NEW POSTER SERIES for Passover and beyond

This month the Harold Grinspoon Foundation is mailing to Jewish organizations a set of six new posters from Voices & Visions' Frames of Mind  series, perfectly attuned to the multi-generational experience we call Passover.

In every generation we ask questions at the Passover Seder.
At the heart of what it means to be a Jew is to ask questions.
   -Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

In every generation we commit
ourselves to freeing the oppressed.
Until we are all free . . .
none of us are free.
   -Emma Lazarus

In every generation  we support the dignity  of all peoples of the world.
We must believe not only that all people are created equal but also that all peoples are
created equal. 
   -Natan Sharansky

In every generation we seek 
inspiration from the Passover 
A book must be an axe to 
break the sea frozen inside us.
   -Franz Kafka

In every generation  we are 
sustained by  our Jewish heritage.
It's when the winds blow the hardest that you need the deepest roots.
   -Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

In every generation each of us is obligated to see ourselves as if we personally came out of Egypt.
Imagination is more important
than knowledge. 
   -Albert Einstein

These  Frames of Mind posters could be a meaningful addition to your Passover
Seder table or may spark conversations anytime throughout the year.

Please display them, hold a discussion, give them as gifts, or inspire friends 
and colleagues to respond or create their own.

Watch and share the Frames of Mind sneak-peek video.  

We hope these posters enrich your lives.  Happy Passover!

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