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PT Compact Commission Annual Meeting Will Be Virtual in 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the PT Compact Executive Board voted to hold the 2020 annual Commission meeting online instead of in Orange County, California, as previously planned. The virtual meeting will now be held via WebEx at 3:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, October 25. The regular business of the Commission will be conducted including the election of new officers, updates on Commission activities, adoption of an annual budget, and adoption of amendments to governing documents. As always, the meeting will be open to the public and information regarding the agenda and registration will be available at in the near future.
New Video Available on the Definition of "Home State"
The PT Compact continues to develop new resources to help clarify key aspects of the Compact and its requirements. The latest resource focuses on the home state requirement and how that is defined by the PTCC for eligibility purposes. The new video, along with several other useful resources, is available on the Resources and Tools page of the
Work Continues in June and July Meetings of the PTCC Executive Board, Compact System Users Task Force, and Rules and Bylaws Committee

On June 3, the PTCC Rules and Bylaws committee met to review potential draft amendments to the PTCC governing documents. The draft amendments were modified and submitted to the Executive Board for informal feedback at its meeting on July 10. The committee is scheduled to meet again on August 19 to finalize the recommendations and submit it to the Executive Board before being released for public comment and voted on by the full Commission at its annual meeting.

The newly established PT Compact System Users Task Force had its first meeting on June 29 to begin discussion of the existing system and provide recommendations for new operating system features and functionality. The task force will meet again on August 6 to continue its review and will subsequently submit a recommendations document to the Executive Board prior to the 2020 annual meeting.

The PTCC Executive Board met on July 10 to discuss several items of importance for the ongoing activities of the Commission including the 2019 Financial Review and draft amendments to the Rules, Bylaws, Polices and Procedures. The Board also voted to hold the 2020 Annual Commission meeting virtually. The legislative report noted a few states still have pending PT Compact legislation, though several bills were not passed due to COVID-19 shortened legislative sessions. The Compact Administrator also reported that a podcast interview with the APTA Student Assembly is expected to be released in early August. Finally, the Election Committee plans to seek nominations for several Executive Board positions slated for the annual meeting.

A schedule of all PTCC meetings and associated minutes are available at under meeting information.