Minute Man Visitor Center, Rt.2A, Lexington
  • Rangers are ready to answer questions, provide maps, passport stamps, Summer Quest, and Junior Ranger materials at outdoor tables from 9am - 5pm daily.
  • Exhibits are open; "Road to Revolution" theater remains closed.
  • Gift shop is open from 10am - 5pm, Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Restrooms are open and are accessible through the exterior doors of the visitor center.*

North Bridge Visitor Center, 174 Liberty Street, Concord
  • Rangers are ready to answer questions, provide maps, passport stamps, Summer Quest, and Junior Ranger materials at outdoor tables from 9am - 5pm daily.
  • Exhibits, gift shop, and restrooms remain closed.

North Bridge, Monument Street, Concord
  • Rangers are providing roving interpretation at the North Bridge.
  • Restrooms are open and located across the street from the parking lot, on the bridge side of Monument Street.*

Additional Restrooms
  • Hartwell Tavern parking area: Restrooms are open and located along the trail between the parking area and Hartwell Tavern.*
  • Merriam House: Restrooms are open and located behind the house.*

*Each restroom is one person or family occupancy only; please lock the door when in use.

Park grounds and trails are open for outdoor recreational use. Please remember to maintain social distancing, pack out any trash, keep pets on a leash, park in designated areas, and most importantly - have fun!

Check out the park website for latest updates.
Thank You to the
Garden Club of Concord
Thanks to a grant from the Garden Club of Concord, the window boxes at the North Bridge Visitor Center are providing a cheery welcome to visitors. For several years the Garden Club of Concord has given a grant to the Friends of Minute Man to keep the window boxes and the planters full of colorful flowers all season long.

Even though the North Bridge Visitor Center remains closed, we hope you enjoy these splashes of color as you visit the grounds. Pack a lunch and sit in the shady back yard patio where picnic tables are available and afford a beautiful view of the Concord River.

In the image above, preservation intern Lucy Bergeron is seen watering the window boxes this spring. Fall will bring a seasonal change of flowers, followed by evergreens in the winter.

To learn more about the Garden Club of Concord, please visit their website.
Beyond the Battle Road
Events of interest outside the Park
Living in the Dark: Life Before Electricity

What was life like before electricity? Check out this online "Moonlight Tour" from Gore Place to find out. Gore Place is located in Waltham, Massachusetts and is home to a beautiful 1806 mansion, a 1793 carriage house, and a working farm on 50 acres of land. Visit in person or check out their great online resources on their website.

Friends of Minute Man National Park
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The Friends of Minute Man National Park is an independent, member-based
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preserving and protecting the historic sites, structures, properties, and landscapes associated with the opening battles of the American Revolution.