April 2021 Newsletter
We are truly in the Spring season now.
This is the month when plants and flowers begin to bloom, with the daisy
being the flower for April.
It's also my birthday month,
the very last day!
Happy April!
Patricia Raskin

Patricia Raskin is a nationally recognized, multi-media talk show and podcast host and coach, award-winning producer and business-owner, speaker, trainer, and author. For almost four decades, Patricia has been a pioneer and trailblazer for positive media messaging and has interviewed over 5000 people in her career.  


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With her experience, skill, and passion, Patricia will help you create, develop, produce, and even co-host a winning podcast that will have your listeners coming back for more! Among the 5,000 people Patricia has interviewed in her career, Patricia knows what will make your podcast work. 

Tune in to the new podcast that
Patricia co-hosts with Barry Weinhold!

"Finding Hope: The End to Suffering"
In this podcast series, listeners will find support and empowerment to identify, deal with, reduce, and even eliminate suffering in their lives.
Listen here: Episode 1 Episode 2

Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D.is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he founded and directed the M. A. Program in Counseling and Human Development. Read more about Barry here.
Tune in to the new podcast I am producing!
The Inner Life of Fitness:
Stories That Inspire You to Ignite Your Inner and Outer Strength

Beginning April 6th noonET on Facebook and YouTube
Brought to you by Body Soul Inspired Personal Training with owner, Lisa Cournoyer Mongeau, who has helped thousands over three decades to hone their personal fitness journey. Read more about Lisa here.
Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show on VoiceAmerica.com in it's 20th year!
The program that helps you find answers to tough questions, turn obstacles into opportunities, and challenges into solutions. 
Monday, April 5
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Ken D. Foster
The Courage to Change Everything

Ken D. Foster is a keynote speaker, business strategist, best-selling author, and the host of “Voices of Courage,” a radio show syndicated in more than 162 countries. His new book “The Courage to Change Everything: Daily Strategies & Essential Wisdom to Awaken Your Inner Genius”, pushes the envelope and challenges you to think differently.

Monday, April 12
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Monica Klausner
The Power of Plant-based Meals

Monica Klausner is the co-founder of Veestro, a 100% plant-based meal delivery service. She grew up in Costa Rica, where fresh, home-cooked meals with tons of vegetables and fruit were the daily normal. Now she's bringing some of that Pura Vida to modern American life.
Monday, April 19
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Hunter Clarke-Fields
Mindful Parenting

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a mindfulness mentor, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, creator of the Mindful Parenting online course, and author of the new book, Raising Good Humans, A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids. She discusses how parents can bring more calm into their daily lives.
Monday, April 26
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Heather Dune Macadam
Holocaust Remembrance

Heather Dune Macadam is the acclaimed author of 999: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz and Rena’s Promise: A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz. Heather's book, 999, uses multiple narratives to honor the memories of the first girls, a dramatic tale of survival that must be told – and to remember those who didn’t survive, who took their stories with them.
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Positively Speaking: Patricia's Perspective

from video
The Meaning Behind Our Things

I recently had to downsize due to a move. During this process I was faced with looking at what I really love and has special meaning to me and at the same time, seeing what I don’t need or use. It’s a tough process but a healing one.

I didn’t realize how attached I became to things I had, even when I wasn’t using them. As I went through everything, I made the decision to offer things I really liked but didn’t use anymore to friends whom I knew would enjoy them and give them a new home.

I kept what I absolutely loved and what I use on a regular basis as well as those precious things with great memories. If it was beautiful but had a negative memory, I passed it on. It felt so freeing to let go of so much and keep what I could now see prominently (because it wasn’t in a cluttered space) and appreciate it.

I also found old family pictures in storage, put them in frames, and made a wall of them that I look at daily. The photos speak to my family roots, heritage, and values.

What we surround ourselves with speaks to our values. That includes what we have, see, appreciate and honor in our homes. I think keeping the things that have meaning to us in our home, brings us home in our hearts.