PE CREDIT WAIVERS (CLASS OF 2022, 2023, & 2024)
All PE Waivers received to date this school year will appear on a student’s report card at the end of the semester. If you did not see one at the end of the year, it means I do not have one on file for you from this year. If you’ve completed one in past years, it will not appear on your report card. You can email Mrs. Mueller to verify if you are not sure. Students should check Google Classroom for a digital copy they can download and complete. 

All seniors headed off to college need to request their Final Transcript to be sent to the institution where they will study next year. All final transcripts will be sent via PARCHMENT. You can use the Final Transcript Ordering Guide to walk you through the process. Be sure to mark them as “HOLD FOR GRADES”. Also, you should change the email on your account to a personal email, as you will lose access to your school email account over the summer. 

Students should make it a habit to check their email regularly over the summer. This is how Mrs. Mueller will be communicating if there are any concerns or issues with course requests or schedules for the 2021-2022 school year. Schedules will be released in August. If you are intending on changing a request, please email Mrs. Mueller ASAP.

The CollegeBoard provides a great, free resource for students and their families to navigate the world of careers and colleges. Students can log into their CollegeBoard account, fill out surveys to link them to potential careers and colleges, and save favorite schools to compare and contrast. Check it out as a family at

As we approach the summer months, I encourage you and your student to look at possibly attending a local summer camp or other experience in a specialized field. Summer is a great time to have new experiences and to expand your knowledge in a hands-on way. These opportunities also look great on college applications!
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