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Our Mission: To ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial discrimination.

Message from the President

Tomorrow is the start of the New Year.

On behalf of the Brockton Area Branch NAACP, we wish you peace and joy.

2023 was very challenging. Our branch, however, remained committed and dedicated to our mission. As you will see from the year end reports, our branch had a very productive year. In 2023, the Brockton NAACP advocated for education, health, veterans and women issues. In addition, the branch stayed abreast on political issues, hosted forums and continued the fight against racial discrimination.

The dedication and commitment of our Executive Committee and members contributed to a successful and productive 2023. Thank you members of the Executive Committee for your oustanding work and commitment.

We will continue our advocacy in 2024. Join us in our fight. Become a member!

Pictured: Executive Committee Members: Left to Right: Leona Martin, LaTwanda Merricks, Janet Trask, Sydne Marrow, Phyllis Ellis, Tiffanie Ellis-Niles, Apostle Edward Campbell, Steve Abrams; Kneeling: Miles Jackson, Nishawnda Ellis-Castillo, Courtney Henderson

-Phyllis Ellis

Happy New Year!


38th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Envision Hotel

31 Hampshire Street

Mansfield, MA

9am to Noon

Theme: Peace and Righteousness!

Keynote Speaker: Joseph D. Feaster, Jr.

Tickets on sale now!! Visit our website or reach out to any Executive Commitee member or call 781-807-1092

Get your ticket(s) early!

A Right to Read

The Brockton Area Branch NAACP's Education Committee was pleased to partner with Brockton Public Schools Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office. Together they promoted their Right to Read Initiative. The kick off took place on Saturday, December 9 at the Brockton Public Library.  Assistant Superintendent of the DEI office Renee Heywood and Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Karen Spaulding facilitated the event. It was an opportunity for all parents and members of the community at large to hear and see what the District is rolling out to ensure that our students are proficient in reading.  Leny Monteiro, Co-Founder of Sabura Youth Programs and Leona Martin, Brockton NAACP Education Chair had an opportunity to speak to ways in which they have been giving back to students by providing books at various community events over the past several years.

The goal is to use the great tools that the District has in place to promote early literacy, while also encouraging family and community engagement in the process. We want our families to read with their children at home and we also want to have books at hair salons, barber shops, community centers, churches and just anywhere students go so that we encourage reading consistently! 

We know and the research shows that literacy is critical in the success of our students. Literacy empowers and liberates people. It has been proven that children who read better, preform better in school and have a more active imagination, leading to more possibilities to success. While we know the children in the District are struggling to read, we WILL change this narrative and we ALL must have a role in the process! So let’s make it fun, support our students, support our District, support parents! Reading is a civil right and reading is fundamental! We can do this!

A huge thank you to Renee Heywood and her colleagues for inviting the Brockton Area Branch NAACP to partner with them this very important initiative.  Stay tuned for a Right to Read Day in April.

-Leona Martin, Chair

Reading is Fundamental!

2023 Year End Reports

The 2023 year end reports from the active standing committees:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Legal Redress
  • NAACP Forum
  • Veterans
  • WIN

If you would like to be a member of any committee, please reach out to the chair.

ACT-SO Year End Report

Phyllis Ellis, President, Chair

The Brockton Area Branch NAACP had a very successful 2023 ACTSO competition. It started off with a kickoff of in January. The competing students were told the history of ACTSO and what to expect from the competitions (both local and natonal). Enrichments sessions were scheduled for February, March and April. Alumni students were invited to join the competing students to tell of their experiences. The local competition was held in April. 6 Gold medals were won and One Silver.  The Gold medal winners competed in the national ACT-SO Competition which was held in Boston in July. 


The Annual Harry O. Bernard Golf Tournament raised money for the ACTSO Competition. We also received a generous contribution of $5000 from UHM Properties LLC in Boston.


The theme of this year’s 114th NAACP National Convention was Thriving Together!


Brockton came, Brockton saw, Brockton Thrived!


Brockton thrived with the national ACTSO competition, the many events held at the national convention, the Hub, the WIN Empowerment Luncheon and the historic 54th Regiment. Brockton was in the house!


Our students came to thrive, winning 1 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

  •  Nevaeh DeJesus - Gold - Poetry Written
  •  Kyle Denny - Silver - Chemistry
  •  Yvangi Jacques - Silver - Earth and Space Science
  • Brooklynn Massó - Silver - Dance Contemporary (Tap)
  • Niaomi Holley - Performed at the Glow Kickoff and the Award Ceremony
  •  Kayla Thugi - Received glowing reviews on her self-portrait and poem

Some of the students were interviewd on tv and in the newspapers. Each student received citations from Brockton Mayor, Robert F. Sullivan, State Senator Michael Brady and Ward Councilors, Susan Nicastro, Jack Lally and Thomas Minichiello.

We are proud of all our students who competed in this year’s ACTSO competition. Each student brought their own uniqueness to the competition. The competition was tough with some categories having over 35 students competing in one category. Scholarship prizes were given to the winners: Gold - $2000, Sliver- 1500.  Each medal winner also received Apple Ipads and Apple Ipods


Education Committee Year End Report

Leona Martin, 2nd VP, Chair

The Brockton NAACP Education Committee has been listening and watching the allegations regarding the budget deficits within the Brockton Public School system. While we have not come out publicly with any statements and/or demands, we have been attending school committee meetings and monitoring proposed solutions to what has happened and per President Ellis’s recommendation AND stand on this matter -- Once we have all the facts and audits are complete we will get answers and make comments.


The months of January, February and March were planning and preparation for the Spring scholarships to Brockton seniors of color. Deadline was April 15 and the awards celebration was held on May 23, 2023.


Members of the Education Committee participated in the Black History live skits at the Brockton Public Library and at the Ashfield Middle School.


June, July and August were planning and preparation for our first ever African American Book Fair.


Reading is Fundamental!  On Saturday, September 16, 2023, the Brockton NAACP Education Committee hosted our first Annual African American Book Fair at Enso Galleries from 12-3pm. It was a phenomenal event and the turnout was wonderful. We had 11 authors in attendance who shared stories that were encouraging, inspirational and emotional! Many of the authors were from Brockton, the City of Champions! 


Our youngest author was a 9 year old who wrote a story about friendship and forgiveness, a Mom who wrote about what it is like raising an autistic child, and a young man who attended BHS and now is a comic book creator and writer to name a few. 


The Education Committee remains committed to getting books into the hands of our young people in the community and we are consistently searching for and reviewing culturally enriching books to share with them.


Raffle books were purchased from Frugal Bookstore in Roxbury and we hope to build a partnership with them for future events.


Upcoming partnerships:


The Committee will be working with one of our Ashfield Middle School Associate Principals who is looking to create a rolling library to include a variety of books for children to replace the lack of library books available to them at their school. We are reviewing books that can be part of this library. The NAACP will donate books for this purpose and partner during the entire school year and not just during black history month. Members of the Executive Board and a few members of the Branch did a skit commemorating famous black history icons at this school and they want an ongoing partnership.


Literacy is a civil right! We were invited to partner with the Brockton Public School District via the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Department in an initiative called the Right to Read, a nation wide program to support our students on their journeys to be great readers. The Education Chair was on the planning committee for the event. The statistics are alarming about the lack of reading ability for our students, especially in black and brown communities. The plan was for us to come together with the EDI office, teachers and school administrators to promote a district wide push to promote and share their reading initiatives.  We want the entire community to be engaged and participate in the way we fix this crisis.


A community event was held on Saturday, December 9, 2023 for the BPS to share with families what they plan to do to better equip and teach our students how to become more proficient in reading.  The Education Committee shared the roles we have played in donating books and partnering with the Brockton School Department, via summer mentorship programs, lunch time book giveaways during COVID.


The Committee is also planning to partner with Messiah Baptist Church in Brockton to provide a book fair during Black History Month, 2024.


Ongoing collaborations:


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Community Partner


District-wide Brockton Parents Advisory Council

Backpack giveaway with the Kave Barber Lounge, Summer 2023


The Justice Law Center, ( they have worked with us to provide IEP trainings, school discipline data, student and parents rights), we will partner with the Legal Redress Committee again to discuss do a Part 2 of the Parents and Students Right held back in October 2022.


Members of the Education Committee have participated in interviewing staff for key Administration positions in the BPS District, ie. Special Education Director and most recently the Brockton High School Principal. We were community partners and provided recommendations for hiring,


Advocacy work:

Members of the Committee in conjunction with the Brockton Parents Advisory Council will be going to a future board meeting at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We want to express our concerns and find solutions so that special education students can receive some kind of alternative high school diploma as opposed to a certificate of completion.  This prevents them from finding employment and attend college,  Many take the alternative MCAS exam, same test just administered to them differently. Their regular education peers take the standard exam that is written and they receive a diploma. Many special education students put in the work and deserve a diploma of some kind. The current system does not allow them to be productive, independent members of society where they can thrive and have full and meaningful lives.

We have partnered with Dr. Dianne Davis, an Administrator with the BPS system who has created a very detailed presentation on the importance of this change and suggestions on what the District can and to make this initiative a reality.  We feel this is a civil rights issue and the right thing to do our graduating special need students.

The ultimate goal in this initiative is to present to the Executive Board at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2024 ask that they take our recommendations into consideration and implementation.


Health Committee Year End Report

Janet Trask, Chair

The Brockton Area Branch NAACP Health Committee has had three important events over the past five months related to our current most important health initiatives that include Prostate Cancer Awareness that began over five years ago, and our more recent health initiative of better meeting the needs of folks living with Sickle Cell Anemia in our area.

We continue our well established and strong partnership with AdMe Tech Foundation and The City of Brockton to steadfastly persevere in our Prostate Cancer Awareness Initiative that began over five years. Regular team meetings continue virtually every three weeks or so throughout the year with our partners in this endeavor.


 With support from The City of Brockton, The NAACP and The Red Cross held a Blood DriveWe continue our strong partnership with AdMe Tech Foundation and The City of Brockton to steadfastly persevere in our Prostate Cancer Awareness Initiative that began over five years. Regular team meetings continue virtually every 3 weeks throughout the year with our partners.


 We have also developed a strong relationship with The American Red Cross of Southeast Massachusetts during the past several years


In a new Collaborative Initiative with AdMeTech, on November 2, 2022 a new Program has taken root: “Prostate Cancer: Clinical Care Equity Program in Massachusetts in partnership with Urology Experts at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals.”


GOAL: Improving access to high quality care for men at increased risk of prostate cancer, including individuals with African, Hispanic and Latino heritage, and family history of this disease. WHAT THIS PROGRAM OFFERS: Matching your needs with the leading Massachusetts experts in clinical care, such as Urologists, who have the advanced resources in screening, diagnosis and treatment.


I will highlight programs The Health Committee has been involved with during the year related to Prostate Cancer Awareness:


  • February 25, 2023, some Health Committee members had the opportunity to participate virtually once again in The Prostate Cancer Awareness Day at The State House. 
  • March 21, 2023, Virtual Program: Prostate Cancer Awareness in Times of the COVID19 Pandemic with a panel of distinguished experts in the Field of Prostate Cancer. 
  • June 17, 2023, Virtual Program: “Prostate Cancer Awareness in Times of the COVID19 Pandemic-Know Your Rights and Take Charge of Your Health” once again with a panel of experts in the Field of Prostate Cancer.
  • -September 9, 2021, Virtual Program: “Prostate Cancer Awareness in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Know Your Risks & Take Charge of Your Health”, with once again an amazing panel of experts, in a joint presentation in association with The Blue Hills Area NAACP, hosted by Representative Gerry Cassidy.

In a new Collaborative Initiative with AdMeTech, on November 2, 2021, a new Program has taken root: “Prostate Cancer: Clinical Care Equity Program in Massachusetts in partnership with Urology Experts at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals.”


GOAL: Improving access to high quality care for men at increased risk of prostate cancer, including individuals with African, Hispanic and Latino heritage, and family history of this disease. WHAT THIS PROGRAM OFFERS: Matching your needs with the leading Massachusetts experts in clinical care, such as Urologists, who have the advanced resources in screening, diagnosis and treatment.


 WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: All high-risk men residing in Massachusetts and interested in consulting a prostate cancer expert to address any aspects of their prostate health. This consultation may include a visit for an initial evaluation or a second opinion.

Our own very capable Brockton NAACP Member and Past President Stephen Bernard has been working on the creation of a Focus Group in The Brockton Area that will address the needs of men in our area as outlined above. Summer Mills from AdMe Tech will be working with Steve on this very exciting new project that will improve access to Prostate Care for men in our community. The Focus Group had its first virtual meeting December 13, 2021. The response of the men on the ZOOM Program was great, and demonstrated there is a real need for the Equity Program in this Area! 


Lastly, I will share another meaningful Program Our Health Committee and Branch is working on going forward. We have learned there is a great need for education and support for folks dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia in the Brockton Area. We have heard heart wrenching stories from some of our own Branch members who have been dealing with issues related to Sickle Cell Anemia themselves or with family members. Once again, our own Bishop Branch has provided folks with an opportunity to share their stories on their “Sickle Cell Anemia Journeys” on The NAACP Forum. We hope to find even more ways to provide support to patients living with Sickle Cell Anemia and their families in the coming year.


We are also partnering with The Southeast Area Red Cross to better meet the needs of people living with Sickle Cell Anemia in our area. With support from the City of Brockton, the Brockton NAACP and the Red Cross held a Blood Drive on September 15, 2023 with particular emphasis on encouraging people of color to donate blood, as the need is great, and this impacts the treatment of patients dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia, as we’ve learned from many folks we talk to. We hope to sponsor more Blood Drives in the coming year, and would like to include students at Brockton High School.   


Our Branch continues to have a strong relationship with the Mayor of Brockton, and our very supportive local Legislative Body.  This has been so helpful in all the Health Committee initiatives and programs


Legal Redress Committee Year End Report

Tiffanie Ellis-Niles, Chair

 In March, the Legal Redress Committee held a “Know Your Rights Forum” Your Voice, Your Rights - Court Service Assistance forum. The forum was led by Jackie Alves, Manager Brockton Court Services Center and also included an informative presentation by Attorney Jeffrey Thomas and Attorney Melissa Goodman. The event was held in-person at the Brockton Public Library. The event was well received, and the committee plans to host a part II virtually at the start of the New Year.

The Committee continues to collaborate with other Brockton NAACP committees to put on informative events in the community on an as needed basis. The committee continues to receive inquiries from individuals looking for legal representation or guidance for their grievances. On average, we have received 1-2 inquiries a month. The request come through the Brockton NAACP website and the President forwards the request to the committee. We require each person we speak with to complete an intake form so that we can keep track of those we have spoken to and in some cases so that we can follow-up if follow-up is necessary. A notification is sent to acknowledge receipt of the inquiry and every attempt is made to respond to the individuals within 48 hours of receiving the request. Most of the follow-up is done via telephone call and/or zoom. We also email to follow-up in certain cases when necessary. If there is a matter that can be addressed immediately, or we find requires immediate attention to remedy the situation we consult with the President who in turn may submit a correspondence on behalf of the individual.

For the privacy of those seeking assistance, we do not disclose the specifics of the matters but in a general sense we have received inquires overall regarding concerns of discrimination in housing, education, as well as concerns with incidents involving police officers. There have also been inquiries involving family matters, such as child custody and domestic violence. Depending on the specifics of the matter, we have referred the individuals to the Lawyers for Civil Rights, MCAD, local county bar associations or the private bar.

The committee is always looking to grow its membership and continues to welcome new members to join the committee. 


NAACP Forum Year End Report

Tony Branch 1st VP, Chair

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, the NAACP TV Forum, hosted by Tony Branch, proved to be a pivotal platform shaping the narrative of Brockton. This year's overarching themes of voting and prostate cancer took center stage, engaging the community in crucial discussions that resonated far beyond the confines of Brockton Community Access TV.


Tony Branch, the host of the NAACP TV Forum, skillfully steered the conversation towards topics that profoundly impacted Brockton. The spotlight on the imperative need for voter participation resonated loudly, emphasizing community members' pivotal role in formalizing their influence by seeking appointments to city commissions and boards. The discussion reached new heights with the coordination of Shahara Jaghoo, MassVote Regional Coordinator for Women’s Pipeline for Change, joined by Vedna Heywood, the first Black person elected to town government in Plymouth history. Heywood brought a unique perspective, adding depth to thoughtful discourse that garnered high praise and consistent airtime on Brockton Community Access.


In a nod to the importance of holistic well-being, the NAACP TV Forum seamlessly integrated stories of prostate cancer survival and equity into its programming. The formidable panel, featuring AdMeTech Founder Dr. Fiona Shtern, former Brockton Area NAACP President Stephen Bernard, and the resilient Darren Duarte, a prostate cancer survivor and current communications director for Brockton police, provided a poignant and personal dimension to the ongoing healthcare equity dialogue. AdMeTech, in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, is at the forefront of addressing disparities in prostate cancer, underscoring the pressing need for comprehensive and inclusive healthcare solutions.


Looking forward, the NAACP TV Forum is poised to maintain its status as Brockton's preeminent source for civil rights news. With an eye towards 2024, the forum is gearing up for even more robust TV programming, promising an engaging and informative platform that keeps the community tuned in and invested in the issues that matter most. Stay tuned as the NAACP TV Forum continues to be the pulse of Brockton, fostering dialogue, awareness, and meaningful change.



Armed Service Veterans Affair Committee Year End Report Steve Abrams, Chair

The Armed Service and Veterans Affairs Committee (the "ASVA") newly established committee within the Brockton NAACP June of 2023 in response to conditions pertaining to military veterans, active-duty service members of the armed services and their dependence and/or survivors.

The ASVA committee has developed an intake form for those contacting the unit so as to obtain the issues and concerns. However, the Brockton NAACP cannot provide legal assistance or represent the individuals in any kind of mediation or litigation.

We will advise on who to contact regarding legal matters for veterans issues.

The Brockton NAACP seeks to establish a working relationship with those agencies and government, national, state and local, having the responsibility and the affairs of members of the various armed services and veterans and to see that programs to which they are responsible are administered fairly and justly to members of the minority community.

  •  Currently ASVA committee is working in partnership with the VA Medical Center Boston, to establish a research participant panel regarding lung cancer in African American veterans as well as equity in health care. The Brockton Area Branch ASVA was earmarked in presenting the United States colors at the 114th NAACP Convention. The first ever veteran’s reception was held. We are also earmarked to participate in the 115th convention in any training capacity that is needed.
  • The committee chair on September 20th was a host on WGBH Boston Public Radio where he voiced concerns regarding equity and health care surrounding African American veterans. The article can be read at September 20th notation.
  • The committee chair was a moderator for the Counseor at Large debate sponsored by the Brockton NAACP in November.
  • On October 3rd participated in a health equity teamat VA Medical Center Boston. The purpose - to be the lead investigator surrounding veterans and lung cancer screening.
  • The committee chair was notified that he was written into an 18-month researpPromising results an African American health care veteran services.
  •   The committee chair participated on November 26th Hyde Park High tree lighting ceremony home of the 54th regiment full colors was presented and a volley in remembrance of all falling comrades.


The ASVA is actively seeking 10 Veteran units of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to participate in an ongoing system check on how to present our concerns nationally to a broader audience.

The Committee Chair facilitates a vet-to-vet group at the VA Medical Center Brockton Massachusetts every Friday 930 to 11 Building 5, 2nd floor conference room. The purpose is to assist and support our veterans who are in crisis and may need guidance through the healthcare system, and may be recovering from a psychiatric condition or physical ailment. We stand in allegiance with these veterans and their families.

The ASVA participated in the Cty of Brockton’s annual parade. All commitee members were present to display veterans united front.

The ASVA participated in the BC High School Grant. Through the Boys and Girls club Brockton Branch, on December 12th chairman had the opportunity to speak with the young men who would be applying for this grant. We have some great prospects looking forward to working with Mr. Diggs and supporting staff.

 We are actively pursuing fundraisers / sponsors to support our 115th Convention in Las Vegas, sending committee members and chairman for training and education purposes.

We seek new members and veterans who desire to participate and help directing and securing equity in healthcare for African American veterans and their descendants.


WIN Committee Year End Report

Courtney Henderson, Chair


2023 was a busy year, but it was filled with intentional programming and partnership building. Below you will find all the impactful work that we’ve completed this year in the city of Brockton and the surrounding area. We are a dedicated group of 12 who are committed to being advocates for women and children. We are proud of the work that we have been doing and we look forward to continuing our work in the new year.

-WIN Committee

Human Trafficking Event

On January 31st, the committee hosted an engaging panel discussion on human trafficking in recognition of human trafficking awareness month. Panelists included a wide range of experts, including law enforcement and advocates. We heard from State Representative Michelle DuBois, Randolph Detective Michael Tuitt, and Co-Executive Audrey Morrissey of My Life My Choice. Additional resources were available for attendees to take home so that they could learn how to identify and prevent human trafficking from happening in their community. The event provided a detailed scope of the issue and the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the panelists.


Phenomenal Women Award

In March, the committee hosted its 2nd annual Phenomenal Women Brunch & Award ceremony. Ten women were recognized and celebrated for their positive impact on the Brockton community. Opening remarks were given by Courtney Henderson, the chair of the WIN Committee, with keynote remarks followed by Randolph Town Councilor, Katrina Huff-Larmond.

Citations were presented to the women by Brockton Mayor Sullivan, Senator Brady, and Senator Markey’s office. In addition to the citations, the recipients received a gift bag handcrafted and curated by Frances Adarkwah to show our appreciation for all the work they do.

The recipients for this year included Frances Adarkwah, Keyana Adarkwah, Dayanta Box-Johnson, Virginia DePina, Lovern Gordon, Deb Garland, Shahara Jaghoo, Pat Monteith, Gwen Nauls and Widline Pyrame.

The event, which is the committee’s largest event, was a success with over 150 attendees.

Mother’s Day Gift Bags

In May, the committee gifted bags filled with gift cards and self-care items to the young mothers at Ruth House for Mother’s Day. 10 gift bags were hand delivered two days before Mother’s Day to ensure that the mothers had something to open the day of. During this visit, the committee members sat down with Ruth House staff to talk about growing the partnership and bringing programming to the young mothers.

NAACP National Convention

The WIN Committee attended the 114th NAACP National Convention this past July. Many members of the committee offered their time and talents as convention volunteers and supported Brockton youth during their ACT-SO competitions. In addition to attending various events, the committee attended the WIN Empowerment Luncheon where they heard an inspirational speech from Reverend Shavon Arline-Bradely. The remarks given during the brunch inspired the members and gave them renewed motivation to continue serving the Brockton Community.

The ladies of WIN also had an opportunity to meet with National NAACP President Derrick Johnson.


CPR Training

The WIN Committee had a full house at its FREE CPR workshop on Thursday, July 20th. Attendees received a hands-on session where they learned the steps of CPR along with the Heimlich maneuver. The event was a huge success with the class filling up within the first 2 weeks of its promotion. We believe CPR is a skill that everyone should know, which is why we offered this class at no cost.


Self Defense Training

The WIN Committee held their self-defense class on Wednesday, September 20th at the Abington Martial Arts Studio. It was a success with over 10 participants attending. The women learned skills on how to take on an attacker and how to be aware of their surroundings. Tactics like martial arts and proven self-defense maneuvers were demonstrated to the class and then put into action with practice sessions. At the end of the training, our wonderful instructor, Chris Walsh, suggested items like mace and monkey fists to purchase, especially for those who walk alone at night. This is just part one of the many series to come for self-defense education and training.


Suicide Prevention

The WIN Committee partnered with the South Shore Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. to put on an information session on suicide and suicide prevention. The event started with a mix-and-mingle session where attendees had the chance to stop by resource tables. The resource tables were staffed by members from Samaritan’s 988 Hotline, Health Imperatives, Love Life Now, Family and Community Resources, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Our featured speaker was Toy Burton from DeeDee’s Cry. DeeDee’s Cry is a nonprofit organization committed to addressing suicide in minority communities and offering a wide range of support for those battling suicidal thoughts.

Toy gave a touching testimony of her experience with suicidal thoughts and how she struggled with the death of her sister who committed suicide. She talked about her recovery journey and all of the amazing work that her organization is doing to bring awareness to the issue, especially in Black and Brown communities. The attendees got to interact and speak about their mental challenges.


AAUW STEM Conference

The ladies of the WIN Committee supported the American Association of University Women of Taunton at their STEM conference on Saturday, July 15th. This conference was offered to young girls to expose them to the different fields in STEM and encourage them to consider it in their higher education path.

 WIN organized a table with lots of information about the work the committee is doing and how parents can get involved with the Brockton Area Branch NAACP. In addition to tabling at the event, there was a section in the program for parents to learn about ACT-SO and all of the advantages of signing their children up. Parents learned about the local and national competitions, mentorships, and scholarship opportunities. In between tabling and speaking with parents, WIN members got to sit in on workshops as an observer to witness the positive impact of hands-on learning. WIN has been a huge supporter of STEM programming for young girls and we have dedicated our time to volunteer and speak at events that empower and cultivate young girls.


Brockton Public Library STEM Week

The Committee was asked to support Brockton Public Library’s STEM Week event in October. The committee did an interactive erosion project that taught young students about the different types of erosion and how landforms are created. The event was a huge success with hundreds of families attending throughout the day.


Domestic Violence PSA

Family & Community Resource and the WIN Committee partnered together to record a domestic violence public service announcement. The PSA was shared to bring awareness to the mental and physical abuse that goes undetected and how both organizations have dedicated time to bring resources to those who are experiencing or have survived abusive relationships. If you missed the PSA, which was aired on Brockton Cable TV, you can view it here.

Program Survey

To be more intentional in our planning, the committee developed a community survey to gather feedback on what programs and resources residents would like to take part in. We have gathered feedback and will review and consider the ideas submitted during our planning meeting which takes place in December. This planning meeting is our most in-depth meeting where we plan out the next year and decide what we should prioritize. This survey will remain open as needs and ideas change. If you would like to submit your ideas and suggestions, you can do so by clicking the link here.


Social Media

The committee identified a need to expand its social media presence. This year, the committee launched a Facebook page and Instagram account to help with the promotion of events and announcements. We believe that all methods of communication are crucial in reaching our target audience and expanding our reach. While both accounts are only months old, we have seen an increase in user engagement across both platforms. We have plans to continue to grow our media presence and focus on social media engagement.


Membership Growth

At the top of the year, the WIN Committee started as a committee of 8. By September, the committee roster reached a total of 12 members. We have seen consistent growth in membership and a 100% membership retention rate. We receive email inquiries about membership throughout the year. In addition to membership inquiries, we receive emails from women who would like to support our work and collaborate with us on service projects. Below you can see our membership growth throughout the years.



The Brockton Area Branch NAACP is saying goodbye to 2023 and embracing 2024 with the same dedication, determination and commitment to continue our mission. There is still much to do. FORWARD!

"May we all have a vision now and then, of a world where every neighbor is a friend" - Abba.

Happy New Year!


Brockton Area Branch NAACP

PO Box 1535

Brockton, MA 02303

(781) 807-1092

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