January 2017 

Parallel Runs of Amerika and USSR Magazines

Beginning in August 1956 and due to a brief thaw in the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union embarked upon an exchange of monthly propaganda journals, Amerika and USSR,  depicting their respective idealized culture and news. Amerika was published monthly by the U.S. Information Agency for distribution in the Soviet Union and ran until 1994. USSR was imported to the United States through 1964 when it was renamed Soviet Life.

Offered here are 110 issues of Amerika from 1956 through 1972 (with an issue from 1945 when it was briefly published), plus 96 of the 99 issues of USSR

Amerika was a well-produced, glossy publication that was especially popular in the Soviet Union. Comparing these journals side-by-side for any given month opens a window into the political and cultural dynamics between the two countries.

These runs are offered as a single group. Please contact us for further details and pricing.
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