Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming

Douglas describes his Damascus experience and how this led
him to  the works of Rudolf Steiner and how he became Tyla's
"translator"  for her own experience of meeting the Cosmic Christ.

I was born clairvoyant and saw angels flying into our earthly realm, heard archangels sounding their harmonic music throughout everything, and felt the hand of the divine that instructed me in the language of the spirit. The problem was that almost no one around me saw, heard, or felt these beings. I had more conversations with these beings in my youth than with my family and friends. I could not understand why others did not perceive these other dimensions and experience these beings all around them. To me, nature was filled with elemental beings who could communicate their source and nature. 

I could see that higher spiritual beings were grouped in ranks and accomplished many tasks through their particular elementals. Reading people's minds was quite easy, and often I could read their feelings and actions better than they could if they acted without consideration, which is what people do most of the time. Throughout my life, I have been searching for a way to speak about the chasm that exists between normal materialistic perception of the world and the perception of the world from the point of view of a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient person like myself.

The chasm between clairvoyant and materialistic perception is so great that there truly were no words to describe these painful gaps in perception when I was young. Once I reached the age of nine, I realized that the chasm was too large to cross until I could build some type of bridge that could cross over from the spiritless materialism of our times to true living thinking, feeling, and willing. The threefold division of the soul into thinking, feeling, and willing causes a minor crisis in the soul of a materialist as it tries to merge these three distinct realms of activity into one united consciousness. Most people have yet to realize that there are three distinct soul capacities that must be understood before a balanced personality can arise. 

Because I could see these basic problems people were having, I became a psychic reader and used palm reading, Tarot cards, playing cards, astrology and many other methodologies as tools to aid in the process of helping people learn to perceive their outer and inner worlds in light of spiritual principles. By helping to raise the consciousness of the person I was helping, he or she was given an opportunity to perceive the world as I did, full of spiritual beings trying to help us ascend the ladder of consciousness. 


Christian Rosenkreutz and 
Steiner's Circle of Twelve

This is an interesting article for advanced anthroposophists to read. If you would like to join the conversation with us on the Facebook anthroposophy site, please join in. This may be controversial for some of you, but can certainly stir the imagination.

Right after the founding of the Mystica Aeterna in 1906 Steiner wanted to compose of an Inner Circle of 12 Adepts:  they would have been selected among the cream of the European members. Among these European Adepts was the Italian esotericist Giovanni Colazza who was Marie von Sievers acquaintance, he joined the Misraim Service around 1909. Other rumoured members of the Mystica Aeterna were the alchemist Alexander von Bernus and writer Gustav Meyrink. In France there was the writer Eduard Schuré which Steiner met in Paris: he worked with him for the Mystery Dramas and even staged Schuré "Sons of Lucifer" drama at the First Goetheanum. In Russia there was the writer Andrej Belyj, which later entered in the Russian Martinist Order. And finally there was Max Heindel. Steiner was none other than his mysterious Rosicrucian Master waiting for him in Europe while he was in working in New York...... 

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Full Disclosure 

For those of you who have been on our mailing list for awhile, you know that exposing evil is an important topic for us. How can we ever begin a 1,000 years of peace if we can't identify the evil that is among us today and strive to eliminate it? 

This doesn't mean that you have to go out with pitchforks and swords to slay the dragon yourself. But we do recommend that you become conscious of ahrimanic factions and forces that would keep you from perceiving Christ in the Etheric. Once the dragon has been slain, by you personally and eventually all of us collectively, we can continue our spiritual ascent to the Cosmic Christ. 

We write these articles under our pen name Anonymous Patriots and keep our articles on the Full Disclosure website page. Listed below are some of our disclosures. 

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