APRIL 2019

Indoor Cannabis Farming and
Grow Room Climate Control & Dehumidification Solutions
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Revolutionary Clinics
Desert Aire’s GrowAire™ Dehumidification Systems are specifically designed for indoor farming and grow room climate control & dehumidification.

We specialize in Cost Saving Strategies for Commercial Cannabis Growers!

The commercial dehumidifier systems feature scalable designs to size grow rooms, commercial greenhouse and indoor farming solutions for peak cooling loads when plants are small; and then regulate humidity levels as plants mature – eliminating the need to purchase separate commercial dehumidification and air conditioning equipment.
Grow Room RevClinics
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solutions feature:

  • Capacity to treat growing areas greater than 5,000 sq ft (465 sq m).
  • Indoor, outdoor and roof curb installation.
  • Chilled water systems.
  • Optimized refrigeration system with variable sensible heat ratio design.
  • Packaged or split air and water cooled designs.
  • Small Footprint Indoor Design.
  • Air cooled units fully operational down to -30F (-35C).
  • Electric, Hot and Water Coil auxiliary heat options.
  • All 3-phase voltages available.
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors. Building management connection available.

Application & Product Downloads for Grow Rooms
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