Dear Parishioners,


We all likely have had a moment or two where we felt like we just could not complete some task, or walk a particular road that stretched before us, or carry a burden that pressed us down. We have had moments where we didn’t know how to move forward.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives the Eleven a heavy task: Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. He also commissions each one of us to this work, through our baptism. In our families, our schools, and in our places of work, Jesus sends us forth to make his presence known.


This is a profound challenge! And if we already feel as if we might be stumbling under our given loads, we may feel questions arise. How can I do this? How could God ask more? Why is this so difficult?


On today’s Feast of the Ascension, we lift our eyes along with the disciples to behold our risen Lord’s glory. In doing so, we have the answers to our questions.

For as soon as Jesus gives his disciples this command, he promises salvation for all who come to believe. His words convey assurance that they will not act on their own, or be alone, but that his power and authority will flow through them.


God invites us to participate in his work, and our Lord carries these burdens with us. He does not take them away, but he lifts them as he walks with us. And in his ascension, Jesus carries our burdens with him to heaven.


Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians says: May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened so that we can see the hope that accompanies this great call. So that we can see the riches of glory that are the inheritance of Christ’s followers. So that we can see the surpassing greatness of his power. The power that raised Jesus from the dead and seated him at the right hand of the Father in heaven – this same power has promised to be with us.


Christ does not leave us in the Ascension, but he does lift our eyes, inviting us to behold his power and glory. He reminds us that this power and glory is given to us, in a particular way, through the sacraments. In the Eucharist, Christ gives himself to us. He is with us in our struggles and helps us carry our burdens; he makes this presence known in a way we can taste and see.


May the Ascension renew our hope, fill us with confidence, and raise our vision. May our eyes, as they rise to behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, be given clarity to see the promise of Christ’s presence in our lives.


Fr. Tad

This week the second collection is for CATHOLIC COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN.

This appeal aids evangelization efforts by fostering media activities in television, radio and the internet while also supporting special projects of the Catholic press. Half of the funds raised will be remitted to the National Collections Office while the other half will be retained by the Diocese of San Jose to assist with local communication endeavors. 


  • Remember to silence, turn off, and put away your cell phones, tablets, and gaming devices prior the start of Mass.

  • Remember not to chew a gum in the church, especially during Mass.


  • Keep in mind the Communion fast – we are to fast from food and drink (water and medicine excluded) one hour before receiving Holy Communion. Let us prepare our body and soul to worthily receive our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

  • When we are in the church (specifically in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament), we should keep our volume to a reverential whisper, if conversation is necessary. This is to promote prayer to prepare our hearts and minds for Mass. Thank you for your mindfulness.


It’s that time again! The annual Mothers’ Day Bake Sale will return. Last year’s Bake Sale was a huge success, thanks to our busy SAS Group and your support! 

We will have again have lots of homemade baked goods and other items for you to enjoy. As you know, this is the Seniors’ only fund-raising event – so please plan on taking home some delicious baked goods after the Saturday or Sunday Masses! As in years past, we welcome your support by also donating your favorite bakery item – labeled, wrapped and priced for a generous donation. Proceeds from our bake sale have provided many items for our Church Community. As always, we thank YOU for your continued support!

Have you ever tried to “Sing the Hours”? 

The Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office or Breviary, is the daily prayer of the universal church, with prayers dispersed at intervals throughout the day to sanctify time and work. The Office is organized around the Psalms, which train our voices speak and sing along with the voice of Christ.

Now, there is a new and easy way to learn the Liturgy of the Hours, by listening to the twice-daily podcast “Sing the Hours” with Paul Rose.  Visit to get started! After a few weeks of listening and praying and singing along, you will find the timeless prayers of Jesus and His Church becoming your own prayers as well!


By June 1st we are required by the Diocese to complete or renew our Virtus Safe Environment Certification. Safe Environment Training is mandatory for diocesan clergy, employees and active volunteers working with youth or vulnerable adults. Safe Environment Training must be completed during the employee onboarding process or prior to volunteer participation. Training must be renewed every three (3) years.

VIRTUS Safe Environment Training is accessible from the VIRTUS website at Online training is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean languages.

Please contact the Parish Office if you have any questions.

Join Archbishop Cordileone and the perpetual Eucharistic pilgrims for the launch of the western route of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage to Indianapolis, Indiana! The “Serra Route” will begin with Mass at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption at 11:00am on May 19, followed by a Eucharistic procession through the city of San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge. On Monday, the pilgrimage continues through Marin County. The procession will stop at the Marina Green for a water stop and rest. Please bring your own lunch.

Note: This is also the same day as Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco. Shared or public transportation is highly encouraged. Learn more:



It is easier now more than ever to make your stewardship and second collection contributions online. A "Donate" button has been added to the upper right corner of the parish website home page and an "Online Giving" button to the end of each week's parish email. Clicking these buttons will take you directly to our online giving app. 

The 2024 Mass Intention Book

The 2024 Mass book is available

A very special prayer practice that is offered at every Mass is a Mass Intention. Intentions are offered for many reasons, for the living and the dead. Masses can be offered for birthdays, anniversaries, illness, special intentions and answered prayers. Consider remembering a loved one this upcoming year. If you are looking for a specific date for the Mass, call soon to reserve your date so that it isn’t taken. Contact Edith Baretta at the parish office ~ (408) 997-4800; email us at 

A donation of $10 is suggested. 

Father Tad encourages you to praise and pray by singing at Mass. Here’s a chance to familiarize yourself with the songs planned for Sunday, May 12.

Click. Listen. Sing along. We look forward to hearing you!

8:30 MASS


Alleluia Sing to Jesus


One Sacrifice of Christ



Send Out Your Spirit



May Your Kingdom Come

10:30 MASS



Shout to the Lord


Christ in Me Arise



High Above Our Way



Go Into the World


Vigil Mass, May 11

"Little Church" McKean Rd

4:00 PM

Sunday Mass, May 12

"Big Church" McKean Rd

8:30 AM

10:30 AM

Weekday Mass:

Tuesday - Friday

8:00 AM

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