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Mechiras Chametz Hours:

  • Sundays an hour before Mincha
  • Tuesdays after Mincha/Maariv until 9:30 pm
  • Thursdays 10:30-11:30 am
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Thank you to those who made contributions to PZ this week:

  • In memory of Cecilia Frieda Segal:
  • Judy Stein and Family
  • Elie Krevat
  • Michael Kentor for his grandfather’s yahrzeit
  • Nancy & David Brent for the Tilbury House renovations
  • Nate Scholnicoff for an aliyah
  • Shirley Sacks donating a siddur in memory of her son, William Sacks
  • Judy Stein in memory of Rina Itskowitz
  • For sponsorship of this week's scholar-in-residence:
  • Rachel & Yitzy Mandelbaum
  • Danielle & Doron Feldman
  • Marlene & Ed Ross
  • Judi & Manny Kanal
  • Jill & Louis Felder
  • Miriam & Mischa Gelman
  • Amy & Barry Cohen
  • Elaine & Richard Levine
  • Chana & Ari Greenspan
  • Chaya & Dean Pollack
  • Bobbi Kann
  • The PZ Sisterhood

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Dear PZ Community,

We want to make you aware that the upcoming Pennsylvania primary election is on April 23, coinciding with the first day of Pesach.

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote, we strongly encourage you to apply for a mail-in ballot, Mail-in and Absentee Ballot (

Also, remember that Pennsylvania is a closed primary state, so it's crucial to verify your party affiliation if you plan to participate in the primary election.

To verify your current registration status including your current address, legal name and party affiliation please go to PA Voter Services - Voter Registration Status. You can easily change your party affiliation here, and change it again after the primary election if you so wish.

Thank you for your commitment to civic participation and exercizing your right as a US citizen to vote. Feel free to share this information widely within our community.

Best Regards,

Rabbi Daniel Yolkut

Spiritual Leader

Miriam Kaminsky

Executive Director

Please be aware that as a 501(c)(3) organization, we are providing this information solely for educational purposes and to facilitate your engagement in the electoral process. We do not endorse any specific candidate or engage in partisan activities.

Sisterhood Announcements:

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Announcement from the Cemetery Committee:

The Poale Zedeck Cemeteries will have to increase prices due to increased costs. Our facilities are watched over and taken care of with love, concern, and responsibility. We will offer our current costs to any who wish to purchase before June 1, 2024. After that, there will be a 30% increase.

Current Rate

New Rate




Burial fees, including Perpetual Care



*Non Member rates are additional

Any questions: Joel Ungar 412-608-2989

or Judy Mendelson at

Please take a moment to read this safety awareness information and the new RUN, HIDE, FIGHT posters that are hanging up in shul:

"Stand with Israel" yard signs from the Federation are still available.

Please consider volunteering for Pittsburgh's Jewish Burial Society:

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