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  Weekly Update - July 19

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In This Issue...
SynodGeneral Synod "Make Glad"
GS31 Youth Delegate Reflections 
Delegate Reflections
More General Synod Highlights
ColloquyCraigville Theological Colloquy
34th Annual Colloquy - "The Reformation at 500: Is Grace Still the Answer?"
NEW - "What is OCWM?"
LeadershipChurch Leadership Resources
NEW - Resources 
Lancaster Seminary News 
VitalityChurch Vitality
Next Vitality Workshop August 6 - Lancaster
Would You Like a Mystery Visitor to Come to Your Church?
Events1Events, Training and Resources Available
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Pension Board 2018 Updates
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NEW - ONA News
NEW - PAM Classes
PCC Disaster R&R
2017 Loss Control Webinars
ChurchNewsChurch News
NEW - Director of Music Position, Hamilton Park - Lancaster
13th Movie Screening
Trinity, Mercersburg Celebrates 225 Years!
Gettysburg Association Summer Picnic
CRN Event "I Wish I Would Have Done Something"
Mercersburg Association Clergy and Family Picnic
125th Anniversary and Homecoming - St. Paul, Lemasters
York Association November Association Annual Meeting
Partners in Peace, 2018
OrdinationsClergy News
July - August
HartmanCenterHartman Center
Hartman Center News and Resources
FaithConnectionStoriesFaith Connection Stories
Our Faith Connection Stories!
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