Freedom from the

Inner Critic Program 

with Elizabeth Pyjov, JD MTS

Life-Changing Program



Freedom from the Inner Critic is about letting go of other voices so that you can trust yourself.

It's about releasing others' judgments so that you can listen to yourself.

It's about releasing your own judgments so that you can enjoy being in your own skin.

The program, created by Elizabeth Pyjov, has changed many lives for the better over the past twelve years!


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Do you experience the painful effects of self-judgment?

In this recording of a past live class that Elizabeth offered, we will spend time learning the science behind the inner critic: where does it come from and what is its evolutionary purpose?

We will also examine teachings from ancient contemplative traditions to see what tools they offer to work with the inner critic. For example, we will look at the Buddhist perspective on Mara, the Buddhist incarnation of the inner judge, who also happens to be the deity of ignorance and fear.

Finally, we will use meditation and psychological strategies to break free from that harsh inner voice, finding constructive ways to think about the past and future.

In this program, a combination of scientific research, psychology, meditation practices, and perspectives from religion will create an experience that is spiritual, practical, intellectual, psychological, emotional, and community-building.

Understanding the inner critic is part of the path to wisdom and joy. It also increases our levels of energy, our levels of creativity, and helps protect us from burnout.

Elizabeth Pyjov has studied the neuroscience of the inner critic at Stanford Medical School and Buddhism at Harvard Divinity School. She looks forward to combining these two backgrounds to share these powerful techniques with you.


Here are 10 Reasons to Reduce Your Inner Critic.


• 4 pre-recorded sessions of 90 minutes

• BEING homework: access to incredible guided meditations you get to keep forever

• THINKING homework: a new reading each week

• DOING homework: a new practice on-the-go each week

• Structure to help you meditate daily during the four-part class

• Life-changing inner work


Dates: You can do it on your own schedule.

Place: Class recording

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Registration: here


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