Individual meetings with current sophomores will start next week to talk about the future - career ideas, college ideas, classes, etc. Meetings are being held alphabetically by student’s Academic Seminar hours, so patience is appreciated as we work through the alphabet. Encourage your student to come prepared with questions or ideas. 

PE CREDIT WAIVERS (CLASS OF 2022, 2023, & 2024)
All PE Waivers received to date this school year will appear on a student’s report card at the end of the semester. If you did not see one at the end of the year, it means I do not have one on file for you from this year. If you’ve completed one in past years, it will not appear on your report card. You can email Mrs. Mueller to verify if you are not sure. Students should check Google Classroom for a digital copy they can download and complete. 

If you’re headed off to college in the Fall, now is the time to be working on scholarship applications. A few hours of your time in preparing quality applications can pay off in thousands of dollars of aid! Check out our VL Scholarship Page - - for the most up-to-date scholarship information that we receive. 

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