Dear friends,

How much do you know about the nonprofits in our community? As individuals who live, work, and play in Sarasota County, knowing and supporting nonprofits can be very powerful. We can make enormous impact when we understand the community's needs, when we know who is working to meet those needs, and when we learn how we can participate in the civic process when budget/finance decisions are made. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to participate and I welcome you to join me.

In honor of knowing our nonprofit community, our newsletter this month highlights one of our neighboring nonprofits, Children First. The work they do is critical to the children and families they serve, which you'll hear about in our first "Connor's Coffee Corner"!

You'll also see how local businesses are choosing to know their nonprofit community through volunteer efforts, led by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

And finally, I'm excited to talk about the incredible gift we received from an anonymous donor; a brand-new fence! I can't believe how much it improves the landscape. Continue reading to see the dramatic difference. Or better yet, come by our campus so that I can show you around myself.

Thank you for participating in YOUR community, starting with Glasser/Schoenbaum. Together, we make change possible.

Charlene Altenhain, Executive Director

(941) 867-4387 |

Our mission is To CONNECT, SUPPORT, and SUSTAIN a network of human service nonprofits for a stronger community.

GS Connects: Children First

Last month, we held a GS Connects event for Children First, led by Sharon Haynes, director of strategic initiatives. Afterward, Sharon sat down with Connor Borden, Glasser/Schoenbaum's campus engagement coordinator, to discuss some of their great work and volunteer needs.

Watch the video here!

Campus Connection events are made possible through funding from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Participation matters

Sarasota's Board of County Commissioners held a meeting on September 26, which included critical budget decisions for contracted health and human service nonprofits (agenda). These decisions shape the future of our county, and your involvement matters.

To make the best choices for Sarasota, our commissioners need input and engagement from all corners of our vibrant community. It's not just about the civic process; it's about staying connected with the heartbeat of local nonprofits.

One way to stay in the loop is to attend meetings for the Community Alliance of Sarasota County, an unincorporated coalition of the human services nonprofit sector. Email to sign up for the Community Alliance newsletter.

Linking fences to philanthropy

Thanks to an anonymous donor with a heart as big as our campus, the Serenity Garden has undergone a fantastic transformation.

Say goodbye to the old, chain-link fence that has stood for 30 years, and hello to a brand-new, elegant, aluminum fence. This makeover has made our garden more welcoming than ever.

Thank you, dear donor, for turning our garden into a serene haven for all to enjoy.

Birds Eye View

Fall for Sarasota

On Wednesday September 27th, our campus hosted volunteers from Rite Technology in participation with Fall for Sarasota. Created and organized by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Fall for Sarasota is a volunteer project pairing Chamber volunteers with nonprofits. Not only do volunteers donate their time and energy to nonprofits in our community, but it also helps to create strong bonds between these organizations.

We certainly fell for Rite Technology! Our enormous gratitude goes to them and to the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

See President and CEO of the Chamber, Heather Kasten, talk about the event on WWSB.

Would you like to support a happier and healthier quality of life for all of those who work, live, and play in our region? Consider a donation to Glasser/Schoenbaum.

Your gift supports the human services network for individuals and families to accomplish their goals for self-sustainability.


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