Spring/Summer 2024


Pawsitive Thoughts for Spring & Summer

Spring is finally here and summer is not far behind and we've got some great news about volunteer opportunities, lost pet services, upcoming events and warm weather pet tips. We also have information about wildlife in our neighborhoods.

Joliet Township Animal Control

We will be holding a Volunteer Orientation for new Volunteers on Wednesday, May 8th at 6 pm. Registration is required and you must be at least 16 yrs. of age. Registration begins on Monday, April 29th (space is limited). Please call our office to register. 815-725-0333.

***Previous volunteers that have not volunteered in more than 1 year must also attend the orientation.

Have you lost your pet???

Losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience making it difficult to think clearly about the steps to take to help locate them. Below are some suggestions to create an "action plan" in the unfortunate event your pet goes missing.

Joliet Township Animal Control officers also leave yard signs out in areas where lost pets are picked up. The QR code on the sign will take you to our "Stray Animals" photo album. There you can see animals recently brought to our facility and hopefully locate your pet.

Here are some items for your "action plan":

  • Put out your dog or cat’s food, water, favorite bedding, or an article of your clothing near where your dog/cat was last seen.


  • Post a lost report at PetFBI.org .  Also post on Nextdoor.com the lost & found section of Craigslist, neighborhood Facebook pages or groups, and any other lost and found sites in your area.


  • Create posters/flyers (be sure to include date, location, and full details of animal). Post them at major intersections, vet offices, pet supply stores and popular community locations.


  • If your dog/cat is microchipped, contact the microchip company. Let them know your dog/cat is lost and verify that your contact information is current.


  • Contact animal control, shelters and vets. Contact your city/county to find out where stray dogs are taken. There may be more than one location.


  • Remain alertscammers may try to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.


  • Visit shelters in person and often. "Stray holds" (before an animal becomes adoptable) vary by location and in some cases, is not in effect at all.


  • Let everyone involved know: Do NOT chase your dog/cat!

  • If you see your dog, sit or lay down, don't make eye contact, and gently toss out treats to lure them to you. A scared dog will act differently and may even approach you from behind. Your missing cat can be more difficult to capture if it won't come to you. Using a "live" trap may be useful. Always get permission when setting a trap off your property.


Partial information: Copyright © 2024 Pet FBI (Lost Pets Found By Internet), All rights reserved.

Upcoming Adoption Events

May 4th Adoption event at Abri Credit Union at 1350 W. Renwick Road in Romeoville from 10 am to 1 pm

May 18th Golf Outing fundraiser at Deer Creek Golf Course, 25055 S. Western Ave in University Park beginning at 9 am.

May 30th Cat adoption event at Joliet Public Library at 3395 Black Road in Joliet from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Warm Weather Tips for Animal Care
  • DO NOT leave pets in vehicles (see chart)
  • Check fencing/gates to make sure they are secure
  • Provide plenty of fresh water at all times
  • Keep pets indoors during fireworks
  • Microchip your pets!! (only $20 cash at Joliet Animal Control- walk-ins welcome!)

Microchip Form

Wildlife Trapping available through Joliet Township Animal Control

JTAC offers a trapping program to residents within our service jurisdiction to catch those critters that visit our homes from time to time. Raccoons, skunks, opossums, groundhogs and squirrel traps are $50 to rent with a $100 deposit. (Rental fee is waived for seniors 65 and over). We will show you how to set the trap and give suggestions for baiting the trap. You will be able to set the trap for 1 week. Please call JTAC when you catch an animal and one of the officers will come and remove the animal and leave the trap for you to set again.

Please call JTAC for details and to check trap availability. 815-725-0333

Do Not touch the Wildlife!
Leave wildlife in their natural environment
Spring and summer means wildlife in our area are starting their new families and its important NOT to disturb them. The youngster's parents know best how to care for them. For information dealing with wildlife in our area, visit this link from Willowbrook Wildlife.