Monday August 14, 2023

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PayPal Introduces New Stablecoin Linked To USD...

This development follows the revelation of the new PayPal dollar-backed stablecoin initiative over a year ago. The stablecoin, created in partnership with Paxos Trust Co, will allow customers to transfer it between compatible external wallets and their PayPal accounts and use it for funding purchases.

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Federal Judge Denies Bail For SBF Following Intimidation Allegations

A federal judge has reportedly revoked the bail of the former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), following allegations that he attempted to intimidate witnesses by sharing information with various reporters.

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SEC Appeals Decision After XRP Gets Removed From Securities List...

John Deaton, a prominent lawyer supporting XRP, recently took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm over the exclusion of XRP from the recent SEC securities list on CoinGecko.

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Fed Launches New Program To Monitor Crypto Activity In U.S. Banks...

The U.S. Federal Reserve is launching a new program to monitor all crypto activities in local banks, and it has clarified its requirement that lenders under its authority must obtain approval before engaging in digital asset operations.

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August 15th-16th, 2023.

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Bitcoin (+1.7%) Slight Recovery, But Sell Pressure Remains

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Ethereum (+0.6%) Nears Inflection Point Following Long-Term Ascending Triangle Formation

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Joe Rogan Exposes Dangers of CBDCsDCs

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Crypto News: ETH, Coinbase, Stablecoins, US Bonds & MORE!!

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Bear Market Cancelled

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