Summer, 2016
BridgePay EMV Certification Updates
Summer has been very busy for everyone at BridgePay. EMV certifications continue to take shape and new product enhancements on the BridgePay Gateway continue to be rolled to production. We recognize that our communication to Partners has not been as frequent these past few months, but hopefully you will find this update is helpful.

EMV certifications continue and we eagerly await our final sign off from both Chase Paymentech and TSYS. Once this occurs, BridgePay will make our Partners aware when these processors are available in production on the BridgePay Gateway. These certifications will be in addition to our existing First Data Omaha EMV certification, which is has been in use by merchants for many months now.

Additionally, BridgePay has been working with Heartland, Vantiv, and First Data Rapid Connect to begin EMV certification. We recognize that many of our Partners are waiting for their preferred processing relationship(s) to be EMV capable. We have devoted many company resources to make this happen, and unfortunately, all things are not in our control. We are committed to our Partners and work daily towards offering a complete list of EMV certifications.

EMV in 2016 has been a tough journey for everyone - including this guy! From the Twitter Universe and this Michael Phelps meme.... 

What is PayGuardian?
What is PayGuardian and how do it get it? Check out this quick video available on the BridgePay You Tube channel. Please share away! 

BridgePay redefined the EMV solution to act as a true embedded solution for its wide array of partners. Forget about a POS handling a direct certification to each Processor. Forget about giving a merchant a stand alone non-integrated terminal.
Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available for iOS, Android, browser-based systems, the traditional Windows desktop, and even kiosks! One integration offers not only EMV readiness, but reduces the scope of PCI with its PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) certification.

"We have found that with BridgePay, we are working with a progressive and responsive company. Our POS partners have seen much faster transaction approval times and have also been able to get approvals in 1/4 of the time of competing solutions. All of our POS partners have been very happy with the response of BridgePay and their awesome team at finding solutions to EMV concerns of 2016 and beyond. We will certainly continue boarding all of our EMV business with BridgePay."
--Lee W., Integrations Manager, Leading Edge Payments
What does this mean for integrators?
If you are an integrated partner with BridgePay, you will need to complete your integration to a PayGuardian product. Once integration has been completed, there is an easy certification process and then the POS can move to production. Please remember that PayGuardian will only process a live EMV transaction to First Data Omaha at this time. While PayGuardian will work with other processors, it is for mag swipe only. As additional EMV certified processors are added, integrators will not need to do anything further with their POS. This will be done at the gateway level for integration ease.

If you need to reach out to our Integration team, please email Developer Support. PayGuardian will be distributed to merchants via a registration system. In order to obtain the registration, you must be a reseller or referral partner with BridgePay. If you are not a current partner and would like to be, please reach out to  Sales.
What does this mean for ISO partners?
First, in order to provide the PayGuardian product to your merchant base, the merchant's point of sale (POS) must go through the process mentioned above regarding integration. If you are ready to board to the new EMV ready BridgePay Gateway, please reach out to Client Relations.
What does this mean for merchants?
Merchants will need to reach out to their BridgePay reseller or referral partner and/or POS company to ensure the PayGuardian certification has been completed. The partner will then be able to proceed with next steps for set-up.
Equipment options & ordering
BridgePay certified the Ingenico Telium 2 family of devices. Depending upon the PayGuardian product you are using (e.g. Windows desktop, browser-based, iOS, or Android), the following devices have been integrated for EMV transaction processing:
  •  PayGuardian (Windows desktop POS): iSC 250, iSC350, iSC480, iPP 320 & iPP350
  • PayGuardian iOS: iCMP & iSMP
  • PayGuardian Android: iPP 320 & iPP350  
  • PayGuardian4WEB (browser-based POS): iPP320 & iPP350
BridgePay does not sell devices but please reach out to our many third party device distributors for further assistance. Along with Ingenico, we have compiled a list of the Ingenico EMV certified devices with all part and firmware information. Please reference this list here when placing your order to ensure deployment accuracy.

Are you certifying more devices? 
Yes, we have begun the integration process for the ID TECH UNIPAY III and BBPOS Chipper 2 and Wisepad. These devices will work on PayGuardian iOS and PayGuardian Android. Once these devices have been EMV certified to a specific processor, we will announce via our Partner Updates. Additional devices will be added in addition to these mentioned from manufacturers such as PAX, Infinite Peripherals, Miura Systems, and Verifone. Integration work has already begun with both PAX and Dejavoo to add EMV processing capabilities to PayGuardian.