October 2019
"Even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” Isaiah 56:7
September Sermons

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September 7 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Four Keys for Interpreting Revelation

How Do we study Revelation?
Put away preconceived notions and follow Pastor Greg as he begins a ten-part series on Revelation 101.

The series began with four of the seven keys to understanding the Book of Revelation:

  1. Literary Context
  2. Historical/cultural context
  3. Key words
  4. Compare with the rest of Scripture

This sermon focused on the first three keys, and branched off into the four schools of interpretation in the study of Revelation:

  1. The past
  2. Future
  3. Historical
  4. Spiritual
Takeaways from the sermon: The Bible must interpret itself. The historical view allows for past, future, and spiritual applications.
September 14 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Three More Keys

The series continues as we find Jesus in the Book of Revelation. Pastor Greg presented the last three of the seven keys:

  1. 5. Look for Old Testament roots
  2. 6. Jesus changes everything
  3. 7. Structure of the Book of Revelation

These three keys are especially important to the study of Revelation.

This fascinating study of the unveiling of Jesus Christ through the symbols and types of the Old Testament.

Takeaway question: Is the book of Revelation meant for you?
September 21 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: The Seven Churches

The series on Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation continues, as we begin with the first chapter of the Book and the message to the Seven Churches. We covered the first two churches, Ephesus, the loveless church and Smyrna, the persecuted church.

We applied the keys of interpretation listed in the two past sermons, examining Revelation 1:9-20.

Takeaway: Which of these churches do YOU relate to personally?
Torah for reading in public must be on gevil parchment.  Every page was squared_   the lines ruled with a stylus. Only black ink used with stick or quill    the text was in square Hebrew characters.
September 28 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Three More Churches

The Message to the Seven Churches continues with three more churches, Pergamos, the compromising church, Thyatira, the corrupt church, and Sardis, the dead church.
Above: Thirteenth Sabbath - Primary Sabbath School. Picture courtesy of Elwina and John Antonidass.
Buddy & Keila Chatham
Park members, Buddy & Keila Chatham will be relocating to Ashville, North Carolina. Buddy accepted the position of Director of the Leland Patterson Fitness Center, the 40,000 square ft Adventist athletic facility at Fletcher Academy. We are so sad to see them go, but happy for this tremendous opportunity. The Chatham’s and the Leland Pratt Center are equally blessed in this endeavor. Buddy and Keila have both been extremely active at Park, especially in their musical contributions: They both love to sing, and Keila formed the Park Children’s Choir, as well as played the piano during church services to accompany Elsworth on the organ. We are so grateful to them both and wish them many blessings as they continue in the service of Christ. 
Buddy established and ran the Live Fit Gym in Salisbury, which will change hands to his daughter.
Church Camping at Shads Landing
Camping at Shad’s Landing
by Grace Wilson

If you ask my adult daughters what they remember having the most fun growing up, they will undeniably say it’s when we spent time in the outdoors! Even today they take (or drag) their friends to camp outdoors with them. What a privilege to spend time with nature, (God’s second book of how He reveals Himself to us) and fellowship with fellow believers.

On September 13-15, a group of Park SDA church members and family and friends from the Spanish church enjoyed nature by camping at Shad’s Landing, located in the Pokomoke River State Park. We started with a Friday evening of get-to-know each other testimonies and songs around the campfire. The next day, Sabbath, commenced with morning devotional and Sabbath School service. Then we had a nature hike at the “Trails of Change” where we hiked through the swamps and the cypress knees. During this hike, Jerry was able to catch a 5 ft black snake which a few of the younger, brave kids were able to touch but (of course) was later released back to its habitat. After a haystack lunch, we took turns kayaking and canoeing on the Pocomoke River. In the evening, we had sundown worship, songs, Bible games and a big dinner of hotdogs, quesadillas and smores’. The kids also enjoyed the swing and rope course that Jerry made with the help of Jeff and Cody Bennett. And yes, the food was all delicious too!

 Thanks to everyone who came and helped out. It’s another memory we hope we can look back (with our children) and say,” God is good and what a foretaste of heaven’s fellowship.”

Here’s some of the comments of the children of what they liked about camping:

“I liked nature walk and swinging”- Pauline

“I liked kayaking, getting my shoes wet and catching the snake while hiking and playing the telephone game.” - Kaitlyn

“I think it was a blast and it was a great time spending time with you guys and it was lots of fun”. - Adam

“I like when we went camping because we had lots of fun and it was awesome, the most fun was when we went to hike and went canoeing.” – Jazmin

“The most I liked was kayaking.”—Abram

“The food was good and kayaking” – Elsen

“Being pulled by Rojan’s bike on a skateboard” --- Cody
Vincent Carter Obituary
Eden-Vincent Samuel Carter , 94, member of New Life SDA Church, and former member of Park SDA Church, Passed away on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at Salisbury Genesis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Salisbury, Maryland.
Mr. Carter’s obituary states he was born in Ballimony, (St. Ann) Jamaica, he was the son of the late Edward and Urcella (Fullerton) Carter. His late wife, Pauline Gunther Carter, died in 1985.
He was self-employed as a painting contractor. He was a longtime member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Salisbury, Maryland.
His survivors include two sons: Clifton Jones of Salisbury and Vernon (Cheryl) Jones of Mitchellville, Maryland; two grandsons: Vernon Q. Jones II and Brandon A. Jones; several nieces and nephews; and a special friend, Lance Braham of Salisbury, Maryland.
Viewing and Funeral were held on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church
Interment in Green Acres Memorial Park, West Road, Salisbury, Maryland. 

Pictures above and below were taken this past June, at this 94th birthday gathering, by Pastor Greg.
Let us bring before the Lord our prayers of thanksgiving, petitions, and intercession. God is faithful in hearing the prayers of an obedient people. We gather together in unity and love, raising our voices before the throne of grace.