Performance Management Digest
September 2018
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Rethinking FP&A
This on-demand webcast will provide a guide to the various stages in the evolution of FP&A. See where your organization stands and proactively plan for the next steps.

Find Your Vendor
Looking for a cloud-based budgeting solution from a top-rated vendor for under $ 1,500 per user? Just select your filter options and our updated PerformancePlace subsite will provide ratings and analyst reports for the vendors meeting your criteria. Try it now for yourself. 

Benchmark Your Project
Utilize the 2018 BPM Pulse Research report to see where your organization stands in relation to your peers when it comes to performance management. What do respondents see as the key challenges in budgeting, forecasting, and reporting? How are they planning to address these issues? What do they see as the role of Excel? Where do they stand on cloud adoption?

Vendor Landscape Matrix
This report covers 18 key vendors and provides information on pricing, features and functions, target markets including verticals, number of customers, cloud status, customer satisfaction ratings for ease of use, integration, finance self-sufficiency, product performance and much more. As a newsletter subscriber you can use code 'NEWS45' at checkout to get the 2018 VLM Report at a 90% discount.