2016 - April Edition
Paula J. Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP 
President, AAP-CA2
Representative, AAP-District IX CFMC
Welcome to the April edition of our monthly e-Newsletter.

Our feature article is  Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia by Jeffrey A. Wong, MD, FACC.  Dr. Wong is  in private practice in Encino, CA, with Pediatric Cardiology Medical Associates of Southern California.  He is an attending pediatric cardiologist with the Heart Institute at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  He is board certified in both pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. 
Our annual Legislative day, also know as "Leg Day", took place on Monday, March 7,  for AAP-CA (District IX).  The District IX leadership, along with our State Government Affairs(SGA) representatives, visited with various state representatives to discuss and advance our AAP agenda. We provided general information about the AAP-CA as well as information on obesity prevention and food insecurity, preventing violence, abuse & toxic stress in childhood, vaccines, and nicotine: preventing youth tobacco & e-cigarette use as well as exposure to second hand smoke/vapor. The AAP-CA provided support for SB 1006 (Wolk) which would enact the California Firearm Violence Research Act. Please see the information that we provided, in the Leg Day block, below.

Mid-March was the AAP Annual Leadership Forum (ALF), held near the National AAP headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, where over 135 resolutions were discussed, debated, and voted on. 
The short list of the top 10 resolutions can be found here. You can go to My AAP for a more in-depth listing of the resolutions presented. Three resolutions from our district made it to the top 10! In the number 2 position was a resolution recommending to the AAP Board for an AAP Policy Statement on Personal Belief (non-medical) exemptions for immunizations. Our very own member-at-large, Cori Cross, MD, FAAP wrote the #7 resolution on Mandatory Child Resistant Packaging for all Marijuana (including Edibles) sold in states which have legalized recreational or medicinal marijuana. In #10, was a resolution to address the high cost of epinephrine auto-injectors.
Once again, for the second consecutive year, our chapter video was rated the top in the nation. You may see the updated video (showcasing our 2015 accomplishments) at the end of this newsletter.

Our most important event of the year, the 27th Annual Southern California  Postgraduate Conference: Advances In Pediatrics 2016, will be held in just two weeks. Please come support our Chapter on April 16th at the  Universal Sheraton Hotel.  In addition to the brochure sent via  snail mail, you may click here to access it on-line. Please feel free to forward the brochure information to your colleagues and please encourage them to attend. You may also visit our Event Page to register online. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you there!
Alisa Denn is, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant, will provide an optional, complimentary pre-conference non-CME session entitled, "Mindfulness in the Morning." She will begin the session with simple tai chi warm-up exercises followed by a guided mindfulness meditation and closing with Q&A. We encourage you to attend this valuable pre-conference session. Mindfulness meditation can be a helpful tool when trying to calm an anxious child or adolescent before a potentially painful procedure.

Please see below for some pre-test questions from the MOC assessment to give you insight into our speaker's lectures.
Just like last year, we will have a raffle after the second break. We thank ICON SHOES for their generous raffle item donation of their Mid-Size Tote w/ Adjustable Straps, covered with decorative art from Paul Klee's " Aunt & Child. "  We will also be auctioning off a new copy of the AAP book, Pediatric Dermatology: A Quick Reference Guide, 2nd edition edited by Drs. Krowchuk and Mancini, and an iPad Mini 2.

San Bernardino pediatricians, please see the article below detailing the AAP-CA2 partnership with First 5 San Bernardino in conjunction with the Reach Out and Read (ROAR) program.
AAP-CA2 Vice President, Edward Curry, MD, FAAP, met with First 5 San Bernardino staff on March 29 to initiate the planning of a dinner meeting in Victorville as a kick-off for the implementation of Reach Out And Read and Help Me Grow in that area. This event in the high desert is scheduled for June 2nd. Similar planning meetings are scheduled on May 17th with First 5 in Ventura County, and on May 20th with First 5 LA.
Upcoming Town Halls
Our next Town Hall, generously sponsored by Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), will be held at Bistro Garden in Studio City on May 18, hosted by Members-At-Large Cindy Baker, MD, FAAP, and Daniel Bruckner, MD.
As mentioned previously, First 5 San Bernardino will sponsor a Town Hall in Victorville on June 2nd.

Tentatively, Pfizer will generously sponsor a Town Hall in Claremont on June 8th. 

Please see our link to our donor wall , as well as our Member Spotlight page, highlighting videos of some of our members. Thank you to our latest donor, Dr. Bill Mason, for his most recent donation to the S. Michael Marcy Memorial Lecture Fund.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.


Paula Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP
President, AAP-CA2
Representative, AAP-District IX CFMC

Please visit us on the web:  aapca2.org

Feature Article
Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia
Jeffrey A. Wong, MD, FACC
Jeffrey A. Wong MD, FACC

A previously well, 5 years old girl was at an indoor playground when she jumped off a rope ladder into a plastic ball pit.  She stood up and then suddenly collapsed back into the pit.  Her mother pulled her out of the pit but she was pulseless, apneic and unresponsive.  CPR was begun and 911 called.  When emergency services arrived she was found to be in ventricular fibrillation.  She was given lidocaine and electrically defibrillated to sinus rhythm.  She was taken to a local ER, where upon endotracheal intubation she became bradycardic.  She was given epinephrine and almost immediately developed bidirectional ventricular tachycardia (Figure 1) which degenerated into ventricular fibrillation...    Read more.   Contact information.

Just 2 weeks away... Have You Registered?
April 16, 2016  - The 27th Annual Southern California Postgraduate Pediatric Conference
Advances in Pediatrics 2016
Featuring the S. Michael Marcy Memorial Lecture

The 2016 Advances in Pediatrics conference will take place again at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. Please see the full speaker line-up, their topics, and respective biographies. Register and attend!

Plus, e xciting raffle items!


Begin the day with "Mindfulness in the Morning"

Alisa Dennis, Ph.D.
Please join us for a complimentary mindfulness session guided by licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Alisa Dennis. Participants will be guided through a series of simple tai chi warm-up exercises  before practicing a 20-25 minute guided mindfulness meditation.  Time will be allowed at the end for a brief Q & A and  sharing of reflections about the practices.  The tai chi warm-up and gentle stretches are designed to increase awareness of and sensitivity to energy flow in the body, reduce tension, and rejuvenate the mind - body.  Tai chi has been shown to reduce stress, as well as increase strength, flexibility and balance. Read more.

This event is complimentary, however, pre-registration is required.

Meet The Professors

Infectious Diseases
The 2016 S. Michael Marcy Memorial Lecture speaker  will feature Larry K. Pickering, MD. FAAP, FIDSA from the CDC.  
Carlo Reyes, MD, MS, Esq., FACEP, emergency medicine physician,  pediatrician , and lawyer, will speak regarding Healthcare Risk Management Read Bio
Pediatric Urology
Andrew L. Freedman, MD, Director of Pediatric Urology at Cedars Sinai, will speak on pediatric urologic emergencies .         Read Bio. 


Infectious Diseases
  1. Which is true about HPV vaccine?
         A.  The vaccine may be administered at nine years of age.
         B.  Antibody titers are higher if administere4d at 10-11 years of age compared to administration at 15-16 years of age. 
         C.  9vHPV vaccine has the potential to prevent 80-90% of cervical cancers now occurring in the United States
         D.  A two dose 4vHPV9 schedule is being considered by FDA

Medical/Legal Objectives
  1.   Review current liabilities related to EMRs.  
  2. Identify potential flaws in EMRs that worsen clinical workflows and increases malpractice risk.
  3. Understand how EMR documentation can lead to fraud allegations.
  4. Review the importance of black box warnings on clinical practice

Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, FAAP, is Chief of Medicine-Pediatrics and Director of the Medicine-Pediatrics Comprehensive Care Center at UCLA.  Dr. Kuo will speak on autism, and the social determinants of health.  
Pediatric Sports Medicine
William M. Hohl, MD, FAAOS, of Cedars Sinai Medical Center, will speak on common
pediatric sport related injuries.
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Moise Danielpour, MD, FACS, Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Program at
Cedars-Sinai's Department of Neurosurgery, will speak on pediatric brain tumors.
Neurosurgical Facts

What is the most common hormone deficiency that occurs in children with Craniopharyngioma?

AAP-CA2 would like to thank  Icon Shoes  for donating a wonderful item to be raffled during our
 upcoming pediatric conference. The Paul Klee " Aunt  & Child" Mid-Sized Tote with adjustable straps will be one of several drawing  opportunities.  

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a painter born in Switzerland and is considered to be a German-Swiss. Movements in art that included expressionism, cubism and surrealism influenced his highly individual style. He was also a student of orientalism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually got deep into color theory writing about it extensively. He and his colleague, the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, both taught at the German Bauhaus School of art, design and architecture. His works reflect his dry humor and his sometimes childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, also his musicality.

Thank you, Icon, for your generosity!

AAP-CA Legislative Day

March 7, 2016 - Sacramento
AAP-CA 2 Leadership, including representatives from our State Government Affairs Committee, met at the CA Endowment. Family members were invited. My lovely daughter, Dana, came with me for the day to learn first hand about advocacy. Our day started off with various speakers, such as Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (District 58), who introduced AB 1561, a bipartisan effort to make feminine hygiene products exempt from sales tax. She was presented with the AAP-CA legislator of the year award for 2015. 

(Top) AAPCA CEO, Kris Calvin, addresses representatives from all four California Chapters. (Left) AAP-CA2 President, Paula Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP, her daughter Dana, and AAP-CA2 SGA Representative, Mitchell Goldstein, MD, FAAP, inside the State Capitol. (Center) District IX Chair, Stuart Cohen, MD, FAAP, with Senator Richard Pan, MD, FAAP. (Right) Dana with Assemblymember Cristina Garcia.

CA State Senator, Richard Pan, MD, FAAP told us how an 8th grade class from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary School in Elk Grove, invited him to their school to hear their ideas for a bill . As a result SB 977 was crafted. This bill would prohibit cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products within 250 feet of any youth sports practice, game or other activity, where athletes under the age of 18 are present. 

During the afternoon session, we walked to the State Capitol to meet with our representatives independently to advocate on behalf of the children of CA. High Priority items to discuss included: Children with Special Health Care Needs, California Children's Services (CCS), Preventing Childhood Obesity & Food Insecurity, Preventing Violence, Abuse, & Toxic Stress in Childhood, Nicotine - Preventing Youth Tobacco/E-cigarette Use & Exposure to 2nd-hand Smoke/Vapor, and Vaccines - Keeping Children and the Community Safe from Vaccine Preventable Illness (SB 277). Concurrent to those sessions, some met with Donna Campbell, Deputy Legislative Affairs Secretary for Governor Brown in the Governor's Council Room and others met with Jennifer Kent, Executive Director of the Department of Health Care Services.

Annual Leadership Forum
March 9 - 13, 2016 - Chicago
The Annual Leadership Forum, aka ALF, is a 4 day conference where AAP leaders from chapter, councils, sections, and
Paula J. Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP 
President, AAP-CA2
Representative, AAP-District IX CFMC

committees meet with members from National to help guide the priorities for the Academy. This is done in the form of resolutions covering topics of advocacy, practice, education, or AAP operations.

Resolutions submitted from across the country were discussed and debated. This year, there were over 135 resolutions. Those felt to be without controversy go to a 'consent' calendar. In reference committees, the resolutions may be modified or like resolutions combined. The reference committees provide reports recommending to the voting leadership whether or not they feel resolutions should be adopted. The voting members are chairs of the sections, committees, and councils, or are a chapter president or vice president. Next, the resolutions are discussed and possibly modified again. The final adopted resolutions are ranked with the top ten being advisory to the AAP Board of Directors.

This year the deadline for submitting resolutions to ALF will be November 15, 2016.

ALF started with a leadership skills session led by Second City, a veteran Chicago comic troupe, focusing on team and leadership building exercises. There was an informative lecture on Leadership in Disaster Preparedness and Response followed by small break-out groups. A highlight of these discussions was the pediatric surge project within our chapter.

There were lectures on AAP Child health Priorities, such as poverty and child health, Violence - Reacting to the Culture of Violence, Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Exemptions, Physician Wellness, and Global Child Health and Emergency Medicine around the World. 

There were peer mentoring sessions for chapters of similar size. There were concurrent sessions on legals issues, state advocacy, and grants management.

We heard from AAP President Bernard Dreyer, MD, FAAP and CEO Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP, AAP immediate past president Sandra Hassink, MD, FAAP and AAP president-elect Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP. The new AAP president-elect candidates were introduced: Colleen A. Kraft, MD, FAAP and Micheal T. Brady, MD, FAAP.

AAP president-elect candidates Colleen A. Kraft, MD, FAAP and Micheal T. Brady, MD, FAAP.

AAP-CA2 State Government Affairs Representative, Mitchell Goldstein, MD, FAAP, awaits voting results.

AAP-CA2 leadership standing up in support of a resolution aimed at preventing/reducing fetal harm. From left, AAP-CA2 SGA Representative, Mitchell Goldstein, MD, FAAP, followed by AAP-CA2 Vice President, Edward Curry, MD, FAAP, and AAP-CA2 President, Paula Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP.

ALF concluded with a presentation of the award winning chapters where our very large chapter of excellence award was highlighted as well as our new amazing AAP-CA2 chapter video highlighting our accomplishments, past, present, and future.

One of the highlights of ALF was our annual district dinner organized by our AAP-CA District Chair, Stu Cohen, MD, FAAP and District Vice Chair, Yasuko Fukuda, MD, FAAP. It was a wonderful opportunity to bond and get to know better our AAP-CA leaders in an informal and welcoming environment. 

Representatives from all four California Chapters - ALF 2016

Other Coming Events - Save the Dates!
Daniel Bruckner, MD
Member At Large
Cindy Baker, MD, FAAP Member At Large
May 18, 2016. - Town Hall in Studio City, with hosts Cindy Baker, MD, FAAP, and, Daniel Bruckner, MD - Sponsored by Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

Topic: Orthopedics for the General Pediatrician
Speakers: Rachel Goldstein, MD, MPH  &  Curtis Vandenberg, MD
Location:  Bistro Garden ( Time:  6:30 PM  

RSVP : Please  email the Chapter  to save your seat.  

June 2, 2016. - Town Hall in Victorville, with host, AAP-CA2 San Bernardino/High Desert Area Representative, Damodara Rajasekhar, MD, FAAP - Sponsored by First 5 San Bernardino.

June 8, 2016. - Town Hall in Claremont, with host, AAP-CA2 Vice President, Edward Curry, MD, FAAP - Sponsored by Pfizer.

Training Opportunities
Child Abuse and Neglect
Free On-Line Training Course on Child Abuse and Neglect
This free interactive online course is approved for 1.25 CME credits and was produced by the Child Abuse Prevention center in Sacramento and designed for physicians who, because of their training or their practice, may not be familiar with indications of child abuse. Nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals are encouraged to take advantage of the free training.
IMQ received a second grant from the Governor's Office on Emergency Preparedness to provide this training at no charge. The terms of the grant required us to establish a pre-registration system to limit access to the course because of its sensitive content. In addition to 1.25 continuing medical education credits, the course also is approved for nursing continuing education units or a completion certificate for other healthcare professionals. Be sure to pre-register and take this course.  To initiate the training, click on this link
Please direct questions about the training to Leslie Anne Iacopi, e-mail - liacopi@imq.org

Sexual and Reproductive Health
California Family Health Council  
CFHC offers Sexual and Reproductive Health training opportunities. 
AAP-CA2 members can use the code AAP2016 when registering for any of the online courses or live webinars to receive 25% off. The code does not apply to in-person trainings or on demand webinars (which are only $10). The code is good until 12/31/2016. 

Please see below, or visit their website, CFHCLearning.org 
Featured Trainings
April 13
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
LIVE Webinar
Gender-Based Violence + STIs: Intersections and Implications for Providing Quality Clinical Care 
This FREE webinar will outline the intersection of intimate partner violence and STI/HIV transmission and describe how providers can respond to violence and support the safety of their patients. Register Now!

April 7 + 8
Los Angeles

May 5 + 6
Santa Barbara

July 25 + 26
Los Angeles

Family Planning Health Worker
Certification Training
2-day certification training for health care staff and educators who want to provide high-quality contraceptive counseling or education

"This is a very complete and interactive program. I highly recommend it to anyone who counsels others or teaches about birth control, STDs and sexual health." 
  Register for a course near you or book a private training for a group
April 25
Los Angeles 
Motivational Interviewing Workshop 
Join us for this interactive 3-hour workshop to learn and practice using your motivational interviewing skills with your sexual and reproductive health clients. Includes free CEUs. Register for LA Workshop

New Online
Best Practices in Birth Control Education* 
Review best practices in birth control education that school and community-based health educators can easily implement. Learn effective interactive teaching techniques to use when instructing others on the most effective methods, how to obtain them, and their health benefits. Includes free CEUs. Register Now!

Encouraging Family Communication About Healthy Sexuality* 
On-going communication between parents and youth allows for more open and honest discussions about harm-reduction topics of STD, abuse and pregnancy prevention and a broader range of sexuality and relationship topics. This online course covers strategies for how educators can encourage family conversations about healthy sexuality. Includes free CEUs. Register Now!

*See other trainings in our new Course Catalog:
Recommended Courses for Sexuality + Health Educators and Teachers

LARCs and More: A Comprehensive Contraceptive Update 
This on-demand webinar reviews the latest developments in contraceptive practice, including a description of the available FDA-approved methods and emergency contraception. It covers how to utilize a tiered effectiveness counseling approach when introducing patients to all of their contraceptive options in a time-sensitive manner. Watch Now!
CFHC  will be participating as an exhibitor during our April 16th Advances in Pediatrics conference. Be sure to visit their booth to discuss training opportunities directly with their representatives onsite.
CDC Updates & LAHAN Alerts
Join the CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is happy to offer a free email subscription service, which allows CDC.gov users to receive alerts by e-mail when new information is available. With a subscription profile, you get the updated information on the items of interest to you automatically without having to return to the Web site and check for changes. Click to Subscribe

To receive communications from the Health Alert Network, Sign-up here.
It takes less than two minutes to sign up. 

Visit the LAHAN website.

Opportunity Continues for San Bernardino Pediatricians

First 5 San Bernardino - Reach Out And Read

First 5 San Bernardino committed an investment of $250,000 to support San Bernardino County pediatric practices in making reading "doctor-recommended". In partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 2, First 5 San Bernardino held an outreach event that netted the interest of 17 pediatricians willing to improve outcomes for children's early literacy levels by implementing Reach Out and Read in their practices - distributing books to children and valuable information to parents.  This opportunity is still open for all San Bernardino pediatricians, including those practicing in the high desert (coming in June).

 Get Started with Reach Out and Read in 6 Easy Steps
  1. Inquire  - Contact Ruth Ann Martinez at (909) 386-7706 (RuthAnn.Martinez@cfc.sbcounty.gov) or complete this Interest Form 
  2. Apply -  Register to become a Reach Out and Read provider with Reach Out and Read at http://www.reachoutandread.org to receive training and information on the program
  3. Order - Place an order for books that suits your patient demographic ranging from bilingual, age and other considerations. 
  4. Store - Consider the location of storing and inventory of books at your practice. 
  5. Distribute - There are several ways you can Reach Out and Read, ranging from prescribing a book to creating a reading room. 
  6. Report - Inform the national Reach Out and Read® headquarters of your activities with a low-hassle report only twice a year. Check out what is asked on the report by clicking here.
Are you interested in improving early literacy with your patients? Contact Ruth Ann Martinez at First 5 San Bernardino for more information on how to get your practice involved to Reach Out and Read® or visit the informational site for more details and information.

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  • The Committee on Service, Education, and Mentoring, which awards scholarships to pediatric residents for outstanding research projects. 
  • The S. Michael Marcy Memorial Lecture, which helps sponsor a portion of our annual Advances in Pediatrics Conference in his honor.

New AAP-CA2 Video: We Are The AAP-CA Chapter 2 -  2016

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